Grognard Wargamer Thread!


I’d have to see if I still have a copy of the Burning Blue rules to see what Lee recommends. I have Bungay’s work, but hadn’t picked up Korda or the Hough & Richards work yet. They have now been added to the collection. As they would say on consimworld, GDBGM!


We talked to Lee about the Battle of Britain on Three Moves Ahead several years ago:

Burning Blue rules are here:


A couple from Lee’s list in the scenario book for the Burning Blue:

Looks like you would have to buy it used, or the kindle edition.

There is a paperback of this, in addition to the kindle edition.


For a revisionist revisionist (yes I said it twice deliberately) view this is worth a read. While he goes too far in certain areas it does show the actual planning for war and strength of military was actually far stronger and better than the traditional interpretation.


Thank you all especially Brooski. I am going to study up a bit!


Just finished an epic game of Craig Besinque’s Triumph & Tragedy with the Sovs nuking Berlin in 1945 for the win. I highly recommend this game as a three-player endeavor - rivals Churchill IMO. I did a live-Tweet with pics you can follow, just see the first Tweet and then my replies to it. I was USSR, Evan was Axis, Jeremy was Western Allies.


Played Brian Train’s Colonial Twilight, the first two-player COIN game, yesterday. Full campaign took almost exactly six hours. I lost, but had a great time. You can see my Twitter for pics. Another game I recommend.


SoW Waterloo Collectors Edition is 31% off at Matrix until the 16th.


I was going to argue Labyrinth, but I guess that is a noticeably different system.

Anyway, no argument on Triumph and Tragedy, that game is awesome. I happen to know that’s at least your second game that ended with nukes. I’ve never seen it even come close (although I’ve only paid a handful of times). And I couldn’t stand Churchill, so yeah, T&T is way better than that :)


Only 55 bucks haha


Forget it, Jake. It’s Matrixtown.


No posts in three weeks! Here is a talk with Mark Herman about the upcoming Fire in the lake expansion, “Fall of Saigon.”


(I was afraid the thread was being bumped with a Race the Sun post, for a second)


I’ve enjoyed listening to Rally in the Valley since you mentioned it in a previous weasel. Good recommendation.


Glad to hear it. Those guys put out a great podcast.




Weird thing today - I picked up a copy of an old game for cheap on the BGG marketplace. In the confirmation, the seller said to mail the payment directly to his daughter as he is selling off some of his collection to help with her medical bills. Which immediately made me feel bad for buying the guy’s game - maybe he doesn’t want to part with games but feels like he has to? But if I don’t buy it then he doesn’t get the money. So I thought of sending him a little extra money, but then that didn’t feel quite appropriate, either. So I ended up just sending the money. But I’m now a little less excited about cheaply replacing my old damaged copy of Hell’s Highway.


When you get the game, maybe just drop him a line thanking him for the cool burst of nostalgia you got from it, and telling him it’ll have a good home.


Thanks, that’s a good idea.


Does anyone here have an opinion on The Lamps are Going Out? It looks very interesting to me.