Greenspeak is back!



What is greenspeak and why should i care?

According to google, it’s a game people make out of interpreting Alan Greenspan’s comments in the context of Greenpeace-related activities. Or something.

Jeff Green’s back-page column in Computer Gaming World.

So wait, I’m confused.

Jeff Green slept with Alan Greenspan on a Greenpeace mission?

Yes, and the photos are on the backpage of CGW.


Yeah, I love Jeff, but man, not that much

I do!

I’ve seen Bill’s tapes. He really does.

If they print that picture of Jeff picking his nose one more time I’m cancelling my goddamn subscription. I’ve been a subscriber for 15+ years and I swear I’ve seen that picture at least 100 times now.

Good to see Jeff return to the last page. I was getting really tired of Robert’s incoherent ranting. Jeff’s incoherent ranting is at least new and fresh, for now…

Greenspeak was my favorite column in the magazine, and I never enjoyed Robert’s replacement. I’m so glad it’s back!


Yea, I just saw that and went “Yay!”

Jeff Green makes me feel less conscious of my 30+ old nerdiness.

Sparky gets to cut to the front of the line.

(sorry, Bill. We can “make up” later.)

haha. Thanks for the laugh guys. Oh, and congrats, Jeff!

You’re congratulating Jeff for telling himself he can have a column again?

No, for getting both Sparky and Bill.

Well, I did go through quite a heavy negotiating phase with myself there. (Thank god my agent ran interference!) So I think his congratulations are quite in order, STEVEN.

And I just saw MauxFaux’s response: Yeah, you KNOW we’re gonna have fun tonight, bay-bee.