Grindhouse. Rodriguez. Tarantino.


Looks awesome.


sweet mother of god.

Shit hot!

Fuck yeah.

That… looks… horrible.

Rodriguez may hang out with Tarantino, but he’s not Tarantino. What makes Tarantino, Tarantino is the combination of his unique visual style and witty, gritty dialogue.

Rodriguez apes both. IMHO, his cartoony approach to action has only worked well once - Sin City. His one area of consistency: horrible dialogue.

Mark my words, Grindhouse is going to be a lamer version of From Dusk 'till Dawn.

I’m gonna call MACHETE to get that STICK outa yer ASS, boy.

You’re probably right, and it’s probably going to make a ton of money.

Tarantino created and owns the “artsploitation” market, and the great thing about making high budget cheese is you’re basically critic proof. Those who hate it just don’t “get it.”

Did I just see Rose McGowan with a .50 cal for a fucking leg? Holy what the fucking fuck?

From Dusk til Dawn is easily one of my favorite movies.

Desperado? Awesome.

Sin City was mostly fan-tastic, but was very uneven. Good luck trying to commit that comic book to the screen. That he was at all successful is a testimonial to how good he is.

Why? None of their previous movies have done huge box office. The Kill Bill movies did about $60-$70 million each (with a budget of about $60 million), as did SinCity ($40 million). That probably covered costs for both, but not a lot more than that. (They do, however, probably sell well on DVD.)

And I’m going to go out on a limb and say fewer “art” people share their love of grindhouse movies. Though it might be interesting to see, I’m not sure I want to see a superbly produced exploitation movie. Part of their appeal is their high cheese factor, low budgets, and general level of incompetence.

I’m not sure how tight the panties are around here, but maybe y’all missed the motherfucking badass named MACHETE slapping a CHAINGUN on a motorcycle and flying a hundred feet in the air over what must be a nuclear explosion while screaming and shooting bad guys to hell!!!


That was the worst part of the trailer.

You are in-fabulo-sane. That was the coolest shit I ever saw in my life.

I can’t stop laughing. Even THINKING about it makes me laugh.

The only thing missing is a thousand robot dinosaurs following behind him, with pirates and ninjas on their backs.

Tits, zombies and dismemberment - what’s not to love?

Sure it looked stupid, but stupid fun is still fun.

Danny Trejo firing a motorcycle-mounted chaingun as he’s flying through fire is, in fact, awesome. If you don’t agree, you’re disqualified from movies.

It looks awesome. And “witty, gritty dialogue” Tarantino wrote “From Dusk 'till Dawn”, so your ‘horrible dialogue’ line doesnt fit so great.

If you could have moving pictures as tattoos, this movie would be on my forehead, forever. And I havent even SEEN it yet.

Reasonable people can and do disagree.

That said, I’m looking forward to the rave reviews from you each once this “film” does appear in theatres.

I dont review movies I like, I just point at them and say ‘sooo awesome’

If it stinks I’ll review it, but based on that trailer…:

‘sooo awesome…’