Grimoire - It has Begun

New website for all you fans.

this isn’t self promotion because I’m not Cleve.

And Cleve’s about to make you his bitch!


Yay! Maybe he’ll finish the game before Wizardry IX is out! :D

Oh, man. Not The Entity.

I like how the fact that Cleve keeps establishing new release dates even though he’s missed a dozen or so previous release dates. The humiliation and abuse doesn’t penetrate Cleve’s aura one whit.

It’s this sort of refusal to learn through repetition that irritates disciples of BF Skinner.

“This beautiful and intriguing character to the right [above in this case] is The Entity. He’s an interdimensional traveler who wanders the multiverse seeking dramatic situations to document and observe. He is drawn to our quest in Grimoire because of the possibilities for conflict and he is capable of helping us in spite of himself in several places in the game. I wrote the dialogue and background story for this character back in 1996 as part of the overall scenario for the game. I created him in Poser in 30 minutes last night and animated him with about 8 frames. He turned out terrific and pretty much exactly as I imagined him. It’s so nice to see the game I envisioned coming together … albeit six years late and still rife with delays.”

He’s beautiful? And am I the only one NOT surprised that it was created in “Poser” in about 30 minutes?

I’ve lived in four different states and changed careers–twice–since Cleve announced Grimoire. You’ll pardon me if I don’t hold my breath.

“The Entity”. Not at all cribbed from, say, Marvel comic’s “The Watcher”. You know, the guy in all of those alternate universe comics: “WHAT IF JEAN GREY HAD LIVED?” (BTW: Had this comic when I was kid. Kinda sad in a financial way that I don’t have it now).

Cleve is a fuckwit. He’s all of Bad Derek Smart with very little of the Good Derek Smart (e.g. single-minded drive to actually put a game on the shelves, regardless of quality, content, etc.)


“Our flagship project at the moment is the fantasy roleplaying adventure Grimoire, planned for a release in both retail and shareware in the Fall of 2002. Since 1997 when our first Grimoire information site appeared on the web, we have received three million unique hits by visitors interested in the game, with more than 500,000 hits from Australia alone.”

This is a fantastic quote from the About section of the site.


I was just about to say the same thing. Waiting eagerly for Fall 2002 to come about. :roll:

I’d just like to second this.

Someone should write “fan” fic, ‘What if Marvel’s Watcher were a little gold baby?’

You mean it’s not Cleve’s homage to the Tom/Mark entity?

That thing looks more like Tom than me.

Yeah, that thing would be a dead ringer for me if I was encephalitic and had hepatitis. And, yes, I had to look up the spelling of both those words.


True, but between the two of us you’re the one with the fancy Harvard degree who lives on the Left Coast and is involved in the theatre. You’re much more likely to be an encepha-hepatitis-alitic. I’m from the God-fearin’ Midwest where we love our wives, children, and farm animals, more or less in that order. About the only kind of homosocial disease I might contract would be Mad Cow disease, and that only because I take a shine to Flossie now and then. No, the Entity’s most certainly not modeled after me. Gary Whitta maybe?

It’s not fat enough.

Tom, the Entity really looks more hydrocephalitic to me, although the bovina stare and the mouth acting as a lasso point for a rope of idiot drool really makes this contest a toss-up. Maybe Dr. Geryk can tie-break this one.

Also, when will you pompus, superior idiots realize that Cleve has been winding you up for years now? You guys are analogous to fatties to Cleve’s Manuel.

Supercalencephalitichepatitisosis -
Even though the sound of it
Is something quite atrocious -
If you say it loud enough
You’ll always sound precocious -

bum diddle diddle bum diddle ay… Nice, Sparky.

Dr. Crypt, the “Cleve has been pulling everyone’s chain for years” theory has been proposed before. Unfortunately, after reports by those who have actually met the Titanium One, he’s perfectly serious.

So either Cleve is so dedicated to the appearance of lunacy that he never drops character, or he is indeed a rare loon. I sort of like the idea of a sane person always acting like a repulsive loon, but at some point, there is no “in” in the in-joke, is there?