Grimoire Forever

Uhh… yeah.

Does this prove once and for all that Cleve is some kind of parody character?

Cleve is an unknowing self parody and always has been.

The Entity is looks good these days. Does The Entity work out?

I NEED this game!

Methinks Hinterland just got knocked down a peg.

That website has been like that for years, hasn’t it? I seem to remember seeing it a long time ago exactly the same way.

He has multiple times now made minor alterations to that page changing the date to either NOW or REAL SOON NOW, usually with actual dates. Hence the need to update semiannually.

Yeah, remember all his “guaranteed to be out before Wizardry 8” comments? Snicker.

Edit: dang, now I may have to play Wizardry 8 again. Fun game.

He blames the Assburger’s for it.

Mmmmm, TASTY.

Still, I bet he ships before Duke Nukem Forever.

Hellgate: London: Part Two will surely beat both of these to the market!

My money is on the Matrix Online: Reloaded coming out first

I remember this guy… about as self obsessed as ds and takes steroids or something… come back and share your insecurities with us!

You should read his blog, it’s an absolute scream.

He’s as contemptuous of global warming “fags” as any other fringe conservative, even though he too is predicting climatic doom. The reason? Struggle against global warming “appeals to fags” who, unlike people who build vaults and post their brain-case and quadricep measurements on video game forums, “couldn’t handle anything having to do with real life.” Struggle against a new Ice Age, by contrast, is “normal and natural” and also ultra-manly. So that’s what’s obviously coming, because Cleve isn’t a fag. Absolutely not. Nope.

Also, he’s now precognitive because his bloodstream was burned with sodium lye at 18 months of age.

And “flouride” (which must be derived from flour) is a Communist mind control drug.

Clearly your tiny communist brain cannot comprehend the undoubtable scientific facts of earth-devouring sun spots and life-killing magnetic field inversions!

Depending on your perspective, he either really enjoys yanking your chain or he’s batshit nuts. Either way, kind of sad.

Both could certainly be true, but I don’t think there’s any “perspective” where the latter isn’t absolute fact.

Flouride? Hasn’t he seen Dr. Strangelove? That is kind of funny.

He’s managed to garner quite a following of sympathizers over on the RPG Codex forums. Surely a sign of the end times.

No wonder Grimoire is late. He’s writing an operating system for a fallout shelter!

“A complete x86 16 bit real mode multitasking, multiuser terminal system for civil defense that provides for management of inventory, personnel, medical records, calendar, scheduling, maintenance and monitoring of a civil defense shelter”