Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


That’s what I am going with as well, with similar skill picks so far. Except have gone with dual pistols, and have some points in Dreeg’s evil eye which hasn’t been that impressive.


Thanks! my guys aren’t quite 18 yet but I’ll start keeping my eyes open for that mark


If you guys are enjoying Grim Dawn then I’d like to make a shout out to “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut” which despite the ridiculous title is a great ARPG. Personally I think it’s even better than Grim Dawn.


They are both fond of broad brimmed puritan hats!


I never clicked with Van Helsing. To be fair, I only tried it for about an hour.

But Grim Dawn hooked me right away.


I remember supporting this game way back before even the Kickstarter. And it has taken until now to finally get into the game. I dinked around a bit with the beta, but final version of Grim Dawn has its hooks into me. The Demolition/Inquisitor build is a ton of fun right now. Everything about killing mobs feels satisfying.

Most expensive game I ever bought, money well spent. I know I’ll continue to support Crate with whatever they release in the near future. Grim Dawn is well and truly a level above and ahead of Diablo 3 in my opinion.


I played Grim Dawn a bit but it didn’t really get its hooks into me. And I don’t really know why. Maybe when I’m in the mood for some ARPG killing I end up going to Path of Exile or Diablo 3. But I’m willing to admit I may have missed something here. Can someone tell me unironically what itch Grim Dawn will scratch that PoE or D3 don’t? Or is it “just” another take on the genre (and I say just in quotes because I don’t mean in in a dismissive way).


I bounce in and out of GD when the ARPG urge hits. I usually do D3, because it’s so streamlined, polished, and easy to get into and out of without having to remember, well, much of anything. GD is more intricate, somewhere between Diablo and Path of Exile in my book. It’s uglier by far than D3 in my opinion, though that’s also a stylistic thing and many might not agree. The sheer variety of stuff is great, but also daunting. Coming back with this new expansion after a year or so off, I couldn’t get my head around my existing characters and had to start a new one. I might go back and retool my old ones though now that I am getting the hang of it a bit.

For me, the allure of GD is the stuff, the combos of gear, skills, classes, and devotions, and the challenge, as I find it much harder than D3. For instance, it’s about the only ARPG I don’t play on “hardcore” mode with permadeath. I’d be screwed six ways to Sunday if I tried something like that here. (Does it even have a hardcore mode? Dunno.). But when the difficulty spikes, it’s mucho frustrating too.


One man’s opinion:

Grim Dawn vs Diablo 3:

Grim Dawn vs Path of Exile:


The thing I like about Grim Dawn’s combat is that there are so many % chance procs on items and skills that every battle becomes a powerful feeling pyrotechnics show with relatively few button presses. Every skill can have a bonus skill attached to it, your items can each have a trigger skill on them, etc.

The biggest weakness of the game is that a number of its mechanics want more replaying of the same content than it really supports, since the areas and most of the monster spawns don’t change at all. I’m 2/3rds through NG+ and still haven’t unlocked “Nemesis spawns”. I craft almost nothing both because of low drop rate of recipes and because the key ingredients for many seem to require repeated boss runs.


It does have a little hardcore checkbox when you first create a character.

As for the allure, for me it’s completely the over-the-top physics and abilities and effects. They are just sooooo satisfying. In that regard alone, I would rate this higher than Diablo 3, which in turn is much higher than Path of Exile. There’s not too many super-satisfying visual take-downs in Path of Exile. Diablo 3 has a LOT of amazing looking abilities with a ton of ooomph around each of those abilities. And then there’s abilties in Grim Dawn that literally shake the ground and send enemies flying and have other enemies dissolve from the inside out. I just find it brutally satisfying to play. Even more than Diablo 3, which I didn’t think was possible, since Blizzard really did an amazing job with that in Diablo 3. Grim Dawn just has an extra oomph factor somehow in some of their abilities that just look so darned cool.

I think it’s also coupled with the fact that the game is not easy. Diablo 3 can become too easy too quickly if you don’t keep adjusting the difficulty level yourself. But Grim Dawn can have its super satisfying death and destruction being wrought by the player character while at the same time almost kicking the player’s ass. That’s a really hard balance to achieve, but Grim Dawn manages it somehow. It’s really challenging while at the same time making the player character feel mucho powerful and empowered.


The day before yesterday, I started a necromancer character. I see that creating a character still doesn’t make the character show up right away. I can’t believe that bug is still there this many months after launch. Oh well, I quit for the night. Yesterday, I logged in and there was my new necro! Yay! I played her to Whitmire, level 9. I have to admit, the Necro is the most powerful low-level character in the game by far. It’s going to be tough to beat characters like my Sorceress or my Warder at kicking ass at high levels, but at low levels, the Necro is amazing. Having a big posse of skeletons tagging along that kick ass alongside you almost feels like cheating in the early game, especially considering that all player characters are otherwise essentially the same at low levels.


I agree pretty much with much of what you say, Rock8man. I will say GD doesn’t do UI as well as D3, IMO, and it’s really hard, for instance, with a Necro to see which things are your summons and which are the mobs. The inventory is also–a product I’m sure of the sheer quantity of stuff and number of categories of stuff–quite busy. But it does have a lot of oomph, for sure.


Yeah, I agree. The UI in Diablo 3 is way better. Especially the console version. As is the inventory system, since they did away with the tetris inventory system and went with grouping your inventory by type of item. So all Pants are grouped together in their own bucket, all gloves in their own bucket, all swords in their own bucket, etc. It’s just a much better system. Plus you can flag anything you pick up as trash so when you get to the vendor, you just press the sell trash button, and bam, it’s all gone. In Grim Dawn, at least their auto-sort button is magically excellent, so that makes up for a lot.


Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I am not having this issue. Have created 2 new characters since the DLC launch, and both were available right away.


I definitely get that issue. Till now I’ve always assumed that the character didn’t ‘take’ the first time, so then I recreate it. Sometimes I get an error message that that character already exists. Sometimes I wonder if there is a character limit and if I’m bouncing up against it.

I stumble through.

I stumble through.


It’s funny because, as someone who played D3 quite a bit at release, beat it on a couple difficulty levels, rolled a few characters, etc., I find it absolutely opaque now. I log in and I have no idea where my dudes are, what’s going on, what they’re supposed to be doing. How, or if at all, any of it relates to the original campaign. The D3 afterlife remains a total mystery to me. I don’t even know what a ‘season’ is.

Grim Dawn is easy for me to slide into, but that’s largely because I haven’t stopped playing it since I got it. At this point I know all the pre-expansion maps pretty much like the back of my hand.


I think they have a handshake thing going on with their servers first, for some reason. Maybe? It shouldn’t since this isn’t an online game, I don’t think.

Anyway, it was an issue for me upthread when I got the game, and it was an issue again now. Somewhere in the middle, when I was creating characters, it wasn’t an issue.

Heheh, this was the post after that one last time:

History repeats itself! :)


I think this may possibly be related to the cloud setting in the main option menu. I think the default is ‘on’. I have that turned off and character creation is instant for me because the files are being stored on my local machine, not the web. It may be that the back and forth to the cloud server is slow for you. Maybe try turning that off and see if it improves.


It is another take on the genre. Different games suit different people. Why do I like Titan Quest?

Titan Quest was introduced to me as the “thinking man’s” Diablo 2. Both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn are difficult enough games that require a player to think a little bit about their builds and working on ways to refine their builds to progress. The number of skill options opens a range of possibilities. Add in the devotions on top and suddenly characters feel unique. Compare that to Diablo 3 where I had uninspired character builds suiting the meta of the current patch, or Diablo 2 where it was completely possible to develop an unviable character that dies the moment she entered nightmare difficulty. Yes, I’m speaking to you my long lost Javelin throwing Amazon… Titan Quest says skills are important, and let’s ensure there are meaningful choices to be made, but those choices offer value adding game play and monster demolition success. The other annoying thing about Diablo 3 is that I would wade into a monster pack, smash them fast and move on. Grim Dawn doesn’t want me blowing my skills all at once, there is a time and place to use them. When my demolition character uses his canister bomb, I want the enemies packed together to make full use of the fragment explosions and the underlying aether fire that procs thanks to my Imp devotion courtesy of the stun effect from the concussive bomb skill I upgraded. Bit of a long sentence there, but shows the thinking behind part of my build.

Ok, admittedly TQ did need a fanpatch to ensure pets did scale across difficulties, but that has since been resolved in Grim Dawn I believe.

The other thing about Grim Dawn is that it feels different. The setting is perfect. It isn’t some high fantasy world, there’s a dirty Victorian theme going on and I love it. The weather cycles, the landscape ranges from dark and gritty to oft-times chaotic pastoral land. I am hopeful as I move through the game some inspiration from Act V of Titan Quest comes back. And the music with boss battles also does a lot to fire me up.