Grognard Wargamer Thread!

I would love to play someone at Empire of the Sun, I have the game and have taught myself it, although I’m confident I do not understand all the nuances of the rules. I’m in the UK though so I don’t how that would pan out. I’d also much prefer some quick live sessions rather than PBM, which I’m not really a fan of.

I played another game of Atlantic Chase this weekend.

I really like the game, but the abstract nature of it throws me. I have to remember that any pieces on the board aren’t “real”. We played with a submarine marker and I kept thinking I should try and attack that.

My copy of Atlantic Chase is spread out on my pool table, but I have not been able to make time to even start the tutorials yet.

That is really sad sad news
Jim’s books bought a certain reality to events. You felt you were at the scene, even participating in the naval engagements, he so vividly described. His books and person will be greatly missed.


You’re way ahead of me. Mine is still in the box. So many things to play. :)

Anyone have a line-of-sight laser they like? I saw this Black & Decker one for $15 that looks like it would work, but I’m wondering if something with a smaller footprint might work better? Or maybe one with a narrower line?

Army painter do some specific miniature game ones, not sure how good they are though

Oh, I like that better because it looks like you hold it above the map instead of lying a device on the map. I wonder if counters would block the laser line on the Black & Decker one.

In any case, I found one of those Army Painter ones on Ebay in the US for $14.95 shipped and ordered one. I’ll report back. Thanks!

As an added bonus, your cat will love it!

It’s part of the deeper strategy in the game.

Did the can of Coke spill? That photo gives me anxiety.

Is this some secret grognard thing I don’t know? I ask because I showed a friend a photo of a new table set up I have. There are games, counters, stuff all about. The first thing she says: “Why is there a water bottle on the table?”

It’s really just a boardgame in general thing.

It is also specifically a Tom thing. Having played board games with him, I can positively confirm he is not a fan of beverages on the table with games.

It did not.

That’s a general anxiety in boardgaming, in my opinion mostly a learned precaution by people whose boardgaming predated college and thus found it natural to play board games when drunk. I certainly remember some epic beer spills in my day. But it also dates back to a time (actually, the same time) when you didn’t have the money to replace a damaged game. I still have a copy of War at Sea with tape all over one corner that was put there after the bag I was carrying it in got caught in the spokes of my bike when I was riding it back from my friend Tom’s house (different Tom). I was twelve years old. There was one counter that spilled out of the damaged box that I could never find. It’s probably still on the side of that road. But my paper route money wasn’t going to replace it, so we played the damaged copy with a replacement counter for years.

Note that I will always provide folks with a surface so they have food and drinks at hand! It’s just always a separate surface from where the boardgame is being played. But there are always plenty of nearby side tables and unoccupied chairs laden with beverages, always within easy reach.

I see you started playing unauthorized modded copies of games at an early age.


Out with it, Bruce - what ship was it?

You’re a considerate, yet careful host, Tom. Your hospitality is noted.

Got it, thanks! I’m taking notes…

Boardgaming PsyOps Rule #1: Set an open beer on the gaming table. Talk with your hands and swing your arm over the bottle every now and then.