Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Well all I have then is the 57mm anti tank gun, used by the British as the 6pdr (although I am not entirely convinced the 6pdr saw action in the BotB) and I don’t remember the film vividly but I don’t remember thinking I saw it “throughout the movie”

I would guess Bazooka, but it’s probably too obvious and wrong.

The bazookas in the movie are korea-vintage super bazookas, not the kind we used in WW2. My best guess is the rifle grenades.

On this point

I’ve got a pin in Bayonetts and Tomahawks until I can play Wilderness War.

On another new game note I do have Jerry White’s Atlantic Chase showing up today.

I’ve also been hearing good things about this and I went ahead with the purchase because Doolittle Raid and Skies Above the Reich are great. I think Jerry has some very clever ideas on how to put rules together and I look forward to seeing how this models hidden information without actually physically hiding that much.

Any chance we get a @tomchick vs @Brooski on Atlantic Chase?

I will be playing this with Bruce in the near future! From trying to watch Jerry White’s videos – they’re a bit slow and too chopped up – I love what he’s doing to model naval operations. The main reason I haven’t bought it is because I’m not convinced it will work very well as a solitaire game. But I intend to find out with Bruce’s copy.


I just received Atlantic Chase today, and currently working through the tutorial book. I like all of Jerry’s previous games, but this one seems like his best so far. It has a touch of genius to it. Thanks to Bruce for the early rec, I was planning on getting it eventually, but didn’t P500 it. It’s getting a lot of positive word of mouth, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out relatively quickly.

I think playing two players would be fascinating.

Usually GMT has a pretty good set of Vassal Modules. I don’t see one for Atlantic Chase. On the physical side there is a mountain of stuff inside this box.

There is no Vassal mod, and I don’t believe there are any plans for it, currently. Jerry White posted something about that to BGG. Sounds like there is a TTS mod (?), I have not looked at that.

Likely a Vassal module down the line, assuming someone puts one together.

I want to get this game, but don’t really have anyone to play it with, or any desire for solo play.

Atlantic Chase looks like something I would have killed for, back in the days when I enjoyed pushing cardboard. I kinda wish I had more that just that vestigial itch :\

The answer to the Wargaming Store question was the 75mm on the Sherman and Chaffee.

Damn it, I was going to say that, but got distracted. It was the “10s of thousands” that clued me in.

Alas I wasn’t the first to answer that 🤏.

Atlantic Chase does look refreshingly interesting. But I think I’ll wait for the second reprint, I assume the known errors shall be fixed in the next print?

Ok, we have OP9: Arctic Calamity set up. Tom is the Allies. Let’s see how it goes.

How I know you are not playing with Tom in person, the can of Coke on the table.

That said, that looks intriguing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Tirpitz sorties and intercepts the Murmansk convoy. Setting up the advanced battleboard.

Haha ur trolled, Murmansk is closed in this scenario—the Arctic convoy is headed to Archangel.

Tirpitz did sortie early, with Admiral Hipper.

Initiative went back and forth a few times and Adm. Tovey’s task force failed to make contact at first, while Tirpitz and Hipper surprised the convoy.

Eventually the Royal Navy brought the Tirpitz to battle, but not before she and the U-boats had inflicted six hits on the convoy. The ensuing battle damaged the Tirpitz, but she and Adm. Hipper managed to escape back to Narvik.

I have a lot of thoughts on this but it’s too late for that tonight.

Nice looking components.

Is this just about PQ17 or are there more scenarios?