Green's a camper!

Just a little PSA for everyone. I get the August CGW today, and I’m reading Jeff Green’s review of Day of Defeat. I look over at one of his screenshots, which was taken from one of the windows overlooking the plaza flag on dod_anzio. The caption makes a joke to try and claim he’s not camping.

The HUD shows that he’s playing on the Axis team and his team is holding every flag except the plaza flag he’s looking at. It takes two people to cap that flag, but you can also see on the minimap that he has a teammate waiting by the flag for help.

Not camping? Get out of the goddamn window and cap the goddamn flag, n00b! Yeesh.


In Jeff’s defense, I doubt he did his own screenshots. Probably staffed them out to a minion, like any self-respecting EIC would.

Double busted.

I was under the impression that “Jeff Green = camper” was already well-established. Didn’t he admit to it in Greenspeak or something?

:lol: Okay, first of all, I have proudly admitted in the past that I do and will, in fact, camp. This is what old people with bad reflexes do to get frags.

However, in games like this I really will boldly step out and capture flags when necessary, especially when I remember that, should I get shot en route, I will not actually get shot for real–since I’m actually just at home in my underwear–but will in fact be able to keep playing as soon as I respawn. That tends to boost my confidence a bit.

But in this particular case, my mission was simple: get a good screenshot fast and turn the damn review in. So I logged on to a server, and found a good camping spot to illustrate my point (that there are lots of good camping spots), utterly unconcerned and oblivious to what was actually happening in the game at the time.

I’m sure that guy standing by the flag waiting for help would have been mighty pissed if he saw me standing up there, apparently doing nothing. But if he had dared to flame me or call me a n00b, I would have taken my screenshot, and then done what any self-respecting online gamer would have done: shot him dead and logged off.

So now you’re a TKer, too? This just gets worse and worse!

Team Killing is a healthy part of play, it illustrates how easily people on either side can be bought by the enemy. I applaud Jeff for murdering the blue eyed devil.

This is why I don’t go online any more.

I should stop being sarcastic

Yeah, I’m a TKer, a camper, I use cheats, and I also beat my mother with a 2 X 4 regularly, just to get pumped before playing. I’m a complete monster, and yet I still get to run a national gaming magazine!

God Bless America!

Like Cleve said: the Jews really do run America.

It’s the ‘regularly’ part that’s just plain wrong, if it was once and awhile no problem, but ‘regularly’??

This is what old people with bad reflexes do to get frags.

Some of us just play…ahem…defense. :roll:


The Cleve word again. Married with the ever eventive racist undertone. No wonder you didn’t like The Smart One. He represents everything you and Cleve abhor. The other race.

Wumpus, you should be banned. Not for being a racist asshole, but for being a stupid racist asshole.

Banning people is wrong. Except for Huffman.

Here’s a link to “Cleve’s” archived posts. I read through about 80 percent of them. I recommend you all do the same.

wumpus, leave, this schtick is getting old. You’re being too obvious in dragging Cleve into every thread. Goodbye.

You left out the “you are the weakest link” part.

But seriously, read through his posts. G’wan. I dare you. Sure, it’s amusing enough the first few times, but then it gets indescribably tedious. Unfortunately he just keeps going and going.

You are like the guy that wants to b-a-n all guns because whenever he sees one, he can’t resist picking it up and shooting himself in the eye.