Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Here’s a documentary about bocage you might find fascinating.

GMT has charged my card for EotS 4th ed. Getting close!

I got that email as well.

Oh, just checked. Me too! That was my first P500 order ever. I remember thinking at the time that I’d be getting it in a few months. So naive.

I’ve been playing a learning (solo) game of Nevsky this week. So far I’m really enjoying the system. Teutons and Rus dead even at the end of the first half of summer.

July, 1240 - Bishop Hermann lays siege to the Russian fort at Izborsk.

With Almoravid and the L&C fest happening recently I was inspired to push around the pieces in Nevsky too. It’s a great game and I am glad to be drawn back into it. The hardest part about soloing it for me was the campaign decks. I had a harder time splitting my thought process with that particular game function. Of course the goal is to ultimately play this opposed.

Yes! I’ve been toying with some ideas for creating decks for solo play. Not a bot system but more of a way to add unpredictability to the order and selection of cards.

I’m going to play a Vassal game soon and am also eager to try it two-player.

Broke out an old classic today: 6th Fleet.

I like the system. It’s not too overly complex. I also like the designers that state: we did for gameplay reasons first (like the detection system).

I’m eagerly awaiting the reprints that are coming from Compass for this series.

Those Fleet games were really nice titles that hit a sweet spot between too much and too little.

I remember this one! I really enjoyed it, and I also remember giving it away at some point.

Glad to hear that there might be a reprint.

Looks like Compass has another print run of Third World War on the way, with the Kickstarter email just being sent out.

A small part of Ardwulf’s stream back on Monday reminded me how I regretted missing the boat way back when it first came out but I have now just ordered GMT’s U.S. Civil War. It does have that beautiful Simonitch map that is right up there with Empire of the Sun. I have For the People but haven’t gotten that one played yet so I was hesitant to get another grand strategy Civil War game but better now then regret when it goes out of print again.

The ACW game from the Strategic Command folks came out a little while ago over at Slitherine/Matrix. Not necessarily my cup of tea but it seems to be getting a decent reception.

Ack…forgot about this…thanks for the post…will be purchasing this one soon.

Still have not installed this but so darn excited…Civil War was my favorite topic as a History major and good word of mouth and more of a strategic than a tactical game is right up my alley. This weekend for sure.

So, not to rain on the parade, I am skeptical of how that Strategic Command engine handles the Civil War. It worked ok for WW2 but that was very different. Now, I haven’t played the game so maybe it’s perfectly fine.

It’s Grigsby week over at Matrix and my favorite grand strategic American Civil War game is on a great sale there.

I also like the Ageod engine Civil War games.

I played ACW: The Road from Fort Sumpter to Appomattox for hours and hours back in the day. The Ageod games were pretty good. Didnt like the Grigsby one myself. Really excited to check rhis out. Downloaded the 278 page manual.

I share your concerns. The screen shot that gives me real pause is this one:

That sort of spread of divisions and formations in general seems really anachronistic and frankly weird.

I always thought Matrix didn’t give it the love it deserved. They had Forge of Freedom coming out at around the same time, and they put a lot more effort into marketing that than Gary’s game.

Empire of the Sun arrived this afternoon. :)

Edit: That is one serious mounted board! I guess maybe that is the norm now for mounted maps, but I haven’t really seen a mounted map since Avalon Hill games in the 80s. Ah, I guess there were some more folds there. Still a really nice map. I’m looking forward to finally playing this.