Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


Unless something has changed recently, damage has always been very spikey, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


You lose all your equipment when you die, I take it?

In Diablo 2 we always took care to play in multiplayer LAN, and gave permission for a friend to loot our corpse. That way even if we died, we at least got to keep our best stuff (and lost all the stuff in our stash, which was okay). Your friend would then give you back your equipment for a new version of that character.

Since I’m playing Grim Dawn in single player, losing the equipment I’m wearing, and keeping the stuff I keep in the shared stash doesn’t sound as good. The other method gave hardcore Diablo 2 characters a kind of continuity. Even if they’re dead, their equipment lives on and helps the next iteration of that character have an easier time at an earlier level.


Indeed you do lose all your equipment upon death, ,except for the stashed. Well, its certainly its own kind of challenge. I enjoy it, and on normal , and possibly veteran, its doable. Higher levels I don’t know about.

I guess it depends whether you want the added difficulty which should add some spice to the game and adrenaline, or you aren’t interested in that kind of challenges.

But - try it? Its not like something bad will happen if you try it out for a few hours or so, and see how you feel about it?


Grim Dawn’s expansion is out next month.


Hell yes!


Green flames for the win.




Two new masteries? Nice!


Oh, the trailer doesn’t mention this…

It will be priced at a modest $17.99 and comes included in the Loyalist Edition available on our website.



So is this the free expansion that kickstarter backers were given the option to pledge for ?


Wasn’t there an expansion already?


There was technically some kind of “kill monsters” type of mode that might be called an expansion.


not yet…

9-19-2017 2-26-42 PM


I thought the Crucible Mode DLC was the “free” one for backers?


They indicate it comes with their “Loyalist Edition” (sold on their website). There, it states that the Loyalist edition includes “First expansion when released.” That suggests to me that this is the first expansion, which means it should also be available to those that are supposed to get the “free expansion” as part of their backer pledge. I could be wrong, as I don’t actually know, but that’s my interpretation, and I was waiting for an expansion to continue playing. I didn’t think the Crucible DLC was the expansion, as it wasn’t called that.

[Edit] Also this from their Crucible DLC announcement: As a special thank you to those who have been with us at the beginning of Grim Dawn’s journey, everyone who purchased the game through our website prior to/during the Kickstarter (the Kickstarter Campaign ended on May 19, 2012), or through the Kickstarter campaign itself, will receive the DLC for FREE.

So that wasn’t the backer expansion for sure.



The expansion is out!


A couple of new features I hadn’t seen mentioned before:

A New Rogue-Like Dungeon - A fourth Rogue-Like dungeon is coming in a free update, shortly after release, featuring the corrupting presence of the Aetherials and the Chthonians upon the beasts of Cairn.

Reset Your Attributes and Mastery Bar - Find a new type of potion that allows you reset your Attribute Points. Speak to a Spirit Guide to unlearn the Mastery Bar down to one point.


ahh, this is where not paying any attention to the development of the expansion pays off. It just shows up one day!


Those rogue-like dungeons were insanely difficult in the original game. They were auto-leveled enemies to be a few levels above you, IIRC, and none of my characters ever made it through one successfully. So I’m not excited about a new one of those.


Main game is on sale for $7.49. A steal if you are at all interested.