Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Rumours of Scourge of War’s demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Oh good!

Sounds similar to a few other cases where the developer gets some renewed energy (or the contract with Matrix/Slitherine runs out?) and they start distributing the game elsewhere.

I knew there was a new release coming, but I did not expect the move to Matrix/Slitherine:

That is pretty cool. A very good game with more resources to make it a bit prettier.

You have to respect a game that has assembly instructions.

Nice, got my copy yesterday, not quite sure what to do with it. I think the diameter of the round map makes it too big for any table I own.

Just looked this up on BGG…that big ass map looks so cool. For some reason reminded me of the old PC game “Command HQ”.

That circular map looks fun! WEGO is cool but might make it tough to solo. In any case, I missed the boat on pre-ordering.

Nice! I’ve heard that is tremendous fun in groups.

A game takes quite a while, right?

Yeah. Although 2nd Ed claims to speed up some aspects.

Someone is bringing a digital version of the boardgame War and Peace to Steam:

This looks like the McLaughlin reprint version. Nice…

McLaughlin is working on the project.

Thread discussing it here.

I like these kinds of articles

That is an excellent article. I sent it to my brother-in-law who does not play games but he toured the Normandy battlefields a couple of years ago and I think he would find this interesting. Thanks for posting this

Chase of the Bismarck in the house. First time to play with a Vuca Sims game, the production quality is amazing.

I have a couple of 2-player games lined up to play, really looking forward to this one. Double-blind system is taking me back to the old Midway game from Avalon Hill.

I’m considering trying a solitaire board game. If I’m interested in the Battle of Britain and I do not want to play as the Axis and I want a game that I can obtain by late November, what might you all recommend? Or the Pacific Theater WWII is another option, again playing as the Allies only, please.

Thank you

I would vote for RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940

Also, Skies above Britain is probably shipping mid-October, according to GMT’s latest update.

And one more…
I haven’t played 8th Air Force yet, but I played Save: South Vietnam from the same publisher, and really enjoyed the Vietnam game. Both games use a similar foundational game system. I’ve heard good things about 8th Air Force too.