Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


Crafted my first mythical relic, Nemesis, for my Nightblade.

Pretty cool. The pet it summons is no joke.



My Apostate has 8 skeletons and a fiend and I’m loving them. They’ll sure be nerfed, although without them I think I’d be nothing but butter for my opponents. At level 33, I’ve died once to some random mob dropping flaming boulders on me but have a much easier time with the higher level ‘boss’ encounters. I’m dual-wielding pistols, and the range with the pets as distraction is all that keeps me from being toast.


I’m in the same boat here with my Apostate. Resistances make such a huge difference. If you have 0 resistance to a particular attack that a hero or boss mob has, you will have a tough time. I try to keep some yellow/green armor pieces with decent resistance to the various types and go to the locker for them if I get wiped and it’s obvious why. Green Acid or Poison is my bane. Also, you can buy some recipes with vendors like Devil’s Crossing and Rovers to get enhancements/augments for some key resists like Aether and Chaos.

The terrain on my path to Malmouth has been really cool. There is a bog area with huge fallen statues.

I really do wish blues and purples dropped with more frequency and that there was an algorithm to help me with sets and pieces that are under-powered. RNG Goddess has been fickle lately.


What difficulty are you playing at? You get a lot at the higher levels. My shared stashed is almost completely full with blues and as few purples from playing Expert and Ultimate difficulty. Read you can get some purples once your over level 100 in the crucible as well.


Ah maybe that explains it. I’m level 56 normal Veteran doing the expansion material.


I think at that point in the game, I only had one purple which was a drop from the Act IV boss. End of the Malmouth got me another purple, and since moving onto Elite, I have picked up one further purple.

What is a little annoying with the blue drops is that sometimes I’m getting low level blues dropping. That seems wholly inconsistent with what I remember from Titan Quest. I do think soon I need a Grim Dawn vault or something to easily manage what is a largeish shared stash, only because I like to keep one of every blue I acquire. Always tough choices as to which stats I value most when they vary.


I have more blues than I know what to do with and quite a few purples. Played a lotta toons though, a few into the 70s.


I only keep the set pieces and purples, no room for anything else. I have a horrible time keeping it organized though. I really need to spend an hour organizing it, something I really don’t want to do.


Yeah, I’m dual wielding pistols (nice blue ones from my stash), and wearing mostly blue stuff (again, mostly stuff I’ve saved from other characters). With six skeletons and the big ugly dude, and points mostly in Necro with about five in each of the two Inquisitor auto-proc ranged abilities, my strategy is to shoot stuff while my minions die for me. However, I haven’t been as diligent as I should in defense I think because my deaths, to starred mobs, are almost always either insta-gibs or some horrible elemental DoT. I’m just 31, though.

My biggest gripe really is that the loot mostly blows, because I’ve stacked the deck with my really good stuff kept from earlier characters. My own fault, but it’s sort of a bummer to harvest loads of crappy yellows barely worth the space to haul back for sale. I’m nearly at the point where I (like I do in every play through) set the loot filter to greens and up only.


Pretty much my exact build direction at the moment. At 34ish wish three or four deaths, similar instagibs.

What’s the preferred offline stash tool, anyone got any experience with any of the couple around?

Also, how do devotions interact with those auto-proc abilities? Does the devotion rely on the pistol auto-proc first, before rolling its own proc chance? Seems that would be a good way to nerf your devotions…


I did that at about level 20, I was sick of selling all the time. Not really sure what I need money for anyway, besides for the newest stash upgrades. (Am I forgetting something that I need money for?)


I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. You assign the devotion ability to a certain skill, but if the skill you assign it to is something that procs once in a blue moon, but then has a chance to work (for example) 51% of the time, then it will only proc 51% of the time on top of the other skill that procs that you assigned it to.

So that’s why I’ve never tested that. I always assign devotion abilities to stuff that I constantly use all the time.


From previous playthroughs, there is something that always ran me out of money, but I can’t remember what it was either. I think it was recipes maybe?


I think I have all the bought recipes. Isn’t there a witch at the end that sells mystery items? Maybe it was that?


Most of the big cost is for buying the 8 stash tabs but there’s also the cash for the crafting recipes, the cash for respec (depending on how much you do it gets more costly) and the cash for buying all the nice equipment from factions once you get enough reputation with them.


If you attach a devotion skill to word of pain, you will get a good amount of uptime and leveling since it’s a damage aoe.


I don’t remember the faction stuff being worth it. The level requirements are too high for what it is.


Most of the best equipment I bought is from the faction vendors. A couple of them had very specific items from my particular type of characters. So it was worth it for me to grind the faction bounties in order to be able to buy those items.


The augments at max faction level basically give you a set of free resistance boosts for your armor and some minor other stats which are valuable in the late game but the preset gear is mostly mediocre.


Yeah, faction is mostly about the augments as I understand it. The best gear-gear I’ve found is either through drops or occasionally crafted from drop-recipes.