Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Wow, you’ve been busy! I think it’s about time I try to play that Last Hundred Yards (Vol. 2) that I have.

And yeah, Noble Knight is not shy in pricing out-of-print stuff.

Necro’ing the Gunner Heat PC sub-chat, I recently started chucking a few quid on for the Patreon which gets me access to the vertical slice they’re developing, and they’re on track for hitting that old Microprose sweet spot between grognard level detail and actually being enjoyable to play; not sure where it will end up, but the basic systems in place feel are a really robust basis. It’s easy enough to pick up the basic principles (everything is deadly, so shoot and scoot) quickly but has surprising amounts of detail in things like the T-72 lasing reticle and the target reticle being offset and obvious differences in the quality of the M60 and M1 thermal sights.

Definitely one to watch - clearly a labour of love and not a thinly downgraded military trainer like Steel Beasts.

I finally have Enemy Action: Ardennes on the table! I’m playing the two-player game first, starting with the one-day intro scenario, which I now have set up. Once I’m comfy with the two-player mechanics, I’ll try the German solo game. So far I’m very impressed with the clean ruleset. The counters are gorgeous, if a bit thin. I’ll start playing in earnest tomorrow.

That one is on my very short list as well. I’d be curious to hear your impressions, as always.

I have EA: Kharkov on the way, and I am so pumped for that. I’ll probably play that before I get back to Ardennes again. I can only hope Khrakov works as well as EA:A does.

They are both on my list to add to the collection. Could probably do a whole shelf of just Butterfield solo games.

He is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. I got a chance to watch him demo the upcoming Downfall game that he is working on for GMT, and listening the guy talk about design and building a game was a treat.

An in-depth look at EA Kharkov: Enemy Action: Kharkov from Compass Games Preview - YouTube

Back in the day I would have jumped at this without a second thought. It does look great, but it also looks overwhelming to me at this point in my career. (sigh)

Finished clipping Into the Woods. I also picked up a couple Shiloh books since I didn’t have anything specific on it. Shiloh - Conquer or Perish by Timothy Smith, and Shiloh and the Western Campaign of 1862 by Cunningham. It looks like there are even a couple scenarios with nice, small maps so I might be able to set up and play those before getting my tables in the garage.

Vol. 2 of The Last Hundred Yards also arrived yesterday. LHY will probably be the first thing I set up and play as I can probably fit a map right here on my desk. Gulf Strike will have to be in vassal for the time being.

and down the dell
the counters are straight
I know them well

Into the woods
And who can tell
What’s waiting in the mission?

@Ironsight Thanks for that link to the Kharkov unboxing. It looks good. Incidentally, the game will have thicker counters that are pre-clipped – rounded corners! I’ve always wondered why more games don’t do this. I have one or two like this; maybe Labyrinth was one?

@vyshka I had no clue a Rule the Waves 3 was in the works, so thanks for that link. I don’t own either of the first two, so now I’m inclined to wait for the new one.

@Zilla_Blitz I had my first play of Enemy Action: Ardennes. I played the two-player game, soloing both sides, with the one-day intro scenario. The Germans have to get 8 VPs to win. I figured the best way was to take the 5-VP hex of Bastogne, so my Germans aimed for that. I thought I’d have no chance, honestly. But the 47th Pz Corps busted through to take Clervaux, and later got another activation that allowed it to seize Bastogne unopposed. It’s possible my Americans missed a chance to place a reserve unit in Bastogne to garrison it.

The Germans took 3 other towns, so they scraped a win with exactly 8 VPs. It was surprisingly close and exciting! And this was just the one-turn intro scenario. An auspicious start. I’m going to learn the German solo rules now and fire up a new solitaire game.

I was surprised when my punched copy of France 1944 DSE arrived from Noble Knight and had the rounded corners. They are nice. I wonder how many countersheets it would take to do that for something like Third World War. :)

@Spock does Ardennes have the rounded corners as well?

@vyshka Nope, the first printing of Enemy Action: Ardennes has square corners that definitely need clipping. Fortunately, there are only 3 small countersheets, so it didn’t take long. The counters are a bit thin for my taste, but they are nice and big, and the colors are wonderful, especially the formation-ID colors.

That unboxing video for Kharkov mentioned that a new printing of Ardennes is in the works. The video implied that the new Ardennes would have the same production quality as Kharkov, so it might be worth waiting for the new Ardennes if you don’t have it yet.

It appears I have let myself in for a 3 day run of Napoleon’s Last Gamble (the updated version of Napoleon’s Last Battles 1970’s original) campaign some time in September in Belgium. 4 of us are going to give it a go and also spend some time going over the battlefields in our downtime.

I set up the Ligny scenario a few days ago and started to learn the rules. Oh my, they are (as you would suspect from the age of the original design) pretty arcane in places but also have some interesting aspects.

The map is gorgeous though and the counters are bang up to date modern printing (but not rounded!)

I think this one is going to take some getting my head around just on the mechanics never mind the overarching strategy surrounding the campaign!

I am going to be massively torn if my Enemy Action Kharkov arrives in the next few weeks though, I suspect NLG will have to take a back seat for a while

Sounds like a solid and promising start! I’m quickly getting to the point where I have a half dozen games I want to play right away. :)

I’m surprised they haven’t been refined over the years. There are tons of those Zucker games now. Sounds like an awesome trip though. I hope you have a great time.

They have definitely been improved in some areas (notably graphics) and there are now additional cards which impact play. But yes the basic combat mechanics look to still be pretty much the same.

I couldn’t believe how many of those OSG games there were in the library using that system, definitely going to take some getting used to though!

lmao it happened again

Our secret plan to use video games to undermine potential adversaries is working!

Moe and John Butterfield himself playing the 2 player Enemy Action: Kharkov game here, for those interested.