Grimoire - It has Begun


Wait, the dancing baby got all waxed up and is running around the universe?



Is that baby rendered using pixel shaders 1.4 or 2.0?


Yeah, those anonymous individuals who congeal out of the shadows when incredulity is high to assure us all that Cleve is for real, and then are never heard from again. Compelling sources for believing that Cleve Blakemore really is what he claims to be: a supernaturally dense cyborg skeleton grafted into the invulnerable frame of an octaroon and flung into a bomb shelter in the middle of the Outback somewhere. You people are such suckers.


After seeing a couple of pictures of Cleve, I certainly can believe the dense part, anyway.


I love that story about Cleve’s titanium bones and the taxi.


Unfortunately for Cleve, the real density is on his shoulders, not in his big mac infested midsection.


Man, me too. My favorite part is this:

“The cab driver checked his rear fender and it was crumpled a good 3
inches, a bit of work for a smash repair. He almost asked me if I had
collision details, then realized I was a man, not a truck and he
decided he’d best just leave the scene if I seemed to be unhurt. They
got back in and sped off.”

Classic - really, a genius humorist. Although the Grimoire joke’s getting a bit long in the tooth now.


I love that I spun it into a year of “dense skull” jokes.


I love that I spun it into a year of “dense skull” jokes.[/quote]

HAH! I had totally forgotten that his ‘Taxi’ story came out as a response to my barbs. That’s so great.


Hey, that reminds me. What ever happened to Lucian J. Wischik and Hong Ooi? I miss those cats.

edit: Or Krud! What happened to Krud? I miss the ol’ Commander. I do not, however, miss eep or Old Salt.


The racist part of his stand up routine was never fresh.


Man, those links are superb. Great memories from USENET days gone by. It’s STILL entertaining to read that stuff. Those were the days…



Lucian and Hong Ooi occasionally post on csipg.rpg. Krud showed up exactly once in the last couple of years, to let us know that KotOR is a good game. Okay, so we already knew that…

Old Salt is still policing war-historical, and eep2 either infests groups I don’t read or he has finally moved out of his parents’ basement.


LOL those links.



Last I heard Krud was semi-retired at an early age and was dabbling at being a day trader, so I think that more or less replaced his gaming – playing with real money at day trading has got to make computer games seem a bit tame. That was when the stocks were on the upswing still. Don’t know if he got hurt by the downturn.


I combined my two favorite ex-Qt3ers to make a little something for my Christmas tree this year:

“God rest ye merry gently-touched…”


Wow! Sparky is ON in this topic!


entity_derek ornaments. Who would’ve thought?!




All that has begun must come to an end. Grimoire is officially finished. It’s listed in the Greenlight program of our favourite quasi-monopolist.

Probably a sign of the apocalypse. Maybe not only Cleve’s development work ends …


Epic thread necro is epic