Griftlands - roguelike RPG battler with Slay the Spire influences by Klei

Griftlands entered Early Access today (yay) but only on the Epic store (boo).

It got a complete content rework (huh) from an open world RPG-ish thing (aww) to a more long roguelike experience (hmm) with strong Slay the Spire influences for the combat (Hell yeah! All the Slay the Spire dislikers can burn in hell - this is a great decision you plebeians).

The different player characters will have different story-quests within the game world. You meet lots of NPCs, making friends and enemies that will interact with you along the way. Characters can die and change in other ways. You gain bonuses and penalties and people will actively help or hinder you, including taking part in battles.
There are two kinds of those, actual punchy battles and negotiations. They have separate decks you each manage Slay the Spire like.
Cards can be upgraded within a choice tree (for instance reducing cost or increasing damage for an attack) after being used a number of times.

You have a choice of quest paths and you can’t do everything in a run. Some quests are combat focused, some are negotiation focused. Many have options for both as alternative solutions or to make the other easier (you might complete an optional negotiation to convince an enemy to not participate in the following battle for instance).

Fights themselves are very Slay the Spire like (but a bit spruced up) for battles and feature more strongly modified version for negotiations.
Besides cards you collect a variety of implants in a limited number of slots that work like Slay the Spire relics.
Combat almost always gives you the option to spare enemies after they surrendered or kill them, with various effects.
As you walk around the game world there are various minor events and random encounters while you do quests.

Mechanically this game seems very complete for a Klei Early Access title. They are lacking more on the content side. Historically Klei has been unprecedentedly exceptional with their EA handling. Griftlands has the usual ingame update timer and will receive notable updates every couple of weeks.

Random youtuber’s EA Let’s Play:

I’ve been really enjoying it, but it gets pretty hard pretty fast

Your “random youtuber” is a favorite of mine. Waiting fo his second video to drop. Not sure how I feel about the “negotiate for better prices” aspect (since it feels like you are adding lots of battles if you do it often), but I guess you don’t have to do that.

I played this at PAX around 2 years ago when they first introduced it as an open world game, and absolutely loved what I saw. So I’m a little bummed that they changed direction, but mostly because I haven’t been able to get into any card-based games.

It’s Klei though so - much like Image & Form with Steamworld Quest - I’ll probably give it a chance and end up loving it despite my reservations!

Complete runs do seem to be quite extensive. Longer than full Slay the Spire runs which can be already pretty demanding. Some fights can drag a bit if you have a mismatched or generally poor deck for certain opponents.
It is more of a complete RPG adventure with saving option instead of a “lunch break roguelike run”.

In the video Wanderbots was learning the game on his first play which extended individual fights even further.

Klei changes a lot in their EA games (including mid and large scale reworks if something doesn’t work) so there is a very good chance pacing and interactions will evolve a decent amount.

Oh, definitely on all counts. Quick question, will this work with just mouse as an interface? Wondering how it would do streaming to my iPad (until the new os is ready for prime time). If my computer were plugged in, I probably would have bought it already.

Yeah it works with just mouse. The only key I used was “e” for a quick end turn instead of clicking the respective button.

when you unlock a new outfit, how does that work? don’t see anywhere to choose them

So it’s a Slaylike Roguelike?

the more I play the more it feels like way too many enemies rely on the mechanic of throwing dead cards in your deck that do either nothing or hurt you. Gets pretty cumbersome pretty fast.