Grognard Wargamer Thread!


I think you’re being tremendously hard on Randy Lein.


Like many things, depends on who is using it. It’s not really an insult though, just a term used to describe a game that is shorter play time, and low rules complexity.


I think it’s a matter of taste. People will generally call games they call too simple by that name. Not that i’m innocent of using that myself, of course.


It’s not an insult on its face, but it can be used as one depending on your perspective. It can either be a name for something you enjoy that you are just denoting as being a simpler game, or something you are being dismissive of as not being “serious.”


An email response on a communication device isn’t too much to ask after a week plus.


All the other responses are spot on. In the context I used it for, it was meant not pejoratively but as one end of a scale. There is a time and place for that kind of game. Heck, I’d play Axis and Allies on the right evening, with the right crowd. But in the discussion around Cataclysm specifically, the game is billed as being simpler, and less time consuming due to it’s unique use of 2 year turns, gaining simplicity not by sacrificing historical grounding or having a game with WW2 chrome bolted on, but by backing the scale in time out. A truly unique approach that had me intrigued just by the fact that they attempted this. And led me to buy it and want to play it.


So, having completely read the rules (only 16 pages)…muddled a few things out and watched some live tweeting of gameplay…I am blown away. The chit pull mechanic as applied here is freaking brilliant. And the supply rules are nuanced but elegantly simple. This looks like a freaking fantastic game…and the replay value looks huge.


Awesome! Looking forward to it!


Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! Looking forward to the next play-by-forum / AAR.


Crap, I gotta do Roman politics this weekend!


Yes you do :)


I saw you responding and was like “Oh, Dammit!” :) Busted.


Is anyone interested in a Grognard Game Box Art Challenge? Like they do with PC games in the thread? I’m thinking Board Wargames. Pipe in here and I’l start a thread and get the ball rolling if anyone is interested.

EDIT: Whatever. I just did it. Enjoy.


I do not like Cataclysm, and am disappointed. However, the now-shipping Skies Above the Reich may be a real sleeper, as long as you are ok playing the Luftwaffe in a solitaire game. That is all for now.


Interesting, while the events around Firebase Illingsworth were occurring in Tay Ninh, the Headhunters of 1/9 Cav were on a CBS Special report doing what they did ISO 1 CAV DIV Ops there… So “unprofessional” looking…


If you’re interested in things like the television coverage of the war, you should read John Laurence’s The Cat From Hue, a fabulous book by a CBS reporter in Vietnam. Heck, he might have been the one doing that story on the 1/9 Cav. The book is at my office so I can’t check. But you should read it.


That’s come my way and I’ve just never read it every time I think about it. I’ll do that. Does it read like Dispatches?


Dispatches is still awesome as well obvs.


Not particularly. It’s more a synthetic account of all the aspects of covering the war, including a lot of the technical stuff involved in shooting film and getting it on the evening news. There’s a lot of good stuff about the differences between, say, officers in the field and the folks back home in Saigon for the “Five O’Clock Follies,” and a lot about Vietnam and the Vietnamese. It’s a very good book.


Done. When I get a break from research Vietnam-reading in a few weeks here, I’ll read it.