Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Anyone interested in a PBEM game of Strategic Command WW II: World at War? We’ll both be newbies. :)


I’ll take you up on that if it works with Proton/WINE.

Update: it does not, or at least does not at present.


It uses PBEM++. You just need a Slitherine account.


So how is the new Strategic Command? It’s rare to find a turn-based treatment of all of WW2. (I have my solitaire World in Flames set up next to me as I type this!)


Proton/Wine means he is wanting to run it on Linux and not Windows.


Strategic Command WW II: War In Europe was excellent, I’ve slathered praise on it in-thread. I haven’t started this one yet, and should later tonight. I expect it’ll at least uphold the standard of the previous title.


The problems I saw: under Proton, I couldn’t even launch the game. The start button in the standard Matrix launcher thing launches a browser pointing to the Steam store page.

Under WINE, I can launch the game, but it gets confused about fullscreen vs. fullscreen with taskbar, and crashes when it tries to show the combat odds popup.

It’s a hard life being a Linux wargamer. Every developer has a custom engine, and none of them work quite right outside of real Windows.


I’m sorry man, I would have enjoyed playing you a game, finally.

My (very brief) first take is that they got the scale right for the globe.

I am not deeply in enough to see if the air and naval combat has been tweaked enough to do the Pacific justice.

I am slightly puzzled that they only have global conflict scenarios; there is no Asia/Pacific only scenario.


Give it a week or so, and we’ll see if I can resist the siren song. It’s not like I don’t have Windows computers I can use, if I have to.


Oh, By the way guys, A Republic of Rome PBF is happening here:


Rather than refund SCWW2WAW, I decided to give it a try on my desktop. I’m glad I did.

It’s a worthwhile addition to the stable of WW2 games. It plays pretty quickly, by dint of going at a rate of one turn per month, so I’m already to late 1941 in my let-the-AI-play-everything-but-Britain game. (If I had to think about the Chinese theater and the Eastern Front, I’d be going a lot more slowly.) I’m countenancing a miniature Operation Torch in early 1942, staging two armored corps (divisions? armored and mechanized units don’t really say how big a unit they represent) and two ordinary corps on Crete to land behind the Afrika Korps, which is currently stalled just over the Egyptian border. It was going pretty badly at first, but I was able to rush a mechanized corps down from the British Isles just in time to stem the tide and allow my battered North African army some time to repair and refit.

The only place I’ve done at all well for myself is at sea, where I eliminated the Regia Marina as a fighting force, and sent Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and a quartet of German heavy cruisers to the bottom of the North Sea. At least one of Bismarck and Tirpitz is still out and about, but Russians sank one in a battle in the Gulf of Finland.

Thanks to some good old British diplomacy, the Americans entered the war in September 1941. We’re coming up on December 7, so we’ll see how Pearl Harbor happens in this universe, if it does at all.


Ready for a PBEM++, @Fishbreath? :)


There aren’t by chance any options to automate the naval game this time around, are there?


Nosiree. It includes the Pacific. Naval is even more important.


This is the sort of game that twenty years ago I would have killed for. Now, I don’t have the patience or desire to play lengthy turn-based wargames any more. I love the idea, but while I can put in hours on something like a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game, or an ARPG, sitting down and fighting WWII turn by turn is something that I’m afraid has, like Elvis, left the building.

I used to play PBEM games, but it was like walking uphill through molasses for me. Sloooooow.


This one is a little more like a sandbox wargame, and there really aren’t that many units to move. Haven’t had much time since I bought it, and I haven’t seen how the Pac war plays out yet, really, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve liked every iteration of these games, though.


I’m diving into Strategic Command: World at War now. I liked War in Europe and though it had been closest to a modern Avalon Hill Third Reich game I had found in recent years. And, I never even used the mod that brings it more in line with the Third Reich game system.


Ok well, I don’t think I’ve made the best decisions. I’m playing the Axis and its May 1940. I don’t think I’m doing terribly in Europe, France is still behind schedule but pushing on. China, however, wow I think I messed that up something fierce.


Thanks for that entertaining mini-AAR, @Fishbreath. The game sounds fun. I recall that the AI gave me a good fight in the last iteration of the series, and it sounds like it’s giving you a good game too. I’m sure I’ll buy the game soon.


Long lance torpedoes. Dual weapon gun mounts on destroyers, Surprise. The Zero. Effective morale.
And finally fantastic early leadership. Better night fighting training. Superior torpedo aircraft, a huge advantage in destroyer models.

I stand by my original thesis: The IJN could have won the war.

Not the long war. The war they were fighting though.

(I am sorta surprised I have to convince anyone of this ….perhaps a review of Japanese history is in order?)

Oops sry. I feel like a silly WW2 troll in a thread about board games. I cannot imagine what I am thinking.