Grimoire - It has Begun


Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?



Are you:

  • Down at the bottom of a pit
  • In the blazing sun
  • Both
  • Sh17 b0n3z

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The results of that poll are pretty definitive.


Missing an “r” though.


PC version. :)



Fucking racists again Neanderthals. Pieces of shit. The Man keeping Cleve down.


It woz The Google and Wayback machine what dun it to him.



On the other hand what are the chances Cleve desperately needs a job and since people know who he really is and employers look at stuff - Cleve pulled it down. Not because he was told by “the Man”, but out of necessity. After all, he could have just moved the hosting somewhere else… no big deal.


I think Cleve finally put out a commercial product, Grimoire, had a taste of success with initial sales, and then realized that his crazy views and blog were hurting him.


“I am certain many people can figure out what has happened.”

My guess would be his wife finally got tired of him spending all night and day ranting on the internet and gave him an ultimatum. That is assuming his purported wife exists and he hasn’t just been carrying around three sacks of four in a dress from one bunker to the next.


I hope the powers that be don’t force him to give up his fanny pack.


Notice how he’s playing the victim once again? I see this more and more where the bullies, racists, misogynists, and generally evil people - as soon as someone calls them on their behavior, pull out the victim card. It’s disgusting.


They are victims…

of a world that doesn’t bend over backwards to cater to them.

Actually more victims of ineffective parents followed by ineffective role models.


The Neanderthal racism I am seeing on this thread is making me sick. You guys really put the Homo in Homo Sapiens.

Or is it the Sapiens? I forget. I forget again.


I think basically the dog finally caught the car, and has no idea what to do now.

Putting out Grimoire didn’t make him rich, and it did kind of remove his raison d’etre.


Grimoire 2, clearly. Let the cycle begin anew.


Cleve should do like the Iron Tower dev and use a pseudonym.


Lol. The dude still hasn’t put out the manual he promised a year ago, along with some backer rewards.


In Clevetime™ that’s barely a blink of an eye.