Grognard Wargamer Thread!

That sounds very cool indeed!

@sincilbanks I’ve listened to about half of your first video on Enemy Action: Ardennes, and I’m really enjoying it. I own the game and I’ve read the rules, but I’ve yet to play a complete solitaire game. Your video will help me get it on the table. You have a great speaking voice, and you’re very articulate – you’d be a good professor! I look forward to watching more.

Wow, I’m not sure what to say… thank you very much for those kind words…

Much obliged! Also, to contribute my two cents to the great tweezer debate. A post on BGG led me to this pair of lighted tweezers. I like them because they are big – about 7 inches long – and the tongs are almost an inch apart, so they pick up both 3/4-inch and 5/8-inch counters easily. The LED light is a nice feature but I don’t use it as much as I expected. I’m very happy with them.

They appear impossible to get in the UK, I’ve ordered them twice I think from only to have the order cancelled both times…

Ah, sorry to hear that. Well, they’re nice, but not “must-have.” I imagine any pair of large-ish tweezers would work for me.

Actually, I never used tweezers at all until I got this pair. I’d always made the mistake of trying tweezers that are too small, like the ones you use to remove a splinter from a finger. But now I tweeze!

Reposted from the Solitaire Boardgame thread here at Qt3. Scroll part way down this link for a big announcement on GMT solo games:

I didn’t usually bother then I played a lot of Dark Valley and decided I was fed up sending stacks of Soviet infantry divisions scattering over the map like a parachute drop from Phil Barkers WRG WWII Rules…I blagged a pair of electrical ICU tweezers from work and have used them ever since, but they do need to be prised apart to pick up the bigger counters.

I’ve tried again to order those you have spotted we’ll see if we can get this one to stick!

@Ironsight, thanks to the link to the GMT One initiative. Good to hear about that. I stuck around the site to browse what’s on offer, and I ran across Versailles 1919, designed by Mark Herman and Geoff Engelstein. Anyone here tried it?

Also, I’ve never played a game designed by Mark Simonitch. I know @Brooski has done a podcast on Stalingrad '42; I’ll give that a listen. BGG seems to suggest it’s suitable for soo play. But, as I’ve been invading Russia for months in my current play of World in Flames, I might be more interested in a change of conflict, so I’m especially curoius about Simonitch’s The U.S. Civil War. Anyone played that? It looks maybe less suitable for solo play.

While Simonitch’s The US Civil War doesn’t have any solo rules, it’s perfectly suitable for solo play if you are comfortable playing both sides. In fact, the Action Phase rules add some unpredictability—each side rolls a d6 at the beginning of each turn. Whichever side rolls higher goes first and the difference between the die is the number of Action Points each player receives for the turn. And differences of 1 or 4/5 have special rules, including limiting the geography of activations or requiring the Union to attack in Virginia (“On To Richmond!”).

Thanks for the feedback. The US Civil War looks like an interesting design. I have played only a couple strategic-level Civil War games, both on the computer. I like the idea of a board game treatment. Anyway, thanks for the help.

Announcement trailer for Attack at Dawn from Panzer Division Games. Tomislav Čipčić = Brotherhood & Unity.

How are/is there other stuff? Hard to get a feel from this video exactly what sort of vibe they are going for. Though I confess, a company calling itself “Panzer Division Games” doesn’t make me want to jump up and give them money.

RTS? If so, then no thank you, Sir.

Looks like a first for the pooter. He designed the pretty awesome-looking and unique topically Brotherhood and Unity, but the idiot luddites at Compass won’t let a Vassal module emerge.



Panzer Battles Moscow AAR:

The Advanced Squad Leader rulebook is now available in an electronic version, with hyperlinks and all the shizzle. Call it the eASLRB. RB does not stand for “running back.” $60.

Unfortunately it can’t be read in a vehicle in motion. Weird.

fwiw when you next check mmp and discover they have burned down their own website you are correct.

To keep the new site as clean and secure as possible, we are not importing customer information or order history from our old site. After evaluating the data in our previous site and evaluating how it would impact our new site going forward, we decided it would not work to import the old data. One factor was that many customers had challenges with their accounts on our previous site. Not importing that data was the best way to ensure the performance and stability of the new site remains high. All customers will need to create an account on our new site.

tdlr: they wiped your old account because it was convenient for them. Pray they will ship you the games you ordered. Another reason why I dont do the p500 stuff any more.

p.s. I love the way people writing excuse press releases like to throw in “security” a generic excuse for their shoddy work. Like we cant see through that transparent bullshit.

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