Grognard Wargamer Thread!


You should be able to jump into the “Road to…” scenarios fairly easily (@Brooski will correct me if I’m wrong). The interface for movement and land combat is pretty straightforward, and the ai can handle the air war.


Oh, I played it a bit, and found it interesting, but I simply do not have the wherewithal these days to play monsters like this. No reflection on the game, really, just me. As I age, my ADHD gets the better of my Asperger’s…


I confess it is an “undertaking”, and I too am much older without the intellectual stamina I used to have. Still, I find the game worthy. Probably the most worthy title(s) Matrix puts out, frankly.


Yeah, the WitE and WitW are amazing works overall. Just not works I think I can fully do justice to.


Speaking of WITE, I noticed that Glantz’s books on Smolensk (kindle editions) are really cheap right now:

About $5 for both.


Great deal!

I also reccomend the Atlas. Not as cheap but makes following the books MUCH easier.


Not a bad price though considering it is a physical book. I’ll have to pick that up.


I’ve tried reading history texts on my Kindle, and it isn’t as good for me as when I read my usual leisure stuff. For one thing, the maps in Kindle editions tend to be unreadable for me–too small, and not zoomable, at least not on my old Paperwhite from some years ago.

Glantz’s stuff is really good for anyone truly into the nitty gritty. I have some of his stuff on my shelf, but these days I don’t find much interest in that level of grog history. My focus for the past few years has been more broad, cultural topics rather than operational stuff. But every once in a while I like to look into that sort of thing.


Thanks for the heads up. Already had volume 1 and just picked up volume 2.


Yeah I tend to read history books on my tablet using the app which is a little bit better, but I wish they would come up with a good solution for maps.


AGEOD’s Civil War II is on sale at Matrix from now until July 30th for $19.99.

Link for those who are not truly Grognards:



I think it was further up in this thread that I posted about my experiences with CW2. Great engine, nice to look at, a little on the easy side unless you let the AI cheat some. It was my first AGEod game, so I was getting to grips with everything at the same time as I was playing, and I still found myself winning the war from both sides by 1863 with the AI set to the hardest non-cheating difficulty.

I’ve been meaning to give To End All Wars a try. Maybe I’ll give that a go soon.


Wonderful, thank you for the notice!


Since the Civil War has come up, what books do people like on the subject? For an overview I enjoyed Mcpherson’s Battlecry of Freedom. Another I’ve enjoyed is Sherman Invades Georgia by John Scales which looks at that campaign through a modern decision making process. It tries to give you the same information Sherman had, and then have you come up with a course of action and compare it to what happened, and what Scales had for an answer. I have a number of books on the shelf that I haven’t read yet, sort of the equivalent of the gaming backlog. Stonewall in the Valley, Gettysburg: A Study in Command by Coddington, Lee’s Lieutenants, a bunch of Spear’s books on different battles, some of Catton’s books, The Grant-Lee Edition of the Battles and Leaders of the Civil War series. Anyone have a thought on whether the unabridged Lee’s Lieutenants is worth the effort over the abridgment by Mcpherson?

One thing I’ve been enjoying with my new Oculus Rift is going into Google Earth VR, flipping on human scale and going to places like Gettysburg. I think it could be used for virtual staff rides. I also went out to Ft. Irwin and visited some places I’d been while out there on rotation, and to Eisenach, Germany to look at what the Fulda Gap looked like.


While I generally like ebooks, they really seem to have dropped the ball when it comes to images, photographs, diagrams etc. They always look really crappy, and the zoom on actual Kindle or Kindle app doesn’t work very well even when the resolution is okay.

I wonder if it’s ever going to get fixed, or we’re just going to be stuck with it. I’m not sure if it’s a standards issue, or Amazon and publishers are just trying to keep their file size down.


Quick question: What’s the best hardcore Battle of Britain CPU wargame? I’m gonna run to matrix in a minute but I figure you all may know. Just saw Dunkirk and I have a spitfire mood on.


Outside of flightsims I don’t know if there is anything else besides Grigsby’s Eagle Day / Bombing the Reich


There is not.

My take on it is here (previously appeared on Qt3).


Are you looking for single-volume treatments? Do you want a book about the entire war or are you ok with certain battles?


Either is fine. Always looking for more good books to read.