Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


Any suggestions on making picking up loot better with the controller?


What kind of issues are you having looting? I tend to use the item filter (little icon to the left of the hotbar) to clear out most of the loot, so it’s just a matter of hitting “A” while standing near the items that remain (right now, that’s Green and above, but later I’ll filter it to Blue). It hasn’t seemed any more cumbersome than the mouse to me (now selling and comparing items is a different matter, I use the mouse for that).


Didn’t know about that option. Thanks!


I’m not sure why I bounced off this game so many times, but now I absolutely love it. I have un-installed and re-installed this game probably…4 or 5 times, but this time it really clicked.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, I need to geek out about my trickster for a minute…here’s a screenshot of the pertinent skills…

Still playing around with this, if you have any ideas let me know! Working on devotions now.

Here’s a grimcalc quicky build link. Trickster



How did you level that Trickster?


Started with shaman and maxed devouring swarm, then did all the nightblade stuff, then back to shaman for end stuffs. Devouring swarm is easy mode early on. Also, because devouring swarm is so low in the tree, you get to nightblade stuff very early on…like by the time you hit 10 you can actually start putting points into nightblade I think. I rushed to pneumatic burst once I hit 10, because I wanted the run speed and the heal over time.

The other thing that isn’t reflected in that screenshot, is how much heal over time stacking you have between those two classes, you can get pretty silly health regen going. The real meat of that build is Phantasmal Blades with the vitality damage mod, coupled with devouring swarm which debuffs stuff for vitality damage. Both of those are super low in the tree skills, so you can pretty much play the build right from the start.


I started a new char shaman/nightblade. Thanks for the suggestion.


Let me know how it goes, curious to hear other peoples interaction with that combo! I have a lot to learn about GD still, so any info is good.


I talked about this earlier on… I found inquistor seal even easier to use with a gamepad, compared to a mouse. The game has an “intuitive sense” with seal spells. It casts defensive spells near you with no target, while offensive spells will go a short distance away. If you are targeting an enemy, it will cast the seal on that enemy instead. So, if you want to cast inquisitor seal ( a defensive spell, for the most part), you just turn yourself around really quick, cast the spell (it spawns right in front of you with no target), then you turn back around and keep attacking.

Also, KevinC really got it. using the thumbstick saves you a lot of time moving (you can kite almost any boss by getting him into his attack animation and then moving backwards while attacking), just because you don’t have to spend so much time moving your mouse. The targeting is pretty good and efficient, too. The only real difficult I have is targeting specific ranged baddies in big crowds, ala the yellow ranged skeletons in SoT. But I solved that in my current build by using inqusitor Dual Wield plus brimstone and Ultos + Magi + ulzins torch devotions.

i didn’t love this game before they added full controller support since moving the mouse was kind of uncomfortable and awkward for walking and casting. And I don’t think a controller would work for a game like League of Legends which requires very high amounts of precision. If you miss a spell, who cares, it comes off cooldown pretty fast.


So I will easily be able to cast it for me, and then another for my tanking pet? I am never very comfortable with a controller, so I am skeptical, but figure I will try it. Although I haven’t played in about 2 weeks.


I’m finding the gamepad mostly more effective and smoother, for the many reasons @KevinC and others have posted, but for a skill like Devouring Swarm, the mouse is definitely better. Being able to line up the enemies by targeting one in the back is invaluable to make the most of the skill. I imagine there are other ranged (and “piercing”) skills for which mouse targeting is preferable.


I decided to try out your Trickster build also. I’m only level 11 so far, but I’m surprised at how effective Devouring Swarm is early on. I always kind of ignored that skill because it doesn’t scale up with your weapon, and therefore it should have great damage early, but really poor damage late in the game. But looking at your build, the key thing that will be really useful is the factor that devouring swarm will make enemies weaker to Vitality and Bleeding damage. So your build which concentrates so much on Vitality damage should kick ass in combination with Devouring Swarm even later in the game.

I was also tempted by it because of your use of the late Shaman skill tree. There’s lots of skills there that I’ve never used in this game. Like the two totems. If that healing totem really does help me survive when things get tough, that should be a great combination of defensive and offensive skills.


Agreed 100% KevinC. Early on, my only real criticism of Grim Dawn was the designer’s emphasis on character positioning.

Here’s a telegraphed enemy attack! Better move out of the way!
Here’s an area you have to walk through that will kill you. Better not let anything interrupt your movement!
Here’s a boss that’s going to throw things at you that you’d better dodge or you’ll die!
Here’s a million things happening on the screen to obstruct your view, better remember to keep moving and dodging while all that is happening!

I mean, what kind of sadistic designer thinks that I’m that good at instantly moving the mouse across the screen and never accidentally clicking on something I didn’t want to?

Overall, it didn’t hurt the game much because for some reason I don’t mind dying in this game.

But yeah, the more I play with the controller, the less these kinds of mistakes happen, and the more I’m able to successfully dodge moves and boss abilities.

With my Warlock I reached the Warden last night. And you know how the Warden does his multi-shot poison thing and his poison nova type spell. Both of those can be so deadly. But I dodge both pretty easily thanks to having much more control over my movement.


One question I have about your end-game totems: The Windigo totem increases Vitality damage in the area. And you’ve got the modifier on your Lightning Totem convert all the lightning damage to Vitality damage. Do you think the Windigo totem increases the Storm Totem’s vitality damage output?

Not that it needs to, since your Devouring swarm should reduce people’s Vitality Resist by a lot. But still. Inquiring minds want to know the synergy between these two totems.


Well, you’ve got a 5 second cooldown between casts, so there is plenty of actual time. I’ve never used it with a pet, although I think if you target his general vicinity it will have a pretty good chance of getting under him. It’s not necessarily always accurate, but the game is fairly fast paced so I usually don’t mind… I have not tried it with pets on an endgame build though. If you need precision in your casts (specific ground targeting locations or picking out enemys in a group) the controller will not be that easy to work with in comparison to a mouse.


That’s what I was scared of, I often cast two to three marks/seals before a pull. I want them in very specific spots.


Yeah, I mean, as much as I love it, the game was clearly not intended with the controller in mind and many skills perform differently. inventory, certain skills, and the map are all a bit harder to use with the controller.

that being said, if you are casting BEFORE a pull, I think you should be able to get them pretty much wehre you want. If you need to cast during a fight you’ve got less leeway on the exact positioning. Honestly, it may not be that much work. I’ve stopped using inquisitors seal, and haven’t used any of the damaging ground runes. If I put in a little bit of practice for a couple hours, I’d bet it gets pretty smooth to cast with a controller.


The totem buffs you, so if you are standing in the aura when you cast the other totem (if you’re set up for that), it will snapshot that damage. All dots etc work that way in GD, it’s all snapshots. If you have a buff, it won’t update something up or down, you always have to recast etc. Having high crit on dot builds is pretty important for that reason, as if the dot crits, all tics of that dot are crits.

Devouring Swarm is an amazing skill, it’s overpowered in the early game, and it never loses its usefulness, which is really as a debuff for your other real heavy hitter vitality skills. A storm totem converted to vitality, with a devouring swarm rolling, and you spamming phantasmal blades is ridiculous DPS.

I’ve got a lot of builds I really like, but I keep going back to that trickster, it just has such a great combination of abilities, and most of them can be used on the run. Great run speed, great dots, great burst damage, amazing healing, amazing regen, and not really stationary except for phantasmal blades. It’s easy to kill most stuff in the game with just the storm totem and devouring swarm.


Re Controllers - How do you guys sit with one? I’m in a recliner with my laptop, and its quite akward if I had to use a controller instead of mouse and keyboard?


I was more wondering if the two totems affect each other. You’ve converted all of Storm Totem’s lightning damage to Vitality damage. Windigo totem increases vitality damage. So does Windigo totem increase the Vitality damage of Storm Totem’s pulses of damage if they’re both in the same area?

In the same vein, when I finally get Death Ray (Albert’s Ray or whatever it’s called, with Tainted power), should I be looking for equipment that enhances my +%aether and +%lightning damage (which then gets converted into Vitality and Chaos damage by Tainted Power), or should I be looking for increases to+%Vitality and +%Chaos damage, Will those affect the Death Ray or not?