Grey's Anatomy Season 4

Weak. Sauce.

So far, this has been the most disappointing of all the returning shows, doubly so because this has been one of my favorite shows since it hit the airwaves.

Seriously? Is The Notebook your favorite movie too? :P

Spoken like someone who hasn’t actually watched the show. I’ve got no qualms admitting that Grey’s used to be great fucking TV. Heck, Desperate Housewives was pretty entertaining there for a stretch.

When Izzy saves the life of a deer (a deer, ffs) with a defibrillator, you know something’s gone very wrong with GA.

Although i kinda liked the rest of the show.

I quite like GA as well; it’s like ER but far less ponderous. Also, Izzy using a drill to relieve the pressure on some dude’s brain during last season’s ferry crash episode was ace. Also, Izzy.

Was last night substantially worse than anything else they’ve done? Seemed about on par to me. I really don’t care for the show much. My fiancée’s in love with it, so I’ve kinda seen most of the episodes for the last year or so. Last night seemed like the same ol’ same ol’ they always do.

Not an awful show, but I’ve certainly never been tempted to call it “good TV.” Too soap-opera-y. It’s not about the hospital, it’s about the drama, and the relationships, and the who’s-screwing-whom. Yawn.

I didn’t want to enter spoiler territory, but the story arcs they’re setting up are really putting me and my GF off. Also, I don’t remember a Grey’s season opener that had so much exposition about past events. Maybe it was a side effect of the rather weak season finale.

The audio mastering was horrible as well. It’s like they realized at some point over the summer that Grey’s Anatomy had a habit of finding good, hip music to play occasionally, so they turned the volume up on the background music to 11 and blew out the dialogue. And the music they picked for this episode pretty much blew. All they needed was “Hide and Seek” playing when the deer flatlined to enter total cliche bullshit territory.

In the past, the show had great writing and moments that were so funny you couldn’t help but laugh deeply. I think during this episode, I chuckled at best.

Watch the spinof, Private Practice, it will make you believe Grey’s Anatomy is the best show ever created.

I already had to put up with the horrible 2-hour episode where they laboriously set us up for the spinoff. That was the worst Grey’s episode until this opener, AFAIC.