Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


May just have to break from PoE to jump back into Grim Dawn with the new expansion all loaded and ready for some play. Time to build a new class. Exciting!


I just had to buy the expansion, and I ended up buying it on GOG. DRM-free brothers unite!

I guess I’ll try a super-pet class first (Necromancer+Shaman). Curious about how that might work. ;)


Installed. But dinner’s almost ready. So I really shouldn’t start playing right now. I just have to wait another hour or so.


The Inquisitor I started is confusing so far. I’m not sure what Runes are yet, but they put symbols over the enemies heads. Maybe they’re like curses in other ARPGs? Or maybe just a Damage over Time spell type?

Also, it seems the game reset campaign progress for all characters of mine. And the Stash size grew!


It’s great to see a proper expansion for a game for a change. No cosmetic DLC / lootboxes here!


I really wish the person who created GrimCalc would get on the ball and update it with the two new classes already, so I could explore the two class trees when I’m not playing. Come on guy or gal! It’s been 24 hours since the expansion came out already! :P


I keep seeing comments like this. I don’t get it, I have hundreds of DLC stuff, and never seen a loot box and almost all are more than cosmetic.


Started a necromancer last night and enjoying him so far. Lots of interesting places you could go with a build. Hopefully I can stick with a character long enough to get to the new content!


I’ve started 4 new characters so far with the new classes, and so far I enjoy Inquisitors quite a lot - just not sure what to pair it with. I think I want a caster this time around, so maybe occultist?


So far my Inquisitor (level 9 now) has been mainly focused on the gun abilities, and adding damage to those gun abilities. I tried the various Rune things, I’m not sure how effective they are. Like the flame spell? I didn’t quite like the way that happens, so I got rid of all the flame stuff, I’m going to ignore the flame side of the character and concentrate on just the piercing and cold and lightning damage I think.

It looks like at the end, you can have an aura that adds to cold, lightning and piercing damage. Or (mutually exclusive) you can instead have an aura that adds to the flame damage. So it’s either flame or cold/lightning. So I picked cold/lightning for this character.

It’s also interesting that you can turn one of the big flame damage spells into a Chaos damage spell instead. So you could potentially pair that one really well with an Occultist focused on Chaos damage.

I do like that trap spell, where you lay something on the ground, and when people walk over it, it triggers this wave of cold/chilling damage effect in four directions. So I’m keeping that one. I’m also keeping the buff you get early on, that adds to your health and gives some other defensive buffs too.

I’m thinking maybe the natural pairing for this type of character, since I’m already using guns, is the other guns character.


Yeah, that should work well - I do enjoy a pet or two though - especially since there sometimes are so many enemies I miss a few, and pets are awesome at cleaning those up.

Word of Pain on the inquisitor is amazing - it kills EVERY single enemy so far on Veteran Hardcore up to level 10 in a second or two, with the exception of bosses, though.

I didn’t care much for the flame thing either, so I am thinking to pair this one with occultist or Arcanist, and just spell blast everything with word of pain, and a few heavy hitters.


I’m a very visual person. I love it when spells or abilities do amazing visual damage, not just numbers. Word of Pain just seemed to put a symbol over enemies’ heads? Isn’t that right? Anyway, I found that very unsatisfying so I took the points back from Word of Pain. Unless that’s not the one I’m thinking of?


I’ve started a new game with Inquisitor. Should be great for a dual pistols build. I’m going to add Necromancer so I can be an Apostate…just like the sound of that and I’ve never really used pets before.


I’m also very tempted by Apostate, just because that way I get to try out both new classes in a single playthrough.

But that’s the lazy way out!

At what level do they allow you pick a second class, does anyone remember?

I’m thinking if I couple my Infiltrator with a Demolitionist, and my Necromancer with … I don’t know, something funky like a Soldier, that will be more interesting than just doing an Apostate to try out both classes at once.


You get a new class specialization at level 10. As for Word of pain, you are right - it just adds a small debuff marker over their head, and their die. The runes should be right up your alley though - monsters explode left and right if you use them - great fun!


Spell animations are important to me too, partly because I want to be rock-solid sure I know when any skill or proc happens. Grim Dawn is a bit uneven in this respect, and that’s affected my choice of where to put talent points.

I like the Necromancer so far. At level 22 I’ve got a mini army of skeletons plus a big Abomination-looking dude. Pretty faceroll on Veteran difficulty.


I’m having a fun time having added necromancer as my second class. It’s amazing how much easier a ranged character is with a little tank support. I also forgot how much I loved the skills attached to items.


An Apostate is exactly what I’m doing right now, too. Gearing for range with a skeleton crew (which does an amazing job at hacking up my foes, btw) and a few support spells/passives. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Playing a necro as well. I am wracked with indecision though. I don’t know where to go with it or what my second class should be. I am really missing GrimCalc. I want to play around with builds when I am not playing. I hope the guy who made it is planning to update it.

Works better than grimcalc and has a working devotions tree as well.
This is what I’m working on right now, it seems like I’m barely using the necro tree but Siphon Souls is like a life draining DoT version of Callidor’s Tempest and rocks for now.