Grognard Wargamer Thread!


That is a sexy game. Darn. Gotta pick it up from the store this weekend.


Yeah, I hear you. It’s been decades–literally–since I’ve been around anyone who plays board wargames, though. I used to love wargame clubs, from the time I was in my early teens through my second stint in grad school. But for the last twenty years, nada.


I find hex games the most accessible. Which ones do you find most accessible, or find yourself playing the most?

I thought Grigsby’s War in the East would be too much. But I got it on a discount and after playing it in small doses, it’s really very intuitive and easy to play. Just add more “chrome” and detail when desired, as desired. I’m now a big fan.


I don’t play any at the moment. I find stuff like Diablo 3, World of Warships, or things like Prey 2 or Skyrim more to my liking. I still read history stuff, occasionally, but I just don’t have the interest anymore in counter pushing.


Bruce, have you tried the campaign game for ‘Silver Bayonet’ at all? Looks intriguing to me, but I haven’t had a chance to play it out. I have only played this one solitaire, too, so the hidden movement stuff obviously isn’t ideal.


Mike, I have not had the chance to play the campaign in this edition, but Scenario #8 did use campaign rules like hidden movement and helicopters, so I feel like we got a good sense for how that plays. With the campaign game we would have been fighting at Chu Pong Massif as well and had all three brigades engaged - our game was just about the relief of Plei Me. I love how the two sides play so differently- the PAVN able to use the terrain, while the US has so much firepower but struggles to keep contact with the enemy. (Combat Refusal is a b###h.) The battle board system gives the battles a cool tactical feel.

Absolute gem of a game.


As far as hex-pushing goes, I find I’m not as interested in that because it wasn’t how I got my start in wargames. I’m a computer wargamer first, and most interested in the sorts of games that model the world in ways impossible with pen and paper. Command Ops and Hearts of Iron are among my favorites for that reason.


Whoah, out of nowhere - Gettysburg: the Tide Turns is coming out this Thursday! Exactly 4 years after its Kickstarter in July 2013.!


Let’s just say that after seeing the job they did on Battle of the Bulge, which was already done, I’m not too optimistic about this.


I’m not either, but I’ve paid my money for it already anyway, and something is better than the nothing it looked like being for a while.


Oh I supported their Kickstarter as well so I’m in the same boat. Just am very wary.


Bruce you should totally write a review for the front page or Wargamespace (or just tweet about it more?)

I also kickstarted it and my expectations are quite low…


As for KS folks, here’s the email I got:

The development history of Gettysburg: the Tide Turns has been a rollercoaster ride. When Slitherine acquired the rights to complete the game three years ago, our expectations were that we would deliver the game in a matter of months. That turned out to be impossible and we had to re-write huge chunks of the code from scratch, taking 3 years rather than 3 months.

After a long series of challenging events, we are now ready to deliver the PC version of the game. As a backer of the original project, you subscribed to receive a number of rewards, some of which are now impossible to distribute at this point. Nevertheless, we came up with a plan to reward all backers and hopefully make you happy you decided to invest in this game and make it happen.

Because you have invested in the $40.00 USD Tier, you will get:

Gettysburg Digital Edition for PC on Steam
Battle of the Bulge Digital Edition for PC on Steam
Drive on Moscow Digital Edition for PC on Steam

Thank you for your support, and we hope you will enjoy the game!

With Regards,
The Shenandoah and Slitherine Teams

Not too shabby, independent of the quality of the products; I have not played the other two since Slitherine took them over.


The only problem with reviewing it if it is bad is that I will have to play it enough to give it a fair review, which is against my recent policy of not spending one second more with a game I am not enjoying. So let’s hope it’s good!

@TheWombat, when did you get your email? I did the $75 tier and haven’t heard anything.


Got it yesterday, sort of out of the blue. No details or anything about how to get the keys.


That’s an admirably fair policy! I’ll look for an early warning tweet in case it’s bad.

Can’t tell if they are including the other games as an apology or as a way of mitigating everyone’s reception of the finished product.


Historical Gamer is streaming this now before its release tomorrow.

it looks… OK?


I don’t care for the random activation and combat. Why they just didn’t keep the format from Bulge and Moscow where you activated and fought as you wanted with elapsed time being random is a mystery to me.


Random activation is a common mechanism in games where the goal is to degrade command and control. Usually used in pre-modern era conflict to simulate the limited control commanders had over their units.

I’d actually feel like it was more odd to take a system designed for WWII armored ops and just transfer it to ACW.


Reminds me of playing Terrible Swift Sword lo these many years ago, with a group of people and the game set up in some dude’s garage. We had two teams, and we did it so that you could only communicate with the other guys on your team by sending messages, which were moved at the speed of a cavalry unit, roughly, across the map, from leader counter to leader counter. Kind of awkward, but funny as hell.