Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


I got a lot of cleanup done today.

This has been a weird run for me. I got unlucky in a lot of ways.

  1. I never became “respected” by the Rovers, which always happens in previous runs, so I never got the quest to get the various items to unlock that one shrine.
  2. I never got any drops for Manticore Eyes, so I was never able to make the Rune I wanted that enhances my pets.
  3. I missed some of the quests by my faction.
  4. Once I did get the missing quests, I still had to do faction bounties in order to get Respected to the final quest.

So yeah, there’s other stuff I’m forgetting too, but basically yesterday and today, I got a lot of backtracking out of the way, finally. Now I’m ready to go deeper into the Necropolis to end the game. Of course, with the expansion this won’t really be the end of the game, which is cool, because the end always felt like a bit of an anticlimax to me.

Hopefully with Ashes of Monmoth they’ve actually got a cutscene ending, like they had a cutscene at the beginning of the game.


I stayed up way too late last night, finishing up the game. Well, the pre-expansion game. It was cool to see that the main game now has a cutscene ending in the style of the intro, which leads the player from the end of the main story to the beginning of the expansion. Before the expansion I used to find the ending so anti-climatic. There should always be some kind of payoff in an ARPG at the end. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate production like in a Blizzard game, but there should be some kind of song and dance number on a budget, at least.

So I was pretty happy to see a cutscene there that actually explained what happened during the final boss fight.

Tonight I’ll finally start the expansion content.


Big patch just hit. I wonder what’s in it. I hope they didn’t nurf my skeletons, I’ve already been having a hell of a time trying to stay alive long enough for my skeletons to kill stuff. Running around is not a great strategy in this game. It’s too easy to get hit by everything.


Here’s the Necro changes, @Rock8man



Finally got Demolitionist unlocked, all my glorious skeleton warriors now have fire weapons!


Nooooooooooooo. Damn it. I should have played faster. I’ve got the skeletons maxed out, as well as their supplemental skills, but they weren’t really all that powerful yet. Now they’ll be weaker.


The nerfbat cometh :(


Sounds like some of the damage got shifted over to Will of the Crypt? Hopefully it’s not too much of a nerf… or you could tell Steam not to update the game!


I am still stuck at the end boss of Monmouth, and really, I’m not sure how to proceed. My attempts at re-balancing my Apostate (Necro/Inquisitor, a bad combo anyhow as I found out) have not worked out totally well, and I think I’m underleveled (at like 64 or whatever) for the final boss in Veteran mode.

I think I have to just grind more levels/gear, before I can finish off this part of the game. Not sure I really want to take this character into Elite/Ultimate though, as really it’s no longer that fun. Might just go back to my Pyromancer.


So just a warning to those that haven’t finished the main campaign yet: If you’re going to respec your character, do so before you finish Act 4. After that, when the expansion starts, the guy who respecs your character goes away, and I have no idea when he’ll be back.

Also, how on earth do I give my skeletons poison and acid resistance? I think I have none, and they pretty much all get wiped constantly in Act 5.


Ulo Keeper of Waters constellation gives both.


There’s one in the first xpac town, Barrowholme or Coven or whatever.


Yeah, I panicked at first, but found the respec person eventually. She also shows up in Monmouth. And, the first two quests in the expansion give you potions to reset attributes and devotions.


I wish I could drink a potion IRL to reset my attributes.

What are opinions on the xpac? I was thinking of trying, again, to get into Grim Dawn (no idea why I haven’t yet, being an ARPG fan, fan of Titan Quest, etc.) and love the idea of Necro…


I love the two new classes. The expansion is worth it just for that.

I just arrived at the expansion area in the game, and I agree with the others that you’d better have your poison and acid resistance maxed out when you get to this part of the game. And have your red resistance up really high too. What is red? I’m pretty sure it’s either vitality resistance or bleeding resistance or Chaos resistance. I’m not sure which one it is that’s getting me.


I figured those bubbling blobs of red were Vitality damage, but not actually sure.


Wine resistance?

edit: and thanks @Rock8man.


Chaos damage.


Pretty sure that the next difficulty still opens up after you beat Act 4, so starting that should give you pretty easy access(it’s just one quest, right?) to the respec guy again too.