Grognard Wargamer Thread!

This reminds me I have Atlantic Chase. That one has a couple Bismarck scenarios. At least one operational and one mini battle scenario.

This does look pretty unique. I’m not super confident I’d enjoy it, but I’d be interested in hearing impressions.

Looking at the screenshots, it looks as if it’s a one-use type of game?

It’s a roll-and-write, so it comes with a pad of paper. Basically, you get several copies of that sheet.

There are a whole bunch of these on Amazon. When @Brooski showed me that, I found other wargaming roll-and-writes using the same format, mostly done by two guys. This Bismarck game was made by three guys who haven’t done anything else available on Amazon. But the other World War II roll-and-writes seem to be the done by one of two guys.

A fellow named Gary Graber has a ton of them, including this one about torpedo bombers that uses a deck of playing cards instead of dice:

Here’s a guy named Noah Patterson with an obligatory D-Day entry:

He’s also got a Battle of the Bulge roll-and-write, natch.

If someone else hasn’t bitten the bullet on some of these by year’s end, I’ll definitely investigate further when I have more time. I’m super intrigued by this concept.


Just FYI, Gary Graber has done a ton of solitaire games, some better than others, including the fantastic Barbarossa Campaign previously published by Victory Point Games. I have no idea whether his roll-and-writes are any good, though.

Not sure what up with the credits here: Grant Wylie and Mike Wylie are the guys behind Worthington Publishing. They also do The Player’s Aid.

Not sure why their names are listed like that.

Heh, a whole new world of game types I didn’t know existed 24 hours ago. Thanks for the info!

Some of those paperback versions are affordable enough that I’m tempted to give one a shot.

Gonna take another shot at Absolut War today (against the same opponent as last time but this time at my house). This is a game that may very well do the thing that is almost impossible to do which is in @tomchick’s parlance, “obsolete” another game.

You may want to examine the CRT for this game, which is quite different for the Germans and Soviets, but the game never explains this. Instead, some guy had to calculate it.

I’m very curious to hear how you find it plays. I’ve been thinking that it’s quite different from No Retreat, and that the two systems can stand well beside each other. But I’ve yet to get Absolute War to the table.

Color me also intrigued as to your take on Absolute War. I’ve only started a first go-round after a Thanksgiving solo affair with VPG’s The Barbarossa Campaign.

Tuppence from an ignorant dilettante: Less math than No Retreat, already enjoying the card-driven CRT (and your charts were a godsend, @Brooski). Delighted that Carl Paradis has kept the Red Army progression system in place, but trying to see how much the Soviets ape historical precedent and launch counter-attacks sans counter-blow markers or Ted Racier’s chits. Expect the Offensive cards to play this role, but we shall see.

Well my new local opponent was supposed to come over today so we could give Conflict of Heroes a go. His good lady tests positive on Tuesday and we have to call it off… boooo! (But the only sensible option)

Enemy Action Ardennes is back on the table as I grapple with the AI again after nearly a year away from it…

It sounds like the change to area movement didn’t really throw things off. How does the geography feel. I imagine the way the armies move around the map feel right?

I was just going to put this out on the table but my copy of Assassin’s Creed showed up…and with that a campaign game, it might be on there awhile…kind of a relief as I have been dreading learning Ardennes.

Damn…that sucks. I had emails back and forth with Mr. Dean over the years about a few of his games. Always nice and helpful…and his games were very unique. RIP.

I saw the news on Twitter yesterday. Sad. I didn’t know him, but I was just poking around on the site a couple of weeks ago.

It’s finicky for sure, largely because the AI is relatively complicated and then there are a bunch of exceptions to the basic rules based on the day of the campaign and keeping it all in your head can be a challenge. The player aids and the card layout etc are very good though and that definitely helps…

The AI does give you an excellent scrap though (at least in the German Solo games I have played so far) so I would say it’s worth the time to invest in it…

Seconded. Game is really outstanding.

Terrible news. Always found him to be a good dude.

Oh no, he was such a good dude. RIP sir.

He was a good man. Rest in peace, Chris.