Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


I don’t think I have any full sets in Grim Dawn (many of the helms have to be crafted), but I have had enough pieces to get worthwhile bonuses. No idea what the new stats are, but I like doing weird skill combos and often find that I get more of what I want/need by mixing and matching.


coop is quite fun in this, lots of potentially great interactions between classes.


I got plenty of sets in Titan Quest. I have the TQ Defiler occasionally help to build some by increasing volume of loot drop from chests. For Grim Dawn, I never managed to get there. Speaking of which, I really should play it again soon.


I leveled up my Demolitionist a little yesterday, and decided to add Occultist to the job title. Which meant that character is going to be a Pyromancer.

There’s not enough freaking hours in the day. I can’t make any progress with any of these characters because I have to go work, visit with my mom & dad, niece & nephew, pick up groceries for my wife’s latest recipe, watch some Designated Survivor. It just gives me enough time with Grim Dawn to make me wish there were a few more hours in the day. And then I wake up after only 4 hours of sleep the next day cursing Grim Dawn. Damn it. This game needs an accelerated mode, like how in Civ games you can make the years go by faster. In Grim Dawn, there should be a more that makes you level up faster.


One piece of equipment that I keep finding all over the place that I still haven’t found a character for is the shield.

I’m still itching to fix that. Maybe make a Soldier that’s Shield based. The big challenge would be to make this a fun character to play. When you’re playing solo, and you’re surviving, that’s not exactly a recipe for interesting play. But if I could make a tank that can survive with the shield, maybe charge with the shield, and have lots of retaliation damage so that things fall down around him, that could be fun to play.

Any idea what would be a good complimentary class to that? The soldier is the only class I can think of that has shield skills and retaliation damage, but I’m probably forgetting some other class that can add different types of retaliation.


Shaman gets Oak Skin which scales your retaliation damage and is just an awesome aura period. If I recall correctly, my porcupine was a Warder (Soldier+Shaman). I’d just wreck everything that tried to bash me, but fighting tough ranged mobs (like several bosses) sucked hard. I’d kill them alright, it’d just take a long time.


One thing my Sorceress was aiming for in the devotion tree was a spell called “Tsunami”. You can get it right away, near the beginning of the game. It doesn’t do much damage, but it was listed as “100% on Attack”, meaning it would trigger constant with whatever spell I assigned it to.

So I finally got the shrine last night that allowed me to get Tsunami. I assigned it to Great Fireball, since that is my left click skill. It was glorious. Each explosion of fire was accompanied by a little refreshing shower for each enemy (no, Tsunami is not an appropriate name for such a mild visual effect). It was great though, why not add some cold damage to each fireball that I’m constantly doing?

And then a few minutes later something changed. The little refreshing shower each fireballed enemy was getting was rarely there. Is it because the fireball was killing them? That wasn’t stopping the shower earlier. So I checked the devotion tree again, and this time it said “Tsunami (35% on Attack)”. What a horrible bait and switch. I looked online, and wikis always listed Tsunami at 35%, but in the game itself on the tree it was 100%, and it acted like it in the beginning too.

Now I wonder if other things on the Devotion tree are also bullshit. There’s a “Cleansing Water” spell that I was thinking of going for that is also supposedly 100% on attack. And it basically is a dispel magic spell. It dispels any beneficial effects on enemies and harmful effects on you and allies. That sounds pretty cool at 100% on Attack. But if I finally get there, and after a few minutes it turns into 50% or something, I’m going to be pissed.


My sorceress got Devestation last night. I don’t know @Gendal, this doesn’t seem all that impressive starting out. With Greater Fireblast I can specifically aim at enemies and target them. With Devestation, I can shower an area with meteors, which is fine for a group of enemies, but it doesn’t last long enough for other enemies to walk into the line of fire if they’re not there when it starts. Also when you’re aiming for one boss, he only gets hit my limited meteors.

Still, it’s good for raining down on a group, I just have to get used to it. Do you then proceed to put more than one point into Devestation? Or raise Fire damage through other skills? I’m thinking raising fire damage through the top-level aura Reckless Power might be better. Or maybe through Overload, since that aura raises elemental power, so both fire and cold will get a boost from that one. And then I’ve still got the flame-touched aura that I can raise, which will increase fire damage for my greater fireblast and for devestation.


I don’t know what you were seeing, but I’ve never seen Tsunami listed as 100% in game. 35% pretty much is pure spamy on your main attack anyway, though. :)


If I had taken a screenshot, I could have shown it to you. But sadly I didn’t have the foresight. But it was always 100% in my game, that’s why I went for it. And it was still 100% when I got it. It just changed after a while.

It does very little damage, so pure spam isn’t that bad in this case, in terms of balance.


You may know this already, but devotion skills level up as long as they’re attached to an active skill. So the damage of your tsunami will increase. Perhaps there’s a bug in the new update where at L1 it has a 100% proc chance or something.


I like that theory! I think it did stop working all the time right around the time when the ability first leveled up, so I think you’re right.


Well, I beat Titan Quest so it’s time for some Grim Dawn! I played before, got a Pyromancer to level 17, but I wasn’t quite feeling it. Starting over with an Arcanist, and already have a lot more fun. Also much easier going as well. So far, that is. Just finished the initial Burial Hill quest, so early days yet.


All the talk in here got me booting up the game again. I have a Nightblade / Shaman in the mid 30s and am really enjoying the game again. Not sure why I put it down in the first place. I really enjoy this character. It’s a melee character with great crowd control and maneuverability, so battles feel surgical. I can go in, lock down my opponents, focus fire the big threats, and then take down everyone else. It feels a bit like a Barbarian from D3 especially with the “jump in, pound a bunch, jump out, recover” approach that seems to work well in hard battles.


You definitely want soldier for a shield-based character, but you are right that it’s not hard to wind up with a build that isn’t all that exciting.

Blitz, for me, is a really fun skill to use. The problem comes when you dash in, then take forever killing anything. If I were going to do a “fun” build and wasn’t worried about surviving at higher difficulty, I’d pair soldier with something much more offensive in nature, so you could blitz in then drop big AoEs and such.


That’s an interesting idea. I wonder how something as diametrically opposed as an Arcanist and Soldier would work together. Have the Soldier part be purely for shield, survivability and blitz, while the Arcanist would do the heavy lifting on the damage.

That might work better than my Sorceress. Combining the Arcanist with Demolition didn’t gain me too much. Most of what I need for being a glass cannon is already available as an Arcanist. And being a glass cannon means being really vulnerable, and that part sucks. So yeah, interesting build idea.


That was my initial reaction, but keep pumping it. You want to max flash freeze then max devastation. It will be your boss crusher. Points in other places yet would just be wasted, so don’t be afraid to respec. It’s cheap.

I didn’t even touch demo until I almost finished veteran and had enough points to make the transition to callindors tempest and blast shield. Blast shield in demo is what enables you to go from a glass cannon to a face tanking monster all the way through elite and well into where I am now in 2nd act ultimate.

Apparently you need the end game agravix relic to turn this build into a monster but frankly I haven’t felt the need for it yet.


Yeah, when I last played, Blast Shield was really good. Demo also has some nice passives & buffs.


I wish the game showed where places were on the map once you’ve been there. Or like in Planescape Torment, let you mark things yourself on the map.

Last night I spent hours trying to find the Steps of Torment again. The place where I used that dungeon key the first time. I finally found the resource I needed to craft another key. I thought it was in the place where you go from the Broken Hill portal back towards Alkovia, down in that dungeon somewhere. I cleared out the whole place and didn’t find it. And then later I got a bounty to go to the Steps of Torment, so I went to that place again and cleared it out, but couldn’t find the Steps of Torment down in that dungeon. I wasted about 4 hours last night looking for this place. Wikia for Grim Dawn wasn’t very helpful when I looked there, but today I finally found a youtube video showing me where it was. On the map it looks like any other part of the broken hills, but once you get close, you can see the entrance. It’s south and east from the broken hills portal. I guess I’ll go there tonight after work.

I guess part of the challenge they’ve built into Grim Dawn is that the bounties are vague in their description. They don’t want you to just go find a place and kill the target. But I still think putting locations on the map wouldn’t hurt that goal. If they’d shown me where the Steps of Torment were on the map, they could still be vague on where the target can be found.


Done the same thing. Best thing to do is use a combination of maps like this and wikis.