Grim Clicker

Welp, there goes my free time and I’ll need a new mouse probably in a week.

Any reason to think it’s any good?

I am only a half hour in, but the skill tree / upgrades / magic , stuff seem fleshed out.

Yeah, this seems really neat. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

Why will it eat up all your time? It’s an idle game! Can’t you just go to sleep and let it mine its bitcoin in the background right under your nose play itself?

It requires interaction for maximum killing results!

How does it compare to Space Plan/Kittens Game/Antimatter Dimensions/Trimps/Universal Paperclips? I can’t see Steam links/visit Steam at work.

I’ve thought for awhile that I should start a thread for idle games, which I enjoy more than I know I should. Maybe that time has arrived.

Uh oh. That looks neat and I love my skill trees. I should not have clicked on this thread.

I wouldn’t compare it to any of those. More like Clicker Heroes than any of them. Character moves forward and attacks methodically. You can click to speed up, using energy. The afformentioned skill trees contain active skills and intriguing passives (to the former, there’s one that clicks 8 times a second until energy runs out; to the latter, a skill that restores energy on kill, so they obviously synergize). Sometimes fireflies appear on the screen and you can click them for more rewards.

I’ve only just started playing, mind. Right now I just gain resources to level my weapon and xp to elvel the character. I am sure there is much more coming (there are a lot of things I can’d do stuff with yet, like crafting).

Rebirth shows up early. Interesting.

Must not install…

Yeah the skill trees are big and offer their own levels of upgrades.

I saw ‘Grim Clicker’ and immediately though ‘Oh no.’

Then I saw the blurb

Inspired by games such as Diablo, Grim Dawn, Dark Souls, etc., the game features a complex character development, many unique items, active and passive playstyle.

And upgraded my mental review to ‘fuck me.’

I know I shouldn’t like these games, but I often do.

It’s not anythinglike Diablo, Grim Dawn, or Dark Souls so don’t get your hopes up.

Well it is, in terms of killing things. ;)

Nah, I got the distinction. I was thinking more in terms of itemization and skills. With the name ‘Clicker’ in the title I knew what to expect.

I see in app purchases, which is always a giant warning flag.

I have it idling in the background letting it build up energy. Not sure how you increase the energy or regen rate other than waiting. Skills so far have just been how to take advantage of energy better.

Items can for sure do it. The voodoo doll gets a random bonus every time you rebirth, and it can roll energy regen bonuses. The downside is it’ll likely roll something else for the next rebirth. There is an item in the ship that also offers regen, for the cost of purple shards.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious… Got the heavy sword. How do I use it?

Drag it down to the item bar, and then level it up. :)

You start with 3 slots unlocked.

Yeah, I put it in the second spot. But when I click on it nothing happens, still using the dagger. How do I switch?

Damage is additive for all the weapons you have equipped. They start at level zero, so once you upgrade it once, its damage will add onto whatever damage you’re already doing.