Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)

It’s a design decision that works great for this use case, but it’s actively toxic for a first-time player going through the game in co-op.

“Toxic” seems to be overstating it a little? I think “First-time player, playing through co-op, that is invested in the ARPG story/dialog” is a pretty niche demographic!

Is your friend equally invested in the story? If not, maybe he or she will be cool with you being the one to hand in the quests? I think I remember most of this stuff being stored in your journal as well, but it’s probably the summary and doesn’t include actual dialog.

If you’re both really invested in the story I guess the solution is to run through solo, which I admit isn’t ideal for your situation!

The issue isn’t just story here - remember, Grim Dawn has quests where you can choose different outcomes, like whether an NPC will come to Devil’s Crossing or which NPC from a selection of two or three will come back, with different permanent effects based on your choice.

You’re right, there are a handful of those. I see where you’re coming from!

It’s a totally fair point. I will say that all those decisions are absolutely trivial, so you don’t need to worry about it from an “am I missing out on some content??” perspective. Totally get that it’s annoying from a story/RP perspective.

Some of them were specific merchants that only came back to town with a positive choice, NPCs that only gave out quests if they were back in town, or the choice between two blacksmiths that give different stat boosts based on which one you choose. It seemed like a little more than “just missing out on some content.”

I’ll just add that GD (which I also Kickstarted) is one of my most played games of all time on Steam, well worth diving into, even these many years later. I last played earlier this year, and I think I’ve finally kicked that can enough to permanently move on but, if it still holds up for so many in 2021, you won’t be disappointed.

You may want to consider the DLC if you didn’t get a package that includes everything. There is another tonne of content beyond the base game.

I’ve been waiting forever for this to come to Xbox. I remember backing it on Kickstarter but never played it on PC.

I thought they would port it over once they added their excellent gamepad support. But since it hasn’t happened in the years since then, I really doubt if it’s still coming to Xbox.

I know it seems that way, but from my perspective it’s really not. You’ll have opportunities to use a blacksmith with whatever bonus you want later, and the quests are really just a little chunk of XP/rep with whichever faction.

The merchants are totally irrelevant.

This is all from a gameplay point of view, of course. If you are looking at it more from the perspective of experiencing or RPing your way through the story, then yeah, it’s more consequential. But gameplay-wise, they’re all absolutely trivial.

Is it possible to farm bosses for loot drops? How do I reset a dungeon?

I do not know for sure, but Id assume that you would just kill the boss, loot them, then exit to the main menu and reload from your last waypoint.


And later on there are dungeons that can only be accessed with special keys and will reset every time you leave them(including if you die).

Coolness. Thanks everyone. I’m enjoying my run so far, though on Normal I’ve had zero problems clearing anything in Act I. With my stupid amount of pets I don’t even have to do anything.

I’ve long wished for an ARPG style game that didn’t have gear customization, upgrade trees, or loot explosions. That focused on just the visceral moment-to-moment action, perhaps with more focus on crowd control skill and real-time small-scale tactics. Grim Dawn obviously isn’t that, but it’s also painless enough so far (particularly with the build guide!) that I’m having fun.

Needed a break from New World so I picked up Diablo 2 Resurrected. That crashes every 30 minutes for me so I just loaded Grim Dawn back up to get my arpg fix with a stable game.

Ran Port Valbury with my level 80 Purifier and I forgot how much fun that character is. Even ignoring a dungeon that combines the cramped city maps with aether spots all over it was lots of fiery fun. Picked up lots of blues and purples but no good drops for my build. Oh well, guess I need to level some other characters up!

I forgot how much the danger goes up jumping into the Malmouth act right after beating the main game. I have my Purifier(Demolition + Inquisitor) to level 83 which I think is significantly higher than any previous character I’ve ever run. Towards the end of Epic difficulty drops start to go crazy. I can’t stand to throw away blues or purples I don’t already have but storing all of it that’s dropping is turning into a challenge. I know 3rd party tools exist to help with all of this and it may be time I start playing with those. As always, all these awesome drops are great for characters that aren’t the one I’m currently playing as. Won’t be long and I’ll fall to temptation and start playing one of my alts with the hope of letting them use some of this equipment.

Don’t use the 3rd party tools, they are not easy to use, they’re just a logistical nightmare.

Instead, make a holder character like in the Diablo 2 days. Make one called Boots, and then transfer all the boots from your shared tabs into his or her personal tab. Then make one called Hats. Etc.

I haven’t done this myself yet, but I have tried the Grim Dawn item assistant or whatever, and all that stuff is now lost, I’ll never bother accessing it again.

Thanks for the advice!

Sure feels like the game wants me to level a necromancer. I swear I have enough legendaries now to equip both a summoning necro and a melee necro.

In the Riftbreakers thread Tom mentioned something about how arpgs are better with some kind of context instead of just leveling and loot. I hope if Crate ever does a new one they add a wrinkle like that to it. I feel like they’ve already got everything else nailed with the final form of Grim Dawn.