Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


Interesting, I am in the exact same spot and also level 56. I haven’t found the difficultly too bad yet, besides some of the optional bosses that use aether damage. Only have 16% resistant to it, so they kill me quickly. The Nexen Shade killed me about 7 times before I quit.

This is easily my strongest character I have made though. Doesn’t hurt that I have had some good legendary drops. Most things die from a combo of my dot and walking over fire based runes. I really need new guns though. 1 handed guns are extremely rare drops it seems.


One thing I found in the expansion was that I routinely get gear three to five or more levels above me, which isn’t terribly fun, and then their are difficulty spikes which compared to the normal breeze-through difficulty on Veteran for many things makes the game feel really jerky, in a two steps forward, one step back way. I’m not sure the expansion stuff is that well balanced, and I still hate all forms of “turret” bad guys spewing whatever it is they spew.


I agree it isn’t well balanced. At level 57 I am getting green and red enemies, which seems odd. I am still blowing through the trash and heroes, even when they are a few higher levels higher than me, but the purple named bosses are giving me hell. I just went into one of the red vortex things and there were two named bosses level 63. One of them one shot me. They slow me right away so I can’t even try to kite them.

My guess is, they might be a fixed level on normal difficulty, so I might be able to level up and come back to them. Not that I will remember to go back. The catch is, the story line bosses haven’t been that difficult, only the optional ones I am finding impossible.

Just spent a few minutes trying to upgrade relics as well. I think that might help me out a lot, but of course I ran out of money after crafting a bunch of needless stuff (I am trying to get one of each relic).


Oh yeah. It hadn’t even occurred to me that they might be programmed to be 5-7 levels above me, like in the area behind the skeleton keys. That would suck. Hopefully they are at a fixed level, and when I come back from Elite difficulty Act 1, they’ll be easier for me to handle.


I echo a lot of what people are saying now that I’ve gotten to the expansion comment. The plants are annoying and the difficulty is all over the place. However, I’m loving the actual look of these environments. After having spent so much of my Grim Dawn time in the swamps of Act 1, I wasn’t looking forward to more swamp. It looks nothing like Act 1 and is really quite beautiful while still running with the whole grim thing. If they had been able to do that with the original game I don’t think I’d think back so fondly on the TQ environments.


Almost everything on normal has a max level, even the keyed dungeons. The Steps of Torment is easy at level 80 (and pointless). So I think the expansion would be the same.

With my current game, the next big equipment unlock level is 65 as well. That should make everything easier. One of the new blueprints I got tonight was for a level 90 item. I had forgotten the max level was 100 now.


Well, it’s not pointless. One of my quests at Fort Icon is behind the Steps of Torment skeleton key door. I’ve never been able to get that quest off my quest log. If I ever get to level 80 with any of my characters, I guess I’ll get the opportunity to finally finish the quest. Secrets of the Lost. Though reading ahead, it looks like the next two quests in that quest chain also require skeleton keys.


Yeah, that chain takes you to a couple other ‘out there’ zones. I’ve only finished the whole chain once or twice, because even if you’re overpowered for one of those regions, one false move and you’re back to square one (minus a key).


Yeah, got to the end of one of those skeleton key quests, a faction one for that witch person at Fort Ikon, only to die to the end boss. Yay.


I do believe this is sarcasm!

That mechanic sounds pretty lame.


Well, it’s an attempt to integrate iron-man mode into normal play, in a limited way. As it only applies to optional content, I don’t really mind. GD’s whole design philosophy is based around the idea that some content will not be easily reachable. There are some significant zones and at least one big quest chain, for example, that you could quite easily play through the game several times and never know existed.

My only gripe is that the rewards for the behind-the-doors zones and quests don’t seem all that hot compared to what you can get normally.


The mechanic doesn’t bug me really, though I do agree the rewards seem out of whack with the effort. What does bug me is that the zones simply aren’t that enjoyable. If they were really cool but hard, or if they paid off in really phat lootz, that’d be different.


Last night I realized that my Necromancer was in the exact same spot in the Elite campaign as my Purifier was in the Normal/Veteran campaign (level 15), so I switched back to the Purifier. This character is the Inquisitor + Demolisionist. The first character I’ve played where guns actually do a decent amount of damage.

Playing the purifier was pretty fun. I think I’m going to continue on this tangent for a while before going back to the Necro.

I still can’t decide whether to do a pure Shooter, or to keep using Rune of Hagaard and Rune of Blahblahblah. (The cold rune and the hot rune). Both are really fun to use, but will require some serious points investment later. If I don’t diverge too much, my pure shooter points can go a long way.


I respecced my Purifier when I went onto Elite difficulty to give up the Demolitionist attack skill (Fire strike tree) and invest points into the Inquisitor passive attack skills (Ranged Expertise and the other skills on the top line). It meant a massive drop in my DPS but I believe I am still killing enemies just as fast without having to down spirit pots all the time and fire resist enemies aren’t a problem any longer. In fact, I believe I have over 200 mana pots now because I don’t use them! Bursting round, chilling round and storm spread each have a devotion skill attached to them, so if any of those rounds go off, it’ll have a chance to proc meteor strike, tsunami and falcon swoop respectively.

Survivability is still tough. Grim Dawn is the first game though where I’m using the bags to hold resist gear that may not be optimal most of the time, but needed for certain areas. Obviously, the swamps mean I have a set of poison resist, and for the occult which is mostly chaos/bleeding damage I believe, it’ll be resist gear for that. I seem to do ok just getting elemental resist quite easily.


The Candle District just isn’t fun. It’s neat looking, but it’s a just one big patchwork of hallways and bridges. All too often roofs or walls were blocking my view, or my character got hung up on corners as I was trying to move around. My computer doesn’t do well with rotating the camera in battle, so that usually isn’t possible for me.

On top of that the difficulty has gone off the deep end. Outside of a few side quest bosses that were tough, I had been doing pretty good, but I can’t count how many times I have died lately. The final boss for the Candle District could kill me in 2 hits, so I had to cheese it. Run up, dot it, and run out of range. Repeat a dozen times hoping I didn’t get caught up on a corner as I ran away. I died about half a dozen times.

I am pretty sure a huge part of my problem is aether resistance, but I am not finding anything worth keeping that has it. Also maybe I need to level up some more? Think the Candle boss was level 66 (I am 60).

I really just want to be done with the game at this point. Usually I can’t wait to start the next difficulty, but now I just want to beat the DLC and be done. Scared I won’t be able to beat the final boss though.


Has anyone else tried the new gamepad controls?

Here’s my impressions:


  • It’s still only a half-measure. Dealing with inventory using a gamepad is a nightmare.
  • When there’s a bunch of junk on the ground, and your inventory is full, don’t do a portal home right there, because the game will make it impossible to go through the portal, and will instead focus on the loot on the ground.


  • I do like the navigation of the screens through the Skills menu and the map
  • Using the actual gamepad for the meat of the gameplay is definitely satisfying in the same way that it is in Diablo 3
  • Using buttons like A and RT and LT to fire off abilities is really fun, especially with the character I’ve tried so far, which is dual pistol wielding Purifier. Bam bam bam bam bam. So much more satisfying to pull the right trigger to shoot than the physical click of a mouse button.

So overall, I still wouldn’t recommend it to people, just because a lot of the busy work in a game like this still has to be done with the mouse. But when you get out of town and go through a portal and start killing things? I highly recommend trying out the gamepad for that core gameplay loop. It’s meaty and visceral and even more fun than using the mouse.


Yep, can’t beat the final boss. He isn’t that bad, there is room to run, but he is spawning stuff that is 6 levels above me that beat me down quickly. I am not sure if I want to just start elite and level up and get some better gear, or if I am done. Kind of tempted bring my Ultimate 81 Shaman/Soldier through the expansion at normal though. Everything would be green to him though I think.


Created a Commando last weekend and just hit level 57. Picked up the Malmouth expansion while it’s on sale too. Love the game, it finally after all these years gelled with me. All it took was reinstalling TQ and wanting something a bit newer and less stale for me.

I see a lot of Black Cocktail Commando recommendations, but I love the mortar. Probably 70% of my skill points have gone into demonologist, with the remaining in Menhir’s Will, Overguard, and a few other skills in soldier.


I just can’t stop playing this game again even when it is making me mad. I took my character who couldn’t beat the final Malmouth boss to Elite difficulty at level 62 and the game is cake again. In Malmouth my pets could barely stay alive and I was having to be really careful about getting myself into difficult spots. Purple named bosses usually meant at least one death. But back in the swamps at Elite, everything is level 61-63 so far and nothing kills my pets. I can pretty much charge into anything so far (I am sure that will change).

There really is a huge difficulty spike from the regular game to Malmouth. I wonder if they intended it for higher level characters with good gear?


I am a little frustrated at not having some of these sets yet. I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours now, I should have the basic sets sitting around in my shared stash somewhere. But I looked through all my character’s personal stashes as well this morning: nope, no one has the fire and ice set with the ammo belt. I’ve found one of the two guns for it over and over but never the second gun. And I’ve found the gloves in that set, but never the belt. Damn it.

It’s not as if the set is all that great, it’s just that after so many hours, I just feel like all these low level sets should be accessible for me to try out if I want.