Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

For my money, it’s really not worth keeping twink equipment around. Especially now with the loot fountain shrines. You’ll find plenty of stuff.

If I were going to make any exceptions (I’m not), it’d be for exceptionally good weapons for their level and things that give movespeed. But again, you will generally find plenty of things even with yellows turned off by level 15. And honestly there are so many great leveling skills that add flat damage that you really don’t need to worry about even a twink weapon.

So yeah. I keep pretty much 50+ things that look interesting and sets. And still I have a jammed-full shared stash. There is a lot of loot to be found.

One of the toughest things to deal with in GD is the loot, because there are so many possible combinations of skills. It’s not just that you found some piece of gear with fire damage on it, it’s that it had fire damage AND vitality…or poison, or whatever other weird combo you may want to try.

I have most of the tabs filled, it’s tough to avoid that I think if you play a lot. You can actually salvage stuff and not just sell it, but all that does is give you components to collect instead of gear. It can be a good idea though because some of the crafted gear can be tough to fill out.

Huh. Salvaging loot. I never thought of that. Does it give you the really rare components that you can be short of, like Windigo Spirit thingies and Manitcor eyes? I swear I never have enough Manticor Eyes.

Fire Strike is hilarious you guys

Ok, so I’m thinking I could maybe play a WoW Hunter kind of character, something that attacks at range but has an aggro pet. Is there any way to build that in GD?

Splitting between pets and not-pets is tough to do in GD at higher levels, but the Shaman class has some good ranged attack skills and a quality pet.

Is Shaman a base game class? I haven’t committed to the expansions yet.

Base game.


You could do a shaman primal strike build as discussed above, and just put some points into the pet…lemme go look at planner.

Something like this would be pretty badass. You’d have a not trivial pet that actually agros pretty well, and you’d still have really strong ranged attack via 2h gun.

Lightning ranged shaman with pets.

Crap now I want to go level this lol.


Apparently so. I just started a new character, briefly, just to see how the game looked. Got overwhelmed as soon as I crossed the bridge and had to be a bit more careful. Think it’s time to start playing again. Once I am done with Dragon Quest XI at least.

Level one is horrid. Literally finding your first weapon and investing in your first skill at level 2 make a 10x difference in your power.

It reminds me of being level 1 in D&D back in the day. Running around with 1hp while only having a magic missile and a dagger to work with. :)

It lasted all of one minute though.

Literally my favorite part of nearly every game. I love that early search (struggle) to upgrade your equipment, and GD was no different. Just thinking of it has me itching to start a new character (but I can’t! too much to do!).

Trying to think about what I want to play. Usually I have a 100 ideas, but since I haven’t played in awhile, nothing is coming to mind. What is the current hot class to play? Not finding much of anything searching. Seems it was Death Knight, but it was nerfed?

Telling you man, this cold-focused Nightblade is 75 and going strong with no particular equipment of note; he’s self-found.

Really can’t recommend this enough.

I started a druid with using primal strike (which I’ve never used before believe it or not) and the tornado dude. It’s been pretty fun so far but I am only around level 14. Sent you start a shaman you can do that vitality attack that pretty much Insta deletes things until around the end of act one if that is more your style.

Also shaman can have the big old Briarthorn pet if you’re into that.

You could always check out the Grim Dawn Item Assistant Mod. It lets you export gear into a program thats much easier to sort thru etc. I honestly don’t keep anything except for really good low level things and high level legendaries but I also havent ever tried to farm for a matching set of anything, I imagine it would be easier using a mod like this to collect the sets…