Grognard Wargamer Thread!

I just got around to reading this. This feels like a fresh take on hidden movement and ISR in a board game. Usually when I see Hidden Movement stuff in a game, I think “Garg, clunky tedium!” but I could see the Fixed-Unfixed-Concealed system lending itself to all sorts of interesting decisions about where and when to take action. You’ll never quite know what’s going on and you’ll being making important decisions with degrees of ambiguity, yet have some control over that ambiguity. Looks like a nice idea with some elegant execution.

I’ve been checking your game as it makes its way through the system, and I hope it does well! I get the sense that it’s most definitely a 2-player minimum type of game, right? I ask because I don’t have local wargamer friends yet, so new purchases/orders have that as a factor. Still working on that.

Well, did you order any p500 games last year? Because you ain’t eligible for no sales unless you did.

Thanks for the kind words. Funny enough for the first time since I set the website up, I had a fatal error with an obsolete plug in I had to delete, which I was informed of by wordpress this am.

Yeah, I’m trying to do something a little different-ISR and each side’s struggle to gain and maintain a Common Operating Picture as a battle in itself, joined at the hip to the combat operations themselves. It’s very Vietnam-appropriate, but I’d argue, with rare exceptions, its pretty much the status of the battlefield from Mediggo to the present day.

I plan to release the Vassal module upon publication so that should alleviate the issue of not being able to find a local opponent. Having said that I think there is some payoff in playing two-handed due precisely to those ISR functions and statuses. However, I think you lose far, far more by not playing an opponent. Two different people making decisions with imperfect information regarding enemy disposition, let alone what the enemy’s operational goals are, exactly, is baked into everything; the way combat is resolved, determining victory, even how long the operation may last.

I ordered games that were p500’ed, so I feel like I should qualify. If not, fine! I didn’t want to buy any more stupid GMT games anyhow!


You prolly qualify. I recommend Holland ‘44! Oh crap, it’s not in stock! Well, how about No Retreat: The Russian Front! Er … ok. Hmm, The Dark Valley? Bleh.

That’s the problem with the GMT sale: pretty much all the good games are out of stock. You’re stuck with stuff like Flying Colors and Cataphract.

They certainly do have a lot of stuff “out of stock.”

But a lot of the COIN games are in stock, if that’s your thing. Gandhi. Labyrinth. Andian Abyss. All Bridges Burning. And Dark Summer was in stock this morning. It’s not a Valley, but it’s close. I’ve been having great fun with the Men of Iron Tri-Pack. Navajo Wars looks pretty fresh to me as well. Fields of Fire Vol 2, maybe, if you don’t have #1. Or maybe Bayonets & Tomahawks or Stalingrad '42?

For sure, and it’s encouraging to see something come out that has a fresh take on an element of wargaming that as you mention, isn’t often modeled with much creativity.

And no worries on the solo options. I don’t mean it as a knock, purely an observation.

Flying Cataphract is great though.

On a serious note the good stuff seems to be gone for me as well…
Oh wait what about GMT Games - Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul ?
I bought it but haven’t been able to play it yet. I like what I’ve seen so far though. Seems to be a ‘Washington’s War’ level of abstraction and CDG system applied to the Conquest of Gaul. It still seems to be in stock and for 50% off that’s $30.

I’ve played Caesar Conquest Gaul a few times: neat, low-complexity game with interactive two-player mechanics. Can finish in 3 hours. Good game to pull out when you’ve spent the weekend playing Stalingrad ‘42 and but don’t want to go all the way down to Leaping Lemmings.

Warning, though: @tomchick’s Most Boring Era of History (TCMBEoH).

Maybe GMT if you had shipped me the new edition of The Russian Campaign that I ordered in 2016 in the last 18 months I could have been eligible for this sale.

You are eligible for one game, even if your ordered game hasn’t shipped, as long as you’re in the system.

I was just chatting with someone about the The Russian Campaign the other day, and I said, “Oh, I’ll just wait for the new version to come out of p500.” 5 years? Yikes. There are over 1500 orders, right?

There is no way Tom is going to get Fields of Fire 2. I’d pay good money to see Tom try and get to grips with that system…

Oh, don’t think I didn’t already consider it! A while ago, actually. But @Brooski waved me off.


I would like Tom to pick up Fields of Fire and then record a series of tutorial and playthrough videos.

Thanks in advance.

Fields of Fire is best learned from videos that are out there already. The rulebook is okay, but it sucks for learning the game.

I’ve heard (an unconfirmed rumor) that the latest version of the rulebook is improved over earlier versions. I’ve watched segments of some YT videos that have helped me get a general understanding of what’s going on, and that does feel like a pretty good place to start.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. It will give me something to do while Tom is recording the videos!

Tried Fields of Fire a few times over the years…the IDEA of it is great…learning it…UGH.

Especially since the 2nd edition’s example of play was taken from the 1st edition. Oops!

I’m hoping he does them in his fox persona again.