Grognard Wargamer Thread!


The CO2 interface isn’t that bad. You can just have the windows you want open on the left hand side and forget about it. The gameplay is still excellent and I’ve happily sunk dozens of hours into it without any issue.


I played the original Command Ops and some of the add-ons, and was intrigued for a while. Overall I never realy got into it, though. I thought I’d really be up for that sort of really in-depth operational treatment of battles, but in the end, it wore me out more than entertained me. Sort of like C:MANO.


Everybody likes these “real time” tm wargames, until they have to play them. Then they decide they’re more of a chore than they were counting on. Yet still wargamers clamor for more. (Although I think the “market” has finally realized that the RT interest is largely illusory).


Yeah, if it isn’t turn based, I am not interested. As well, RT makes for a horrible MP experience.


If you have not played Empire of the Sun, you need to. Play against the Erasmus solo bot if you have no opponents. Seriously, if you don’t you will be sorry on your deathbed.


Rather morbid this evening…


GMT has a P 500 for a mounted Catalyst map and a deeper box for $33 if anyone is interested.


Legion Wargames just released Nemesis:

Shipping now. Fantastic looking Operational scale title by Kim Kanger (of Dien Bien Phu and Tonkin fame).

I’m still trying to get fidelity from Legion regarding the timing of a Vassal module release. MTF…


Mine arrives tomorrow!!!






Proof of Life. “Peanut” is pleased. So is Madame Peanut.


Managed to get another turn in of our cataclysm yesterday. There’s two more left and things are looking very grim. The US and UK failed an alliance roll at the beginning of the turn and it shaped the war- the UK actually briefly took over most of Germany but lost two fighters and two armies doing it, though the German air force got attrited quite heavily by me. A communist coup got me Denmark and i decided to put an army there to try to invade Germany but it didn’t work out and he got me(also after I put my fighters in Mongolia to threaten the Japanese presence in China).

The Axis are in a good situation but a lot of things can happen in two years. US is at very low stability but I think they really have to try the alliance again to keep this game close.

A lot of crazy stuff happened- the initial surprise attack on the USSR gleaned… Romania and never entered Soviet territory. Tank armies are super important.


Re: Kursk - Battle at Prochorovka from Yobo War Games

Well, this was on sale in the Steam sale, so I picked it up. Sadly, no bueno. The game might be fine, but the interface needs serious work. You can’t zoom the map, and there’s no minimap, so it’s impossible to get a sense of the overall situation. Once you’ve clicked a defender, you can’t un-select it, you have to attack it. And it claims to have three scenarios, but no matter which one you pick, it always starts the same one. Refunded.

Maybe I’ll try it again if he updates it.


Been reading the rules today. While I love the footprint and components I have to say, the rules are really awkward for such a small ruleset. Each element has several special cases and so far at least, the rules dont “flow” for want of a better word. Feels very stop/start. A mixed beginning but we shall see how it actually plays.


I’ll likely await the Vassal mod to begin trying it out. I expected some Berg-ian principles in the rules given the quirkiness of the theater…you gotta have if/or/but chrome. But it’s too slim to really full-Berg. So far, in their small size (yet complexity) the rules remind me of Frank Chadwick’s Race to Tunis and Bloody Kasserine games. Hopefully the replay value will be similar to those.


Ayup. I may get this one to the table this week so I will post thoughts.


Cataclysm game ended, a bit anticlimactically. It’s still a hella random game- the Axis were in control the whole way and basically all of the possibilities of the Allies making the points back vanished with some bad rolls and bad luck- eventually they had to take a huge risk with unstable countries and it ended up biting them in the ass.

Decided to set up CC:E to refresh myself on the mechanics and play through the lopsided scenario of a fallschirmjager detachment punching through a Soviet early-war rifle platoon.


Kim’s rules seem like what it would be like to have Kim sit and explain each step in the sequence of play while sitting at the table. I very much got that feeling from the organization of the Final Gamble rules. As my friend Don said, “It’s all there, and it makes sense. It’s just not how you expect it.”

Er, that would be a very interesting historical subject.