Grognard Wargamer Thread!


It is what I would call a “historically deterministic” game.

It is much better history than Paths of Glory.

It is perhaps not as good a game.


Have been playing Mark Simonitch’s Holland '44 over VASSAL with a friend and I have to say, this system works great, and especially for this battle. We’ve got quite a cock-up at Arnhem bridge - there are Germans firmly ensconced at the north end! XXX Corps is just north of the Veghel bridge, which has been blown. Railway bridge at Veghel is up and functioning for Allies. It is beginning of Turn 6 (morning of the 19th).


Is the German player allowed to just blow the Arnhem bridge as soon as XXX Corps approaches?


The Arnhem bridge can never be blown.


“One does not simply blow the Arnhem bridge!”


Really been getting into Lock n Load’s Heroes of Stalingrad recently, mainly because a lot of scenarios from other lock n load boardgames have now been uploaded for it on the Matrix forums.

I have to say this is a great little squad level tactical game. Really enjoying playing through the German campaign and looking forward to playing some of the Vietnam scenarios that have been modded in. I even went back and listened to ‘that’ episode of Three Moves Ahead where they had Mark Walker on to discuss it – yeah it was definitely not the podcast’s finest hour. But if you’re looking for an ASL-lite game with lots of scenarios ranging from the Falklands to the Pacific, then highly recommended.


Yeah, I liked it. I hope they release Heroes of the Pacific one day. I figure it will take them years though.


Yeah its a good game and system. I like it as well.


Tank Warfare : Tunisia 1943 and its DLC “Longstop Hill” are both on sale this week on Steam.

This is from Graviteam - the people behind Graviteam Tactics Mius Front and Operation Star and focuses on North Africa, rather than the Eastern Front. These are criminally overlooked games, mostly thanks to its UI. Once you get over that hump, the immersion is excellent and the kinds of stories this game will give you are remarkable.



I couldn’t get past that bump in Mius Front, and I still want this.


Thanks, I didn’t even know this existed!


I said didn’t highlight, not didn’t include or mention. Besides, the top one is really mild, and has, what, one woman, and a “geisha” type at that, while the bottom one, the Dr. Seuss, one, is about as mild a depiction of Japanese so-called characteristics as you’ll find in that era.


The text of the top one is also quite fascinating. It states the stereotypes (and depicts them, with that illustration), while mildly denouncing them? That sure is an ambiguous form of article, and I wished there was the rest of it.


Yeah, contemporary stuff (WWII era) varied greatly, in popular publications, from pretty grotesque caricature and stereotype, to surprisingly thoughtful analysis. The more thoughtful stuff approached things from the perspective of “this is real, dudes, we should take these people seriously if we want to win.” The more over the top stuff tended to be from early in the war and from publications more concerned with generating publicity than actual journalism, though the line wasn’t always that precise of course. Hell, in the days after the atomic bombings there were already articles questioning the wisdom of nuclear weapons, and while they didn’t criticize the decision to drop the bombs–after all, most everyone felt that the alternative was a horrific invasion, and we had been bombing the hell out of things for years by then–these sorts of articles also didn’t gloat or anything. There probably were some pretty nasty pieces about how the Japanese deserved it , etc., but it wasn’t universal by any means.


Field of Glory II is out. It’s only $29.99.


Thank you!


This is going to have a shit-ton of DLC, I guess, so I’m gonna wait and get the gold edition in December 2018. I mean, I’ve still not played much of Sengoku Jidai and Pike & Shot.


Does this have a campaign, or is it just individual battles again? That’s what kept me away from the first (that and that it seemed to be mostly designed for multi-player).


I’m not sure how they plan on working that for this edition. It looks like it is shipping with a lot more than the original did, but I’d have to go back and see what was in each of the packages for the original.