Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


I swear no one reads my posts. ;-)


mild quest chain spoilers

The Fort Ikon witch quest chain will take you there eventually, too.


I haven’t been working on faction at all with this character, and I am wondering how much that is hurting me. I didn’t get the rovers shrine quest, so there is one shrine I am down. Wonder what else I am missing? Level 51 and in the new areas, so It is near impossible to get rover faction at this point because all of that area is dark blue to me.

Speaking of lower level stuff, does the Warden still drop a tainted brain if he is blue? I need one, don’t know where to get it.


Hey I actually know what you’re talking about now!


Well you did describe it better than I did. I do have a key now, so I should go back, I just hate dealing with the aether patches so have no real urge. I find elite difficulty much more fun in general, so I just want to be done with this normal/veteran play through.


New patch out in a couple of weeks. Better controller support, but that’s not what I am happy about. This is:

What this means to you is that the casting behavior of all skills will be updated to be much more responsive. Casting a skill will make the character cast it immediately in the targeted direction rather than forcing the character to run up to the skill’s casting distance.

As an example, let’s say you try to cast the Arcanist’s Callidor’s Tempest. Currently, if you point the cursor far away from your character, your character would run up to the minimum distance that ability can be cast and then actually cast the skill. With the V1.0.3.0 improvements, it won’t matter where your cursor is on the screen. Callidor’s Tempest will cast immediately without any additional movement. A major improvement!


Definitely a welcome improvement!


Have they ever fixed the problem with binding a movement key? (if anyone else does that). It used to be all kinds of wonky, as it was highly variable when it did and didn’t work, and how it interacted with casting. I stopped playing the game because of it, as using mouse for movement is repetitive stress territory for me.


I’m definitely looking forward to better controller support. Grim Dawn is my favorite ARPG despite having to use the mouse, and I gotta tell you, I just hate click click clicking the mouse all the time in any game, but you do it SO MUCH in an ARPG. Being able to play Grim Dawn with a controller would be a dream come true.


Fortunately for my carpal tunnel issues, I find I can mostly play ARPGs with a combination of holding down the mouse button and key-presses on the other hand. I can’t imagine playing such a game with a controller!


It’s why I always bind a force move key in games like this. I actually give up a slot in POE to do it, as they don’t have a direct hotkey for it. Holding down a key is one thing, but holding down a key while you are also moving that same hand around all the time is a recipe for serious injury.


I also use Autohotkey to activate multiple skills in a row with one key press. Another thing I found is that there’s a Loot key binding, unbound by default, which will pick up nearby loot. It is still one object at a time, but tapping the space bar repeatedly with the thumb is easier for me than clicking.


I am going to incorporate this, thanks for the heads up!


The expansion area is starting to become a bit of a slog because I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing. My only active quests are to Find Barrowholm and find something for an undead guy in a dungeon (who I have no idea how to find again). The maps are huge and I think I have found 3 or 4 things now that I haven’t been able to activate. I don’t know if I need faction, to do a quest first, or what. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, but since the map doesn’t show them, I don’t know how I am supposed to find them again, especially since the maps are huge. Really need a better quest log and map.


I haven’t reached the expansion area yet. But I have reached Fort Icon (yesterday). Today I’ve been doing bounties for Death’s Vigil in order to get enough reputation (5000) so that I can get the next level of their quest chain.


In the expansion city area, it IS confusing. I finally made it to the final boss, who is handing me my ass constantly; I can’t get him below 1/2 no matter how hard I try, so I think I need to level more (I’m about 62 or so). I really hate the navigation there.


I don’t love the expansion zones at all, so far. Maybe they’ll get better but I’ve most been busy with new toons in the new classes.


The swamp and the ruined city are, shall we say, somewhat uninspired, at least in my view. The questlines are ok, but there’s way too much annoyance and not enough actual fun. Organic poison-plant turrets? Ugh. Aethereal turret things? Ugh. Swirling balls of aether damage? Ugh. Ugly-ass ruins with obscure pathways that are hard to find? Ugh.

Still, I enjoy it overall.


This is exactly what I’m doing now. I don’t find it a slog, yet, mainly because I clear maps anyway so tend to find everything. I had to up my poison resistance early on in the area because of those plants bombing me, but mixing it up with bounties keeps me from getting annoyed too much. I’ve never gotten a faction to revered (because I end in the level 50s, in past games, disliking high-level play) but I’m going to go for it with my current game since I’m doing AoM anyway. Hoping all that variety keeps it from becoming “ugh.”


I always clear a map as well, but that is not really my problem right now. I have found 2 landmarks and one person, I can’t interact with yet and I don’t know why. Which is not really a problem in that I am sure I will figure it out, my problem is finding these places again. They show on the mini map when close, but since I tend to mostly play on weekends, how am I going to find these place again a week from now without going over the whole map again? While I am enjoying the game, I really don’t feel like backtracking and fighting all these plants again.

Faction is much easier to get to revered if you finish the game and start over on elite. My first character, who wasn’t good enough to make it through Ultimate difficulty, got revered on most of the factions on elite. I also find elite a lot more fun, its the sweet spot for difficulty, you get better drops, and you get the nemesis enemies.