Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Yup I played CoH, I liked it fine. As @moss_icon says though Old School Tactical really is pretty great, highly reccomended and the next logical step from CoH. Be aware though its a big board which is not modular, so plan accordingly. I also like LockNLoad a lot. I bounced hard out of Band of Brothers, too bland for me. Oh and Heroes of Normandie is a hoot as well.


I ended up picking up Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal and played through the first two missions solo today. Really enjoying it so far! I especially love the asymmetry between the US and Japanese sides. The game also includes a bushido mechanic which encourages the Japanese player to charge in to combat more. Also, the production values are amazing, especially for a wargame.


Is this a tabletop or digital game?


Tabletop. Although there are digital versions of CoH, LockNLoad & Heroes of Normandie.


I have all of those. I was hoping this was something new.


Have you played the solo expansion for the original CoH?
It’s even better than playing the normal game solo (which works well, though).


I told my boss I have a very important meeting Monday lunchtime.

The reality is we are going to try a 4 player game of Conflict of Heroes (2nd ed., Mission 10) before our regular boardgame group evening. Can’t wait!

Don’t tell my boss, thanks.

Have the Solo expansion too, it really is great.


I do wish people would specify. From a non-board game person, this thread has gotten quite confusing.


Well to be fair, cpugeek13 did specify.


Speaking of Conflict of Heroes (tabletop), looks like the new Storm of Steel 2nd ed. will have an updated ruleset that gets rid of AP and CAP tracks (source).

We are finishing the Storms of Steel rules at this time. (Just took a break from working on them.
I will be posting them to get everyone’s opinions and inputs. The new rules version will bring a lot more FoW to the game and also allows players to take actions with any fresh unit. There will not be AP or CAP tracks.

Don’t know how I feel about this yet. Sounds like they are removing what makes this game unique.


It seems to me they are implementing the system form the solo expansion? It works well enough.


That’s basically how the digital version works as well.


Would any of you grogs be interested in playing a game of Lee Brimmicombe-Wood’s Nightfighter on the forum? It’s a fairly simple game from a groggy standpoint, and is ideal for multiplayer forum gaming because each player can control a single nightfighter and I can do the GM stuff behind the scenes. There is no hidden information between the players, so you could all post your orders in the thread and I could post the results of each turn. I think it would be fun. If you do, too, post here. I think three players would work.


Nightfighter (boardgame) - forum game thread

Bruce, I own the game, but I don’t recall if I’ve even played it! How much time do you think would be involved? This time of year I’m pretty busy, and I’ll be traveling for the last week of the month, so I’m not sure I’m the ideal candidate. But I might be interested if the time commitment isn’t too great, and if my travel doesn’t interfere with things.


Once you grok the rules, turns take about five minutes including the time you take to type them. I would post pics of the map, meaning you wouldn’t need to set anything up. You would just look at the board position, and say, “ok, I go forward three, turn left, forward two, turn left, fire at spotted contact #6.”

I played with a referee via VASSAL and it took me longer to download the file, open it, click through it to see what happened, and save/send the file back than it took to do the move. If you know the rules and have a web browser, you can do the moves from the forum posts. But no need to rush - I figure the game could be done at a relaxed pace, with breaks when necessary. My goal is just to share it with people who might not otherwise play it.


OK, in that case, I’m game! I’ve dug out the rules; I’ll start reading them this evening. They don’t look too long, so I imagine I’ll be ready shortly.


Great! I have another player confirmed as well, so if there is a third person in this thread or in this board who wants in, just post.


I would like to play. I got Lee’a other game, Bomber Command, that came out around the time Nightfighter and I am interested in what Nightfighter has to offer.

Tom Mc


Cool! It will be you, @Spock, and my friend Jeff who ran my VASSAL game. I will get him to confirm in this thread.

I was thinking of some combination of the possibilities for scenario 5. Each person would run one single-seat fighter.


Sounds great! I’ve now read the rules through the section on ground radar, and I’ve found them straightforward so far. I’ll read the rest tomorrow. And scenario 5 sounds perfect – one fighter per player. I’m looking forward to this!