Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

I tried using my Logitech F310 controller. But the R3 Right Stick Press does not bring up any cursor and I unable to assign skills to the action bar.

Anyone had any luck with the F310 controller? I looked up all the forums and tried all the suggested fixes and still could not get it working. Frustrating.

You guys ever play together? I’m curious how a group outing would feel compared to solo play.

Anyone getting crashes lately? I hate when I finally get near that rift after a long slog through whatever. BAM. CTD.

I got one last weekend. First time in a long time. (Outside of it crashing right as it loads my character portrait on the title screen, which has been happening for awhile.)

My crashes are loading the game. Once I’m in the main menu, I’m fine, but getting past the splash screen has about a 1/3 chance of a CTD.

My only crash was about a month ago, and it caused me to lose my Windows 10 start menu.

Luckily, my fellow Qt3 denizens were able to guide me through how to make another Windows 10 profile on my machine with admin access and a weak password that still exists on my machine, ready to bite me in the ass one day.

Holy shit. I wonder why this never occurred to me before. So all those auras I have on various characters that help only me, they could be extended to other players! Wow. With the right synergies between characters, I can imagine pairs or more than pairs being unstoppable together.

I’ve gotten a few crashes lately. One night I seemed to keep crashing as I tried to clear the same zone with the same toon. Pretty annoying, and yeah, especially so when that rift gate or Devotion temple is just out of reach.

It hasn’t happened often enough to sour me on the game, but it’s a drag.

Mob difficulty scales up though, at least it did in Titan Quest (one of my last LAN get togethers at my house centered on TQ).

I’d love to give it a whirl though.

No crashes yet. At all.

So, as promised, I tried out my Sorceress with the controller just now. I played for about an hour. It was rough going at first. Unlike the Dual Guns and the Melee, there’s no obvious control scheme for the Sorceress.

Let’s see, I walk into the middle of some enemies and freeze them using Flash Freeze, and then use Frozen Meteor, Devestation (bunch of meteors), Fireballs, And Calidor’s Tempest (basically an electric Nova spell) to kill stuff.

So I tried assigning Flash Freeze to the A button. I tried Devestation on RT. I tried the Frozen meteor on LT. Fireball on B, Tempest at X, and the Defensive move Mirror of Ecteblahblahblah on Y.

The only one of those that felt ok was Mirror of Ecteblah on Y. None of the rest of that felt good at all.

But after swapping different moves, I finally got a combination that feels great.

The most common spells, Fireball and Meteor on A and RT.
Next most common spells, Flash Freeze and Tempest on B and LT.
And Devestation on X.

Finally it feels intuitive and right.

It’s interesting playing this Sorceress again. Compared to the Purifier, she’s sooooo much more vulnerable. If something touches her, she loses half her health right away. But then again, she kills stuff so fast. Things die left and right almost instantly. But man, if they touch me, they can kill me. When Blast Shield activates, that helps. When Turtle Shell activates that helps. When a couple of other things that activate when I get hit come on, they all help a little. But I still die really fast. I just have to concentrate on killing stuff faster, and I do okay.

It will be interesting playing my Battlemage later. Since a Soldier is such a badass at staying alive, combined with an Arcanist being a badass at actually killing things. I’d think a Battlemage could potentially be the best of both worlds.

I’m using one. I just go into the options and turn on the non-steamcontroller controller settings. r3 works for me (I have auras and passives on there)

I’d have to suggest soldier as one build. Feels very very normal with the controller and all the spells are fun and engaging. I used blitz + forcewave to kill most things, plus Bull as a devotion. Was pretty fun and should last you a while to get used to the controller. Now I’ve got a level 70 purifier (inqusitor + demo) using purely the controller, and that has been EXTREMELY fluid. The controller REALLY works well with ranged weapons and auto attacks, because you can kite so much more effectively.

it can be funky with magic attacks. It’s definitely not as precise. but I bet you could make it work, especially with a little practice.

Great to know that it works. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Do you need any drivers or special mapping apps? Or it’s just plug and play?

Stated with a nightblade, not really enjoying it, while he isn’t weak t doesn’t feel powerful the hits seem weak and pathetic even though they die easily. Game itself plays nicely i’m just not an alt player so really need to get the first pick correct as I don’t normally replay games or enjoy redoing stuff over and over, this will probably be a 1 play through only. Might try a soldier instead

Mine is still not working. Seems that the R3 button is not recognized at all. I’ll try getting a mapping software to see I can get it working.

EDIT: It was my mistake. I was going through the bugs forum again and spotted someone mentioning that the control scheme had changed. The skills in the skills bar is now assigned from the Skills page instead of using the R3 mouse emulation scheme. I tried interacting from the skills page and indeed, found that the skills assignment is performed from there!

Thanks. Your post confirming that f310 is working led me to figure it out instead of giving up on the controller.

Isn’t that true of every class until you build up the skills?

I have no idea, this being my first play through. never felt weak in Diablo 3 I don’t mean as in the powers I have but in feeling like I am hitting a mob with some plastic sticks not steel magic blades. there is no oomph or feeling. Just hoping this does not continue.

I love my monk in 3 he moves around kicking ass like Bruce Lee from the off, he feels like he can kill 50 at once, this nightblade can do that but the feel is weak and limp.

You’ll feel more powerful, the oomph comes to every character. The first few levels are definitely less powerful for certain characters than others. I said the same thing earlier in the thread, around May 2016 or so, I think. The first 11 levels play out quite differently for each of the 6 classes. Certain classes like the Occultist didn’t feel powerful at all at first, and then at level 11 starting kicking more ass than any of the others.

It’s up to you. If you stick with it, the Nightblade will start kicking ass. If you want more immediate feedback, start a soldier and go for Blitz as soon as you can. Come to think of it though, I think the earliest you can Blitz is also around level 10/11, so nevermind. Level 10/11 is kind of the point at which a lot of the characters get kickass abilities I guess.

Thanks, @Kyle700. Very helpful!

Agreed. My Deceiver is a walking storm at higher levels. Things flying and dying as I move. Game does an excellent job of making you feel powerful.