Greyhound - Tom Hanks vs. U-Boats

New release date: TBD


Straight to Apple TV+now…

Welp, that’s one I won’t get to see for a while then. I don’t think we have Apple TV, though we have subs or access to most other streaming services. Unless it’s bundled through Amazon or something (ha!) it’s dead to me I guess.

As of now, if you buy an Apple product you get a 1-year subscription for free. So if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you’ll probably get a subscription sooner or later for free next time you upgrade a device. If you’re not in the Apple ecosystem, then yeah, probably not worth it.

I got a new iPad (needed a cellular one since our cable Internet has gotten flakier since we won’t on lockdown). So far I’ve only watched Mythic Quest on AppleTV+, which has been fun. I hear good things about For All Mankind. Not sure if there’s anything else on there worth watching, but will definitely watch Greyhound when it’s out.

There’s some speculation that they’ll stop giving away free one year subscriptions at some point when there’s enough content to justify an actual monthly fee, but I think at their current rate, that’s going to be a fair ways off.

Only Apple devices I have now are an old iPad Air 2 that I use solely to play Gems of War, and an old MacBook Pro that I use for, well, not much, really. Moved out of their walled garden a while back, and not looking to get back in.

You can subscribe and watch on the web (, but it’s janky On mobile without an Android app. I also happen to have the free one year deal, so I guess I’ll be seeing this.

So far Apple TV+ has been useless to me. A year long subscription in which I’ve watched one episode of Mythic Quest, and that’s it. So looking forward to Greyhound I guess.

You don’t need an Apple device to access Apple TV+. You don’t even need to use the web player. It’s built into any modern Android TV supporting device (eg Sony), Samsung Tizen based TVs, and a downloadable app on both Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. Vizio has said they’ll be adding it soonish, too. Which pretty much covers any and all of the ways to watch it on a TV. So it’s no more part of their walled garden than Netflix or Spotify have walls for subscribers of their content.

There’s also a 7 day free trial if you want to just watch Greyhound and maybe Mythic Quest and For All Mankind. Separate from the 1 year free trial you get for buying any new Apple device.

Oh, I know you don’t need an Apple device. It’s just that we already have way too many streaming services, so yet another isn’t really worth it. Not like there’s a shortage of stuff to watch anyhow.

Yeah, I’m not so anxious to see this that I need to activate another free trial that I’d have to remember to cancel.

I don’t seem to have any means to stream this to a TV. I don’t own ANY Apple devices and my Samsung TVs don’t seem capable of getting the Apple TV app. I don’t want to watch it on a phone or computer. Hoping the whole family can enjoy it from a TV.

Any ideas? My Samsung TVs are smart, but are ~2013 models.

Get the cheapest Fire TV or Roku stick that you can find. Both will have the Apple TV app. And you can watch this using the free Apple TV+ trial. Just don’t forget to cancel it.

Date set…

Comes alive today? Anyone seen it?

Not yet. Both this and Palm Springs came out today. Palm Springs is the new Andy Sandberg movie. I plan to watch both this weekend.

Does anyone know the level of mature content in Greyhound? I’m having trouble finding that and I’d like to watch it with grade-school-aged children.

I plan to watch it tonight if you are not in a rush for info. Assuming TV+ isn’t crushed on a Friday night of people wanting to watch it.

It is only PG13 though,

Cool, thanks. Yes, I can wait. I figure it’s only so mature given the rating but these kids are at that marginal age for PG13 (as we see it.)

Anyone looking to whet their appetite for the movie, Tom Hanks did Hardcore History and Conan O’Brien’s podcasts. Conan is more just chatter, while HH is more history based, obviously. Both worth a lesson.

Saw it. It was mostly an action movie, lacking in story and character depth. This would be fine for me, but around the halfway mark the movie sacrificed historical plausibility for nutty Hollywood dramatic naval warfare scenes and situations. Some scenes were laughably unrealistic. Pet peeves of mine, leaving me unsatisfied. I was disappointed.

It’s fine for kids. I can’t recall much or any foul language. Some death from naval conflict.