Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

It’s the best ARPG out there. And I say that as someone who really disliked their last game (Titan Quest). It’s not perfect, but I’d say it’s even more satisfying than Diablo 2 and 3.

Titan Quest is a master piece. I am saddened that you didn’t enjoy it.

You and me both legowarrior. I was saddened too. My travails are well documented each time in the Titan Quest thread, first in 2010, then 2013, then 2016. I finally beat the game on Normal difficulty with the 10 anniversary edition. It was amusing re-reading that thread and all the trouble I was having.

It will be interesting to eventually install that mod in Grim Dawn that lets you play as Titan Quest skill trees. I wonder if I’ll have as much trouble as I did in the original game?

The two are so similar they almost feel like the same game with a different skin to me. Obviously GD is much more polished, but the mechanics are practically identical aren’t they?

But you never got into GD either, did you @legowarrior?

I did and I didn’t @LeeAbe . I really liked a lot of the Grim Dawn Features (especially how it broke out the damage of spells, not just attacks), but I also felt a bit overwhelmed by them. Grim Dawn has more features and options and things going on then Titan Quest (what with the constellations and the like). In TQ, you have your two classes, your weapons/items and you stats, and that is that. Nothing else going on.

That being said, TQ has stolen liberally from Grim Dawn recently, such as the UI and the some other features. Also, the rebalanced a bunch of skills and made poison and bleeding damage stack with dexterity, which for me is a blast (I love my poison builds).

But I think the real reason I haven’t jumped into GD is that I don’t have the expansion packs for Grim Dawn, so I when I play, I FEEL (although that is likely unfair) like I might be missing something. Give me some time to grab a complete version (when its on a super good sale) of the game, and I’ll probably abandon TQ for GD. But at this time, TQ is just my go to. I love my Illusionist. It make the lazy gamer in my super happy! Just Spam Traps, and you are off to the races. Also, I’m just comfortable with it. Like a good pair of shoes.

Also, the Norse Expansion Pack is great fun. Just a lot of good voice acting. But the maps are freaking huge (which is a minus) but damn, do you get a tour of both Germanic and Norse gods and mythology. I just like mixing and matching all those mythologies (probably why Age of Mythology is my favorite Age game).

Catching up on this thread thinking I should play some more GD, and now I want to play TQ instead. Sigh.

As GD is taking its sweet time getting on XBO I’m wondering how the Titan Quest port fared…

Edit: Also, does it have any of the expansions?

Not great. I heard it’s gotten better, but controller support is still being worked on.

Right now, I think none of the expansions have come out.

Ah, thanks for the heads up. Sounds like I should stick to Torchlight and D3 for now.

Is there supposed to be an Xbox version in the works? If so, I probably helped it along by buying a copy on Steam.

Supposedly, but no firm date has been given other than “this year.” Here’s hoping!

Upcoming patch notes. QoL update.

Biggest thing to me is they are rebalancing levels 1-60 in Normal/veteran and elite because it has gotten too easy. While I enjoyed my last play through, the base game was way too easy. The DLC makes you overpowered so it became a slog for me. This is much needed IMO.

Lots of really nice improvements, well worth a read.

I’m more excited about the important bits of Grim Internals becoming baseline. Sounds and looks like it’ll be great.

I agree. Especially love that they finally include auto-looting components. Sure, I have at least 600 searing embers, but it became second nature to just pick them up all the same.

Similarly, finally being able to change the crucible map to the one I want.

I like being able to blow through early levels, given how many characters I have, the last thing I want is to have to concentrate every second while leveling them. My biggest complaint, is the time it takes to level new characters to the point where your choices start to really matter.

I wish devs would take into consideration, that some people enjoy grinding content that isn’t out to one shot them all the time. They’ve already given players the option to make the game as hard as they want, via being able to start on any difficulty, so you’re not solving a problem for those players, only creating one for me.

If normal/veteran is more difficult, won’t it make your choices matter sooner? Depends on how much more difficult of course.

My last run I was bored after Forgotten God’s, except for the roguelike dungeons. Nothing was even slightly challenging. It took hours to get through. By the end I was burned out again and didn’t really play elite. Then again I disagree with everyone here over the leveling up in the Crucible as well. Guess I am just looking for something different than everyone else.

I agree that in my last playthrough, I was bored for the first time just playing through the main campaign, because I was over-leveled during a large potion of it.

I think this is a great change. And I’m glad this change didn’t happen sooner, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten bored and gotten out. Grim Dawn is an addictive vortex. It draws me in, and then it’s hard to get out to play other games.

Don’t worry, I’ll inevitably come back to it, and I think next time it will be harder to get out because of this change.

To me, generally, no. There aren’t many skills in most builds that aren’t filler until you hit level 40+. If enemies are more difficult, and the exp curve is the same, it’s just going to take even longer to level. I don’t find the combat particularly engaging in GD most of the time though, it’s seeing how various builds work once you get them fairly fleshed out that’s interesting to me.

Eh, like I said, people already had the choice to make the game as tough as they could possibly want, by playing on higher difficulties or starting in Vet. This fixes a problem that doesn’t exist in terms of challenge, but just slows me down when I’m trying to level alt #323421.

/shrug. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find spamming one skill against hit point sponges to = more fun. I do have 700 hours in this game, so maybe that’s driving me to be bored with many aspects of the game.

There was a new update July 25th I think. Playing on veteran and it is way harder than before. I mean kick sand in your face and take your lunch money mean. I was going to fix the water pump and on the 2nd level died 3 times just trying to get in past the spiders.The 2 small poison cave side dungeons I gave up on, I got tried of corpse runs. I can’t imagine trying hardcore. I haven’t tried normal so I’m not sure how hard that is.

Brought some new life back in a game I have almost 500 hours in.

I started up my Elite game and died pretty quickly. I hadn’t been taking it seriously though and was more just looking around for patch changes. Your post made me want to start a new game though.