Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Not really. Space and time for the most part, but them having a crap reputation stops me from making an impulse purchase on something like the NATO and Third World War remakes.

I was looking forward to that as well. Great game. But yeah, I cant see me rolling the dice with Compass again.

Happily there are several reliable high quality wargames publishers out there to fill the gap.

I should have posted this here instead of the board gaming thread:

I watched that the other day. Very informative. I’ve wanted to play something like Kriegsspeil or something, for years now. I imagine if I joined the Army and went to officer training I’d get the chance, which seems a bit of a commitment to me.

The Two Fat Lardies sell a modern reprint, I think, I’ve been tempted, I have to admit…,

Has anyone seen/heard about Nubia: Egypt’s Black Heirs? It’s another solo game from the designer of White Tribe, R. Madison. Maybe @Brooski is interested? It’s certainly an obscure (good) setting and seems to share the philosophy of White Tribe increasingly against the odds resistance.

I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should jump in on Lock 'n Load Tactical for some time now. They have pretty much everything on sale at the moment, so I figure now might be a good time to jump in.

But…this seems like it’s a series/system that you need go all-in for to get a decent return on investment, as it’s really expensive. Regular prices for the System Rules and Solo Rules alone runs $120 (and that’s before you add in any modules/maps/expansions).

I like tactical level games (Ambush! and Warfighter WW II are two of my favorites), and I do have interest in the full line of WW II base games (Normandy, France, North Africa, Russia, Pacific) as well as the Vietnam game. But, getting it all would be pushing $1000. On the other hand, just the Base Normandy Game (the one I would pick if I chose just 1) and the Rules add up to $130, even at sale prices.

Convince me, one way or another, on whether I should take the plunge…


I bought the Vietnam Game, and it sits sadly in shrink-wrap. So no comment on the game. I bought it because if it is about Vietnam, I buy it (except the Starkweather title-boycotting him and Compass since Fire and Ice…anyhoo). Just didn’t have the time for that one.

Having said that, a logic point could be that if you get that one game on that one theater that is is disconnected from the potential money-pit of WW2 offerings, and you like how it does business, then you could consider expanding to the WW2 candy-store.

Now regarding Vietnam Tactical Combat, purely and simply, this is coming out, and looks intriguing:

Available for preorder 11/09/15

This is a very simplistic book… but oddly it has some nice detail. If you are interested in the basics of ancient warfare – at least one part of it… it isn’t image bad.

I would not consider this book authority … but … it isn’t half bad a listen (on audible)

Hey, Anthem took a long time, too!

It took forever to reach its number.

I couldn’t tell from a quick once-over on the MMP page, but will this have an AI solo player or will it be “play both sides”?



I checked out BGG, but no answers there, so I pinged Pete Bartlett the Marketing and “answer man” at MMP.

Based on it having a Chit Pull mechanic, it should be solo friendly at the very least. It is due to be released after the World Boardaming Championships (next week). So now is the time to get it at 48 bucks.

I’m intrigued because the scale (Fireteam) IMO is the way to go for Vietnam tactical.

You only have to play one side: you can get another person to play the other! :)

Oh how I wish that were true…In a metro area (Eau Claire, WI) with almost 70,000 people, I’ve met exactly 0 other wargamers. Closest would be to hook up with the 1st Minnesota Gaming Group out of Minneapolis and that’s almost 70 miles away.


I like LocknLoad tactical. I dont think you need to go all in to get your fun. I would just get one of the games that are self contained if you have an interest.

Thanks for the sale link! I might pick up a game or two.

Only posting this because I love Wisconsin (true statement).

But watch them just be Euro/Ameritrashers…


Anyway, I hope.

Yeah, got this in response to a Twitter query just now:

Where are the RitV guys? Oshkosh?