Grimoire - It has Begun


I saw your 20+ year old unreleased video game, also fuck your uncle?


Not at all, my good Jim. Shit/bonerz is the negation of concern, never-ever nothing more. It is accepted to add but a soupçon of contempt, perhaps “also read guts after consuming a rich Indian meal combining both curried mollusks and a caravasa’s load of highly alcoholic mango lassis”.


Notice how a week ago he claimed Valve was the one behind the delay trying to drum up antagony towards them placing himself as the victim? But then he forgets he was squaring them up for blame then talks about all these bug fixes and improvements to pat himself on the back, but forgetting the first excuse he used was it was 100% ready?I have a theory that he is delaying this on purpose to try and and get publicity to drum up curiosity and thus sales in the “no publicity is bad publicity” vein of things. For everything that goes wrong it will be the user’s fault, or some previous contractor he paid almost no money etc. Not all the years of lying and fake work he wasn’t doing. In the end it doesn’t matter. I just hope he doesn’t get the press and attention he craves because it’s yet another goon in the image of tfrump that says have no humanity and be as bad as you want. The bullying loudmouths have had their way with the world as of late, and it’s quite exasperating.


I would have never had heard of this game if it wasn’t for this, very active, thread.


Stealing this.


Does that mean Cleve is orbiting the galaxy at near light speed?


It all makes sense suddenly. What a surprising twist :O


That, or his (Neanderthal) ego is so massive that it distorts space-time. ;)


And yet stusser, I’d say that we Shit/bonerz voters feel that we have always won the poll.



Cleve is fat




I think of present day Cleve looking like this guy from the first season of True Detective:


So hot! I’ll be in my bunk making flowers.


Man, the carrot situation was cringy, but the brass rods…


I actually stopped reading where he sends the letter, but now I have nightmares in my head imagining what happened next. Thank you very much.


Read the whole thing, it’s funny and sweet and cool! There’s a twist ending!

Guts made me physically sick to my stomach, just reading it. Imagining it. Picturing it. Just thinking about it now is enough for a physical reaction.


So, for those of us who are actually interested in the game and can no longer wait for Cleve to release his masterpiece, is there anything out there that’s sufficiently modern and plays like Grimoire? I’ve already tried Lords of Xulima and MMX and I didn’t like Grimrock because of its real time combat. Is there anything else?


Hmmm. The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians is pretty interesting, but combat is both real-time and MMO-inspired (sort of), so not sure if you’ll like it, but it has none of that weird “dance” from Grimrock.

Other than that… I can’t think of anything else, at least not modern/recent.


I actually love this game, but sadly can’t beat the first boss. It’s great though.