Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


That’s a shame that the Night King build doesn’t continue to kick ass.

If you do find another Cabalist build that does work, let me know. I think my non-hardcore Cabalist who is that same build is currently at 60 (it still works great at 60).


I think it’s all relative. I used the night king build through act one and all through the Forgotten Gods area with relative ease. Of course this is all on normal and pre-50, but it performed admirably.


The bosses are randomized and you can get some really bad situations where the bosses synergize. They can also have duplicates. I’ve had double Reaper as well.


It’s probably not worth worrying too much about, right? I mean, if the only reason I was preserving that countdown was an extra chest? I didn’t find much good in those chests anyway. I found about 3 purple items, but none useful for any of my current characters. One more chest full of stuff like that doesn’t seem all that appealing.

The part that bothers me the most is that the whole things seems designed for immortal characters. There’s no way I would ever take any of my hardcore characters very far into this game mode. It’s just too risky, and some of those boss levels are way too small.

The funniest piece of equipment I found fighting my way up to Shard 23 was something that dropped from a nemesis enemy I killed, not from a chest. Check it out:

Miss Gazer Man. Notice how it severely de-buffs the person who wears it. And yet, it’s also kind of awesome, and has no level requirement. You could de-buff yourself from Level 1!! And also get +1 all skills and get really good resists too.

You know, it just occurred to me that it would be a good chest armor for early pet classes. You wouldn’t care as much about the de-buff since you don’t want to be touching or approaching the enemy anyway.


The Gazer Man item (from the Secret quest in the basegame) is the same as that. It’s nice they allow it as a drop so if you couldn’t handle the Bourbon you can get it another way.

The reward both in quality and quantity are not great until the top end of the Shards (70-80) similar to Crucible.


I took a stab at building a Cabalist. I don’t have one so I can’t test it’s viability.


Interesting. You’re going for BlightFiend and the Raven as your maxed out damage dealers. The skeletons are just there to distract monsters for a second I suppose, since they don’t do much damage with so few points invested in them. I suppose there’s also the Eldritch Talon, but that’s reliant on finding equipment, and I’ve never seen a piece of that set drop in the game.


I found a build on YouTube and I respec’d my Cabalist to as close to this as I could get at 75. I don’t have the endgame gear, obviously, as that set is all from Ultimate and I’m still in Elite, but my first try at it shows some promise. I have to rethink how I lay out my ability keys and some of the bindings (the video and attached devotion list oddly does not specify how most of the devotion abilities should be bound), but it seems interesting.

I think after getting to 75 with the skeleton build…that I don’t really like full on pet classes, really. I like to be whacking on things I think. Or shooting them, or something.


The damage comes from the Blightfiends (you get +1 summon with that set), Hellhound, and Talon. Stacking Vitality RR, converting the Hellhound damage to vitality with secondary damage being Poison.

I’d have to play it and see the survival/damage to know where to finesse the points. You are probably right and if you minimize all the points in familiar except storm spirit you can dump them into raise skeletons, reap spirit and call of the grave. This will give you a lot more damage, though the skeletons will still die fast, though with 4 tanky pets (2 blights, revenant, talon) to keep the pressure off they should have a chance.

The Ghol set is new in FR. I’ve had 2 pieces drop, so I imagine its just like any other mythical legendary set, except with the bonus of using the inventor to transmute to complete the set faster than usual. Especially if you happen to get a helmet blueprint you can just make your whole set from hats if you have the mats.


Oh hey, woah, I forgot all about that feature. Where do we go to do this again?


Here you go:


After reading the quest description, I do remember doing that quest. I guess I’ll have to go back to that guy and see what kind of interface he offers.

Of course, I don’t actually have any set duplicates. If I ever got a duplicate for any set, I’d sell one of them, whichever one has the smaller values.


I did the same thing. But like I said, you can make an entire set from crafting helmets for the sets (since they are the only piece of a set you can craft) and transmuting them to the other pieces. I was able to complete a couple of sets with missing holes that way.


By the way my Purifier hit 90, and I got my 55th Shrine this weekend. It’s the first time I’ve had a character who has all the devotions available.

I have 4 of those potions that let me reset the Devotion tree now. I’m tempted to swallow one. Not that I’m unhappy with how this character played out, Devotion-wise, but it would be interesting to reset and do a new tree, and see if I can get some of the new abilities from the expansion, if those are interesting for a dual-pistol purifier to implement.

Edit: OTOH, I’d have to gain experience for the devotion procs again, to level them up. That would suck. Things like Meteor Shower and Abominable procs are leveled up a lot in my build. To reset them, I’d have to feed them experience from scratch again, I think.


The experience you have on the devotion procs stays, even if you spec out of them (at least it did for me). If you reset devotions with the potion, and then rebuild, if you build into any of the ones you had before, you still have the experience. It’s only the new ones that have to begin (of course) from zero.


Oh wow. That’s really generous!


I also wanted to let you know that the tier (1-3) of the devotion determines the amount of experience you need to level them up with higher tiers requiring more but often having a lower max level (10-15). So, for example, with your Purifier if you picked up Ghoul at 80. You’d level it to the teens in 2 or 3 character levels and complete it easily before level 100 because the amount of experience you need to level your character is so much higher and you are getting xp so much faster.


I also don’t like full pet builds, but for reason I feel drawn to pet builds of some sort. I found a build I liked a lot that was melee plus pets. Most people tend to go ranged and pets but for some reason I really enjoyed smacking stuff down while my pets ripped stuff up.

It was a Trickster, got to 61 before the first expansion where I started a Death Knight that I got to 51 before my PC died at the time. So no real ‘high level’ experience but it worked very well to where I was. It’s Nightblade and Shaman and varied from even the melee build most people did at the time with that combo in that I went with Primal Strike-Torrent which is the 2 handed melee line,


I hate the way the game doesn’t start until your third playthrough.


Yeah, I have several middle level characters, in the 50s-60s, in things like shaman hybrid or pyromancer or whatever. Plus some lower level characters, but I think I’m going to ignore them and just experiment with different builds on new characters using the Crucible to level up fast at first.

I am always fascinated, for instance, with pure mages, but I struggle to get a pure Arcanist going. Still want to try. And I love a pure ranged build, but haven’t yet figured out how to make it durable. Then again, stuff like that is what these types of games are about I guess, figuring out things. I do enjoy now following a good build plan, but finding the right one takes a lot of time.