Greyhound - Tom Hanks vs. U-Boats

Oooh, feels like it’s been too long since we’ve had a good sub movie. Though this is from the destroyer perspective. Looks fantastic!

Try turning your hoses on!

Thought this was a bus driver version of Sully.

The movie is intriguing, but all that makeup doesn’t do much to disguise that at 63 Hanks is just too old to be playing a relatively junior officer. In 1942, it’s plausible that someone around 40 would have that rank, but that’s about the limit.

I think, if I recall the book it’s based on correctly (The Good Shepherd, by C. S. Forrester) that Hanks’ character is a Commander and he’s in charge of the four ship escort (like, two DDs and two corvettes or something)? He’s supposed to be someone who is on the verge of being superannuated, passed over for promotion, etc. given his only shot at a command because they simply didn’t really have anyone else. That sort of thing.

The rank shown in the preview is Lt. Commander: Two thick stripes and a thin stripe. That would be appropriate for the four ship escort command and, in 1942, appropriate for a career officer in his early '40s. That seems to be what they’re trying to make Hanks, but it doesn’t really work.

In the novel he’s a 40-something (42?) veteran Commander whose never been in command on a wartime mission.

I don’t think its a stretch to make him 50-something instead for the movie with a similar backstory.

Would be best about this guy. Bad ass motherfucker who went full cyclic on a U-Boat pack with naught but Flower Class corvettes in the North Atlantic.

Looks a bit too over the top. The U-Boat tower insignia in particular look ridiculous. It’s like they were trying to combine a modern edgy vampire movie with U-Boats.

I assume it’s canon though.

For example:



I know the U-Boats had insignia on them. Just nothing like what is in the movie preview.

Maybe they match one of these. Knowing what people are like, it’s likely that one of them matches.

This is directed by the Get Low (2009) director, and he’s done almost nothing since then. Certainly no movies. Why is he making this movie?

The trailer does not thrill me, but hoping it’s good anyway. I didn’t find the insignia shown to be over the top other than they were viewable in the dark.

Eh. Too each his own. I know they have to make the movie thrilling, so the insignia gets stepped up, along with the vampires in the mist thing. If I recall correctly, the skull wasn’t completely off, but the wolf just looks like something fictional.

In any event, it just looks like it has crossed over into cheesy to me, with the Aliens “OMG there’s so many blips” thing and all of the other stuff.

And yes, Tom Hanks is getting old. It feels like every character he’s played in the last 20 years is middle-aged/older man beaten down by life. He just looks sad in everything he does.

(But please, that does not mean we need the David S. Pumpkins movie.)

Almost certain the “many blips” thing is a shot being used out of context in the trailer (it’s clearly the convoy).

Nothing wrong with the U-boats using crazy insignias. Why not.

— Alan


Looks good!

Gosh that looks great.