Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


My pure Nightblade relies heavily on shadow strike for damage. She’s very squishy and has to bounce around a lot to avoid dying. What I like about the Blademaster with all the Soldier skill investments and highter HP pool is that (with the help of a little vampirism) she can go toe to toe with most mobs, even bosses.


I am running a saboteur right now- Nightblade and Demolitionist. What I like about it is the mix of damage types, high single target damage, mobility and AOE disruption. I disrupt the front line, teleport to the back and remove the support units, then take apart the rest. I do have trouble going 1v1 against bosses, but I have the blade shield panic button and, worse comes to worse, I back off and potion.

Very fun build!


Wouldn’t this be a bad thing? A lot of the campaign is level capped, especially on normal. Wouldn’t you end up with some boring levels where you are just going through blues and therefore not earning experience or faction?


Hasn’t been that way for me. Act I scales up to L20ish, although the first parts might be blue. I’ve been through it probably 20 times, though, so the faster I can just blow through it the better.


I was curious if I was missing something so I just went and checked it out myself. Of course it is all luck of the draw, but only two pistols were even close to my current blue’s DPS (with components they would probably be equal). But they lacked in everything else and didn’t support my build.

The yellows in general had less stats than the greens. One yellow had more general stats than the average greens though (it was actually pretty good, but not stats I needed). My main focus isn’t DPS though, so none of them were worth it for me. I need defensive bonuses/resistances and bonuses to fire/elemental/burn damages since that supports the vast majority of skills that I use and I do far more damage with skills than I do weapons. Blues also give skills/skill bonuses which can be really nice.


I understand that. I’ve got pretty high resists across the board without the guns, and most of the abilities I use for damage are all reliant on Main hand damage and off-hand damage. So my primary use for the guns is just plain damage. So 3 properties on each gun is enough for me when it gives me so much more damage.


Black Legion: Welllllll…you aren’t quite what we would call “respected”, per se.

Mark: The %$&* you say!



Well you’ll need that stuff when you get to elite. ;-)


What’s incredibly frustrating is that I can’t find something blue with more than one property I want. There’s some rings available at some vendors that have two properties. Like it might have elemental resistances, and chaos resistance. Great! Sign me up! But then it also has 4 or 5 other properties that are either worthless or irrelevant but a nice bonus I guess. Meanwhile, some of the yellow equipment I have on now has just the three properties I want, and nothing more. So it’s really hard to get rid of. Any potential replacement usually has only two of the three properties I want, and then a bunch of junk. Or more often, it only has one property I love, like Aether resistance or Attack speed or Chaos Resistance, but then all the other properties are junk.

Sort of makes me wish for the first time that I could craft my own equipment, taking out single properties from other blue equipment I have by destroying it, and then combining those properties in my own crafted item. If they think that would be too powerful, they could even restrict it to just three properties maximum, so you can only craft yellow items. It would still kick ass though.


Dusts (or whatever they’re called, from the rep merchants) and crafting components tend to fill those gaps for me.

There’s also Grim Dawn’s Law to consider, which is that you only find great items that are useful for other characters, never the one you’re playing.


Does the weapon comparison tool take all of your abilities into account?


Meanwhile, last night my Purifier (Inquisitor + Demo) was on a cleanup run. I went east of Burrwich to get that sole Devotion shrine in that one bonus area. And then I did bounty tables for the Rovers until I had enough faction to get their big quest that requires me to get a bunch of other stuff for that devotion shrine I’ll be getting to in Act 3 soon past Fort Heron.

So mostly clean up, but pretty satisfying cleanup, now that my dual guns are laying so much waste. I also got to the Thermite Mine in the demolition skill tree, and was using that all night. Oh my god, you guys, Thermite Mines are sooooo weird. It’s like tossing a grenade, I guess. It goes a certain distance, and then it doesn’t activate right away. When it does activate, it glows, and then it starts spewing fire if someone steps on it, but usually enemies move right off it right away.

BUT! You can spam the shit out of it and throw mines everywhere. But there’s an opportunity cost. You see, if you’re throwing mines, you’re not shooting the shit out of things with your guns. And the whole thing with guns is attack speed and attacking people a LOT. So if you’re spending all your time laying mines, you’re not shooting things.

Anyway, it was a good experimental night, as I tried to find the right balance of trying to kill bosses using the help of the Thermite Mines to lower their Fire resist so that my Fire strike shooting would do more damage to them.


I think it takes your primary ability into account. So whatever you have selected under left mousebutton.



Heh. Maybe it’s just me, but I laughed out loud when it gave me the “Junior Explorer” achievement just now.


I changed a few things around for my Ritualist (Necro + Shaman) and things are going pretty well now with respect to my pets living. I took all but one point out of the Blight and dialed down the Briarthorn to like 4 points and dumped points into Shaman to get the Wendigo totem and max it out. That makes an incredible difference. Plus I respecced a few devotion points to get Shephard’s Call for my attack and Twin Fang for the Skeletons and both damage and survivability has gone way up… at least for now!


Really makes you appreciate Diablo’s crafting that allows you to change a stat on all equipment. That was a really good idea by Blizzard.


Progress report: I reached Fort Ikon and this morning, the second portal in Necropolis. Very close to the end now.

I’m thinking of gathering enough armor that I can get rid of the Explorer’s Set that I’m wearing. I’ve gotten one or two pieces that would be much better than what I’m getting with the Explorer’s set. Specifically I’ve found a few chest pieces that will be great, and a couple of helms that would be better. But I still have to find a good replacement for the pants and shoes. Once I find all four pieces, I’ll switch away from Explorer’s set altogether, all at once. Of course, I’m a little reluctant because Explorer’s set has really helped to keep me alive through most of the game. I haven’t found anything else that gives me 30% stun duration reduction, for example, that you get with a full explorer’s set.

Meanwhile, I did enough bounty table stuff to get good with Homestead to the third level, and Black Legion to the second level. It’s the first character I’ve played that got the black legion to the second level, so now I have learned a few recipes I never knew before, like Arcane Spark and a couple of other things. Now I have to decide whether to alienate the Black Legion again by signing on with the Outcasts like I usually do. Or should I shun them and go all in with the Black Legion? Maybe this character can actually get to Honored status (tier 3) with the Black Legion if I fight the Outcasts.

I continue to kick a lot of ass, though I am finding it impossible to find guns that are better than my yellow guns. I have found one candidate that looks decent on paper, even though the damage comparison number claims it’s hugely negative compared to my current guns. I think if I augment it and put the other ingredient on it, then it will finally be a fair apples to apples comparison, and that it might be better than the yellow guns I have. I didn’t want to switch like that though. I wanted to switch when there was a gun SO much better, there would be no doubt.

Of course, I don’t really have problems killing things. I do have problems surviving sometimes. Aether (green stuff) using enemies and Vitality damage and Bleeding damage are all still pretty deadly bosses sometimes.


At level 50, you start getting only two points every time you level up instead of 3. In this build I want soooo many more points!

I want more Vindictive Flame! More Thermite Mine! More Flame-Touched! More Blast Shield!
On the Inquisitor side, I want more Bursting Rounds! More Storm Spread! More Aura of Conviction! More Inquisitor Seal and Arcane Improvement!

This might be the first character where I’m really looking forward to moving through Elite difficulty. I just hope that Elite difficulty itself doesn’t throw cold water on all that.

Still, one thing I like about the expansion is the option to move back and forth between Act 1 on Elite and Act V on Normal. It keeps things fresh.


Do it! As I have said before, I think Elite is the best difficulty, it makes it challenging enough without going overboard (Ultimate). It’s pretty great when you beat a Nemesis, as well, which are really tough, but I have never met one in a confined area and have always been able to run as needed. They make some of the big bosses look easy.

It does force you to really look at your character and think about it through. I had to redo my first character, concentrating on a couple of powerful skills and damage types because I was dying a lot. I was picking whatever sounded cool (which was everything).

Plus I am starting to get revered status in my Elite game. I haven’t ran any table quests. A nice side bonus.

You could do that before couldn’t you?


I really don’t think Elite is sooper hard as long as you pay attention and pop a few potions before certain boss fights. The Loggorhean on Elite is tough, but general questing, not so bad IMO.

Ultimate is more of a slog.