Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


The only full set I’ve found/made is the Explorers Gear set. It’s a pretty nifty set to power level early-ish characters because my progression through the 20’s with the Necromancer was fast.

For item storage, I’ve moved onto a third party program called GDStash. It is nowhere near as elegant as the TQVault I used for that game, but it still functional and allows me to quickly see what set items I have kept. One mistake I made was to acquire all the recipes when clicking around the program, so I’ve lost the fun that comes with finding blueprints. But at the same time, it saves having to farm areas trying to find blueprints.


Yeah, I have the Explorer’s Set too. I used it for my Necro, and now my Purifier is wearing it. It’s nice to have a set like that at low levels. It’s not super great, but for a few levels, it’s pretty nice.

I also had the Eastern Pledge. I actually moved around my Sorcerer’s abilities around for that one, since it gives a bonus to the frozen meteor abilities. I didn’t have any points into that, but after getting that set, I moved skills around and went full force into the frozen meteor. That set works well with that.


Going back to my Purifier (Inquisitor + Demolitionist), I’ve had really good luck just putting a couple of points into the Rune of (unknown - Fire) and Rune of (unknown- Cold).

Both of those Runes have allowed me to kill the occasional boss enemy that’s really far above my level. So I’ve died very rarely so far. I know most online advice I can find for a Purifier is to focus solely on my gun abilities, but gosh, just two points into those Runes, and their follow up skills is netting me so much area of effect damage in addition to my guns, that I’m tempted to ignore internet advice and just keep going in this direction. Maybe put a few points more into gun abilities, but also cultivate the two fire and ice Runes as well for being my damage dealers. Of course, eventually I have contend with the fact that one-handed pistols just don’t have much of a damage base. So all these abilities that are based on main hand damage and off hand damage are eventually going to all suck maybe against big bosses down the road.

I don’t know. We shall see. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find badass single handed pistols for each hand. Certainly all the blue pistols I’ve found in the game are nothing special in terms of damage compared to swords. But maybe the secret there is just that I’m supposed to concentrate on finding attack speed bonuses and get my dps up via that route. If I can shoot really really fast, then I don’t need my pistols to do as much damage as swords.


What’s the best overall caster build? I don’t want to fiddle with pets or ranged (via bows) stuff, and I don’t want something too DoT heavy since I hate excessive kiting.


I’ve had a lot of fun with my Arcanist focusing on Albrecht’s Aether Ray for focused DPS. I also use the Blizzard/Sky Shard stuff to slow down and damage groups. Gear heavily weighted to +aether. In fact it’s probably the most effective overall build I’ve used so far (I’ve gotten him up to early-middle Ultimate).


@John_Reynolds, this is the post I used as a template upthread to create a badass Arcanist that was able to get through most of Act 1 really easily.

Step 1: Start investing in Flash Freeze as soon as you can get to it.
Step 2: Make a Flint Core using one of your higher level characters, if you’ve got one, put it on one of your weapons. This gives you a “Greater Fireball” ability, or something like that, and you can assign that to your left mouse button. Make the Right mouse button Flash Freeze.
Step 3: Keep increasing Flash Freeze to max it. Not only does it freeze everyone around you, but like Gendal said above, it makes everyone vulnerable to fire. So suddenly fire does extra damage to them.
Step 4: You can keep leveling up Arcanist and get to the Devestation spell which does amazing fire damage.


Hit level 21, just finished Act 1, still haven’t picked a 2nd mastery, but went Quill and Scholar’s Light for the elemental dmg boosts they both give.

Using PRM (Panetta’s random missile?) with the ice blast that freezes enemies. I switched the burning embers crafting stuff over from my Commando but haven’t applied it yet.


And speaking of loot being so random, my Arcanist now has at level 24 two items that give +1 to all Arcanist skills. My Commando at level 62 has never seen one such item drop.


So I bought this a few years back but never got too far in - I started a new game yesterday after hearing about controller support and I’m impressed at how much polish has been added in from what I recall the experience being a year or so back. Opening cut scenes and VO lines adds a lot to drive the early game along


What are some vets’ opinions on Ashes to Malmouth? Worth the purchase? How’s the Inquisitor? I feel like the world of Grim Dawn could use a good Inquisiting.


I’m loving both the Inquisitor and the Necromancer. The two new classes alone are worth getting the expansion for. As for the actual Act V, opinions aren’t as positive upthread. I haven’t really made it through enough of Act V to form an opinion.


Yeah, the classes are cool, the zones IMO meh (I’ve only gotten partway in though). Cabalist (Necromancer + Occultist) is a lot of fun. Talk about fire and forget…


The class I would want to try next time with my Necro is Necro + Shaman = Ritualist. Why? Because I noticed when playing my Necro is that the class is really good at two things: damage using 2 handed weapons, and pets. And that’s exactly what Shamans are good at as well: 2 handed weapons and pets. Before Necros came around, the two pet classes used to be Shamans and Occultists, so I’d love to try the Necro with each of those eventually, see which one ends up with the stronger combination.


Agreed with what others said on Malmouth, classes are a nice addition. The zones though? Some I enjoyed but others I hated and felt detracted from the game. The huge difficulty spike at the end I also felt annoyed with. I would buy it again just for the classes.

Should finish Malmouth this weekend. Just hit 65 which unlocked a whole equipment update (every piece upgraded except pants and amulet). Resulted in a huge damage/armor increase.


Add another vote for the expansion just for the classes. I felt on the positive side of neutral about the areas in AoM (after a significant boost to poison/acid/aether resistance) but nothing really stood out as exceptional. It was just some solid extra gaming to extend your time with your favorite class. Note, though, that I got the expansion for free with my Kickstarter level, so whether I’d have paid for it, considering my backlog, I can’t be sure. But I’m happy I have it, if that helps.


This morning my dual pistol wielding Purifier reached that place in Act 2 where you’re supposed to cross the bridge, but the bridge has been taken out, so you have to go around. That’s the first area where you start fighting the Undead in major numbers.

It felt good to just stand there and hold my ground, and press the Right Trigger and shoot the shit out of the Undead with my dual pistols (that glow red from being fire imbued) and dual Hot and Cold Runes from my Inquisitor side. Every once in a while my chilling rounds fire off and freeze the enemy I’m shooting at, and other times a volley spread of electric bullets fire off that look so badass. This game does this so well, it has all these abilities that make it feel so satisfying.


My Purifier reached Level 30 last night, and finished the Arkovian Undercity.

Some of these level 35 boss enemies I’m facing now are starting to be too strong. Probably mostly because they’re 5 levels above me. Lots of deaths on my part against the purple bosses like that. I’m finally being slapped in the face by reality I guess.

I think this is the cross over point. I have to make a decision. So far using the Hot and Cold Rune traps on the ground have been working great against everyone, but against bosses, they don’t do much anymore because I only put two points into each one early on. So if I don’t put more points into them now, they’ll continue to become more worthless as skills. So I have to decide to either keep investing in my guns and shooting, or into the runes.


Purifier is Inquisitor + Demolitionist, right? That’s what I’m playing, and I’m roughly where you’re at (just headed to Fort Ikon now after a binge session yesterday).

I ended up ditching the Frost trap and focused on the Fire one, then invested 5 or so points into the… uh… it’s a buff ability that heals you, in the Inquisitor line. I also dumped some points into the molotov-style grenade that the Demo has, and took the 1-point pick that increases the cooldown but reduces enemy physical damage.

Those combined have helped out my survivability quite a bit: I toss a molotov, slap a trap down and start mowing guys over. I’ve also invested Devotions into the Ghoul for an extra burst of healing when I get low as well as the Bat. The latter was mostly just because I needed it to reach Hydra, but it’s been surprisingly helpful despite me not investing anything into A) Spirit or B) Vitality damage. All of that has come together to give me a solid amount of life-tap as well as the Ghoul low-life trigger. I’ve just now started investing into the Inquisitor seal that provides elemental resists and health regen when you stand in it. It’s too early to tell if that’s a good move or not.


The devotions I used to get to the Hydra were Fiend (with it’s Flame Torrent skill) and Quill (basically additional Elemental damage). Your more defensive choices sound like a better way to go.

I was trying to stay away from Molotov-style grenades and other Demo skills like that because my Pyromancer (Demo + Occultist) already relies heavily on those demo skills, so I wanted to make something different than went mostly towards gun skills instead, and maybe new inquisitor skills.

That’s a good point about the healing inquisitor seal, I haven’t put any points there yet, mostly because I’m out of buttons on the controller for skills, but maybe I’ll give up another skill for that one.


Another potential character I would love to build if there were enough time in the world:

An Infiltrator. It’s a Nightblade + Inquisitor. Nightblade has these dual weilding sword abilities and an aura that’s all about additional piercing and cold damage. They even lower the opponent’s piercing and cold resistance. You could combine that with the Inquisitor’s new Cold Rune, which has the bonus ability of enemies hit with that Rune (trap) to take additional cold and piercing damage. You could be a cold and piercing machine as an Infiltrator!