Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Did he ever finish his ACW game?


I don’t know if he has had a title released since Guns of August. He was the person that did the old From Sumpter to Appomattox right?


Has anyone picked up the version of Up Front sold by wargamevault?


Piercing Fortress Europa is one of his. Not sure what he’s working on right now.


This one?


Yeah PFE is actually pretty good as well.


Yes he was.


Expensive but tempting, I loved Up Front in grad school. Luckily my lack of a wargaming friend will save me money.


Up Front was a great game to play. LIke Madmarcus,I lack any one to play this sort of thing with, but back in the day I loved the rather elegant card system.


I did. I have it in the garage. Still haven’t played it. Cards look good but beyond that I cant say. I bought it just in case it disappeared again. Happily that does not look likely.


Gettysburg: The Tide Turns:

Um, it feels like I’m just moving chits around. And it feels like a lot of animation busyness each turn. Not really grabbing me. I wouldn’t have purchased this if I hadn’t kickstarted it on Shenandoah’s reputation. Oh well, no big deal.

At least it never crashed in the first 11 turns.


Since this is the grognard thread I thought I would post a link to this here. Last video of the four-part series.


Brother Against Brother is on sale at Matrix until the 23rd. Half off so it’s $24.99.


Pasting a link would’ve killed ya? ;)

Looks neat!


A true Grognard has the Matrix site bookmarked! :)


Yes, because a true Grognard is all about extra, unnecessary clicks and outdated interfaces. ;)


But isn’t that true?




How many rivets are there in that link?


Oh, dude, you have no idea…,000.Sanctus.Reach.-.Legacy.of.the.Weirdboy