Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

yes you can lol

Well I bought the expansion packs and downloaded the mod and it seems really well done so far.

Though I really should actually play through Grim Dawn some day; I heard it’s pretty good.

It’s honestly very fun. my main recommendation is that you can’t only play thru it once, it’s definitely a game to learn and repeat and test out your build, that’s when i really got into it

I reinstalled Grim Dawn to play the Reign of Terror mod. Made a paladin, put most of my attribute in strength and in the heal aura. Slow leveling to 5, couldn’t finish the 2nd quest because the boss is too hard for him. She heal faster than I can damage her, and she summons extra skeleton. I’m out of money for potion or to buy better equipment.

Started an amazon and it goes much better.

The starting town has 4-5 useful npc and you have to walk a lot to get to them. I feel like the map are big for the sake of being big. Lots of dead space without anything to do. It’s an amazing mod, lots of work was put into it, but I’m not sure i’ll return to it.

I just finished Act I and I think it’s fantastic. I don’t get the feeling that the maps are any bigger than Diablo 2’s to be honest. I’d have to reinstall and check for sure, but the pacing definitely feels very similar.

There are plenty of other differences, though. Obviously it’s not straight up D2, but rather a mish-mash what with the multi-classing, Devotion points, Grim Dawn gear (in addition to the regular D2 gear), and the like. I’m just going to try a straight up Berserker Barbarian to start with and see how far that gets me. I will utilize the Devotion tree as well.

So far I haven’t run into much trouble. I died one time to Bone Ash, which I figured would probably be my first death, but I was a bit more careful with Andariel and managed to make it through in one piece.

I like how they handled the mercenary system, and they are genuinely useful (at least so far).

Drops seem a bit more generous compared to D2. I’ve already found 4 set items and several uniques. I do miss how unique the individual classes looked and sounded in the original, but I do prefer the respeccing system in Grim Dawn.

Level design, sound, and overall quality so far has been fantastic. If it weren’t for the total lack of anti-consumer bullshit it could almost be mistaken for an official Blizzard remaster!

Now that Wolcen’s come out I decided to avoid buying it and boot Grim Dawn back up for the first time in god knows how long (I own the Grim Dawn expansions but never did step foot in the most recent one). As far as all my high level characters go, I have no fucking idea what I’m doing. I don’t remember the goals I had for their builds, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the myriad of stats, equipment, talent points, skills, augmentations and many other things that go into fleshing these guys out.

Even though I’ve already got hundreds of hours into the game from a couple years ago, I will have to come back at this with a clear head with a lot of time to catch up. Jumping in for a thirty minute game after a year or more away is terribad.

You should start a new character. That’s what I do whenever I return. Then when you get in the groove of things for a few days, you can pick one of your older characters and things will be a lot more familiar.

This is exactly how I did it, and I’m more than pleased with the results. Playing with the newest expansion and new mastery (Oathkeeper combined with Soldier to make a Warlord) made it all fresh again. I still get a bit underwhelmed at the higher levels (once I hit 65 or so) but it’s so solidly enjoyable up until then that I’d always recommend starting over with a new character if you’re trying to get back into it. Then again, I seem to be one of the few that prefer the advancement of characters in the low to mid level more than the challenge of the high level play, so ymmv.

If it wasn’t for all the many games I have to play, I would probably start a new character right now just thinking about it.

I agree levels 1 through 65 or so is the most fun part. I don’t care for the last difficulty too much either. Going through on normal and then Elite is enough for me. Then it’s on to trying a different character who can do that.

Holy smokes.

What does that mean in layperson terms?

If I’m interpreting it correctly, it functionally means that completed components are going to be given out at, what, five times the current rate?

That sounds about right.

Great change as far as I’m concerned. Not because I demand a higher drop rate for components, but I hate sorting through and juggling partial components and full components at once. And I don’t like all the space they take. I’m lazy.

I just checked one of my character’s inventory and sure enough…


Every partial I had is a full set now.

I must now log in and play and not stop playing for six hours.

Wow, the biggest change this makes is it allows additional room in your shared inventory. There’s now room for a few more blue and purple items.

Great change - I had almost a whole shared tab chock full of components. Now I just gotta get over my fear of using them!

Seems like a great QOL change. Might have to dive back in to this, in my never-ending cycle of playing an assortment of different ARPGs. But I’m into PoE right now, and with the new league dropping in a couple of weeks it will be a while before I return to GD.

Now, if there could be some way of sorting them by which item they modified (like, “show only components that modify armor”).

You dreamer!