Grognard Wargamer Thread!


OK, thanks. My concern is that it doesn’t look like you make a lot of decisions other than picking your bomber crews and flight path. The game plays the rest for you from what I saw in a Youtube video.


A fun little afternoon playing Chain of Command, which is a pretty neat streamlined set of miniatures rules. Even someone like I, who’s not played a physical war game was able to pick up in a few phases.

An awful lot of die rolling for the hit and damage phases, but a lot of clever little design features meant quite a bit of tactical nous is required, and it moves fast at a platoon and attached tank scale.

(My Churchill in the back did bad things to the German infantry trying to break out of the house.)


My collection begins again. Copy of Gulf Strike arrived today. I remember first seeing it as a kid and thinking it had to be the coolest thing ever.


Oh, my, Gulf Strike! I loved that thing. I too thought it was the bee’s knees. As well as the “Fleet” games from Victory Games; so much Cold War air/naval war goodness!


At one point I had the sixth, 2nd, and 7th fleet games. Might try picking them up again. Apparently there is a yahoo group still into it, updating things:


I passed on A Wing and a Prayer and bought the last copy of B-17 Flying Fortress Leader at Amazon. It looks more operational with more decisions to make and it got some good thumbs up reviews on Youtube. Should be here Tuesday.


Excellent! Love to see some Chain of Command getting played, nice terrain as well btw!

@vyshka I have all the Fleet games. I would start with 2nd Fleet. It remains probably the tightest and freshest of them imho. Plus I think it had the biggest print run so it is readily available.


It warms my heart to read today’s posts by @vyshka and @PreachyPreach


@Brooski, any idea on where Nuts! and Mark Herman are at with the Pacific War remake?

I was making a list of my original collection the other day, and though I’m sure I don’t remember everything it probably wouldn’t be too bad to get most of it back together.


Think I need to get one of these.


I’m not sure I ever had physical copies of any of the Fleet games, but I did have this:


I exchanged some emails with Mark about it. My guess is that he has other stuff going on, plus playtesting is difficult without a completed VASSAL module, which sounds like it isn’t complete because the map and counter changes aren’t complete.


Let me know what you think. I put it away because of the horrible rulebook.


For 1/2" counters I strongly suggest the 2mm clipper instead. 2.5mm gives you these really rounded corners that I think are excessive. I use my 2.5mm clipper for 1" counters only- on the rest I use 2mm. I can post examples sometime.


I concur, the 2mm gives the best results for my taste on 1/2" and 5/6" counters, which make up like 95% of the wargames I play.


Will do. There is a revised rulebook pdf file available from the DVG site here: and from BoardGameGeek here: You need to be registered at the latter site to do the download, but not at the DVG site.


Haha, I feel out of place here, I wasn’t even around for the xth fleet games. I have a lot of wargames but I don’t have anything from the 80s.


Yeah, the updated rulebook isn’t much better from what I recall. Some guy in Boardgamegeek did it because the original was so awful and Dan Verssen picked it up.


I wrote a rant about this literally years ago, reposting it here:

I will note that there have been a number of titles that have done a reasonable job of this in recent years - Order of Battle is a reasonable update of Panzer General, and I think Unity of Command does a good job of exploring “what can a computer bring to a hex game that a boardgame couldn’t reasonably do?”. And both of them have OK (not superb) UIs.


So… I’ve been trying to set up this for a while, and it’s finally done. Having a newborn and thus having really cut off playing time and space helped me pull the trigger.

Basically is a magnetic whiteboard (120x90cm, which just fits two 22x34" maps unless they go together by the long side) and rdoxx counter sleds with an adhesive magnet in the back.

The sleds are a new development and what made me pull the trigger. With 200 sleds per size (I’m getting 1/2" and 5/8" sleds) it’s much more cost and setup effective than counter magnets (which were really hard to find until recently and we would be talking at least about 500 magnets per size to achieve similar stacking capabilities in most circumstances).

There are some limitations that counter magnets wouldn’t have, mostly regarding unit facing. So tactical games very facing dependent are out. But most 2 map operational or strategic stuff should be fine.

If/when we move to a bigger place the system can be expanded to a 4 map holding whiteboard :D