Grim Dawn - An ARPG from Crate (ex Iron Lore aka Titan Quest devs)


It’s a respec LADY, people!


If you’re really desperate, you can respec in the Cruicible as well.


I was clearly using “guy” in the gender neutral way. Clearly.


This was my first reaction, too. I knew it was coming, just hoped I’d make it through before the switch since I rely so heavily on my pets. In fact, I think every active skill I have in play has been weakened so it’ll be interesting to see how the game progresses now for my Necro/Inquisitor. I won’t respec.




Ha! Well, I won’t respec because I like sticking with a certain style of play throughout a game. Respect, though, I offer freely.

As it turns out, the adjustments made to my skills haven’t had a noticable negative impact on combat. Nor have they had a positive effect that I can tell. Now heading into Malmouth itself at level 61.


Wow that’s weird, I have no idea how that T got tacked onto the end of that quote/word. I just selected the text and hit quote…


I usually don’t respec my characters either. The only time I do that is if a character is completely getting killed over and over and no longer seems viable. So far that hasn’t happened to any of the characters I’ve made, unlike in Titan’s Quest. Of course, in Titan’s Quest I just stopped playing. So I guess in that case I didn’t respec either.


There’s a new expansion…


iˈnāblər, eˈnāblər

a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.
“he criticized her role as an enabler in her husband’s pathological womanizing”


And a new mastery to go with it… and you can roll a new character that starts at level 40 directly in the DLC content so you can just jump right in :P


And they have ponies that shoot lasers out of their eyes!!!


I finally got to the town in Act 5. I reset some of my devotion tree so that my pets now have 27% poison and acid resist. But the enemies with red fire are still killing me so fast. Again, either Chaos or vitality resist is what I need more of, along with more poison protection for my pets. This act is too hard anyway, the enemies I’m fighting are sometimes 61 or above, and I’m only 56. The enemies I was fighting briefly in Act 1 of Elite difficulty were closer to my level, so I think I’ll go hang out in Elite difficulty for a while, and then come back to Act 5 later when I’m better equipped.


Interesting, I am in the exact same spot and also level 56. I haven’t found the difficultly too bad yet, besides some of the optional bosses that use aether damage. Only have 16% resistant to it, so they kill me quickly. The Nexen Shade killed me about 7 times before I quit.

This is easily my strongest character I have made though. Doesn’t hurt that I have had some good legendary drops. Most things die from a combo of my dot and walking over fire based runes. I really need new guns though. 1 handed guns are extremely rare drops it seems.


One thing I found in the expansion was that I routinely get gear three to five or more levels above me, which isn’t terribly fun, and then their are difficulty spikes which compared to the normal breeze-through difficulty on Veteran for many things makes the game feel really jerky, in a two steps forward, one step back way. I’m not sure the expansion stuff is that well balanced, and I still hate all forms of “turret” bad guys spewing whatever it is they spew.


I agree it isn’t well balanced. At level 57 I am getting green and red enemies, which seems odd. I am still blowing through the trash and heroes, even when they are a few higher levels higher than me, but the purple named bosses are giving me hell. I just went into one of the red vortex things and there were two named bosses level 63. One of them one shot me. They slow me right away so I can’t even try to kite them.

My guess is, they might be a fixed level on normal difficulty, so I might be able to level up and come back to them. Not that I will remember to go back. The catch is, the story line bosses haven’t been that difficult, only the optional ones I am finding impossible.

Just spent a few minutes trying to upgrade relics as well. I think that might help me out a lot, but of course I ran out of money after crafting a bunch of needless stuff (I am trying to get one of each relic).


Oh yeah. It hadn’t even occurred to me that they might be programmed to be 5-7 levels above me, like in the area behind the skeleton keys. That would suck. Hopefully they are at a fixed level, and when I come back from Elite difficulty Act 1, they’ll be easier for me to handle.


I echo a lot of what people are saying now that I’ve gotten to the expansion comment. The plants are annoying and the difficulty is all over the place. However, I’m loving the actual look of these environments. After having spent so much of my Grim Dawn time in the swamps of Act 1, I wasn’t looking forward to more swamp. It looks nothing like Act 1 and is really quite beautiful while still running with the whole grim thing. If they had been able to do that with the original game I don’t think I’d think back so fondly on the TQ environments.


Almost everything on normal has a max level, even the keyed dungeons. The Steps of Torment is easy at level 80 (and pointless). So I think the expansion would be the same.

With my current game, the next big equipment unlock level is 65 as well. That should make everything easier. One of the new blueprints I got tonight was for a level 90 item. I had forgotten the max level was 100 now.


Well, it’s not pointless. One of my quests at Fort Icon is behind the Steps of Torment skeleton key door. I’ve never been able to get that quest off my quest log. If I ever get to level 80 with any of my characters, I guess I’ll get the opportunity to finally finish the quest. Secrets of the Lost. Though reading ahead, it looks like the next two quests in that quest chain also require skeleton keys.